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Size:: 7 X 52
Quantity:: CEDAR BOX / 25 CIGARS
Retail Price:: $147.50
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Factory Direct Cigars. Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection Churchill cigars are skillfully hand made by rollers with years of experience. The Long Filler is a sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco that is surrounded by a Binder of superior quality Habano 2000. It is magnificently draped in a dark and flawless Habano Wrapper from Ecuador. the cigar has a large ring size of 52 and is 7 long. These cigars are finished with a long curly head cap and a tail typical of a cigar that was made in Cuba. Every one is totally made by hand. From start to finish the Torcedores make them TOTALMENTE A MANO until perfection is accomplished. Always factory direct fresh cigars.

The Churchill cigar brings to mind the times when Cuban cigars were the best in the world. Exceptionally finished, it is hand made by highly skilled rollers. They are silky and impeccably box pressed, and are finished the way Cuban cigars were in the good old days. The cap is finished with a long curly head, and the foot is a classic tail. As those cuban cigars of the past, each of the tobacco leaves is hand picked and selected on its ability to improve the taste. The perfect leaves are then cured and aged through a long and extensive fermentation and aging process. After three years and five curing fermentations, the leaves evolve into a wonderful cigar at the hands of these highly trained artisans. Smoking one is an experience all by itself. It has a draw that is firm and smooth. It burns evenly, leaving a white ash that is long and clean. The complex taste is intensely flavorful and full in body. This is what smoking cigars is all about!

Customer Reviews

Subject :: C.c. Churchill

I am a "maduro fanatic" and this cigar tops the list! There are not a lot of quality full bodied maduros on the market but this is definitely a quality full bodied maduro. If you have not tried this cigar you are missing out on an incredible smoking experience. David - plano,tx

Subject :: Wow is all i can say

I'm glad you finally have them back in stock. Almost running out of the box i bought from you before. The cigar is wonderful and it's my new favorite. Well made and the taste is unique.

Subject :: Customer survey

The churchill was absolutely one of the best hand rolled I have every smoked! I will be back for more! I have smoked many high priced cubans but none exceed this! Thank you

Subject :: Cc churchhill

Cc churchill 7x52 i got home and opened up the box. I had to try these out. Incredible smoke. First time i buy from you. I can't wait to finish off this box so i can try out some others from you!!! OR - long beach, ca

Subject :: Cuban crafters cabinet churchill

This is a classic. It is truly amazing how it can be so intense and full in taste, yet leave such a mild, soft and pleasant aftertaste on the palate. Gentle spices, smokey liquorice undertones and light touches of coffee. Chased by soft hints of cocoa and just a dash of sweetness. Slow even burn and the ash is solid. From the aromatic start to savory finish, a work of art that has to be experienced. You owe it to yourself to try it. You will absolutely fall in love with it. Cody c. - Texas

Subject :: Just as good as real cubans

Living in the UK I have smoked a fair few cubans in my time, never did i think i would smoke a non-cuban that could compare to montecristos etc. However i found this one to be one of the best I have ever smoked, a nice even burn with quite a creamy nuttines flavour, brilliant.

Subject :: Burn

Did not burn evenly. Maybe its a little too wet

Subject :: I love smoking them

Churchill Cuban Crafters smells good. Good good good, a top smoke.

Subject :: Best cabinet selection

Definitely it is the best cc cabinet selection cigar. I was amazed since i was not very happy with the rest of the cc cabinet selection sampler. This cigar starts with a rich cuban sweet and mild spices flavour. After the second inch it start to change to show some leather and medium spicy taste. The last 3rd is what i call the show time which was very very spicy leathery and straight. This cigar has pleasant aroma makes every one wondering what cigar it is. It goods perfectly with a jack daniel's on the rock. thank you don kiki abu dhabi aficionado, 7/nov/2008

Subject :: CC Cabinet / Churchill

A classic true cuban style smoke. A flavor bomb, rich, med to full, very satisfying. Construction is perfect, great burn & draw was exceptional. In my view....the perfect cigar. Steve / St. Petersburg,Fl.

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