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Name:: SA NAVY
Size:: 7X50
Quantity:: BOX / 25 CIGARS
Retail Price:: $120.00
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NAVY GIFTS - SALUTE TO ARMS Navy Gift Boutique Premium Cigars are handmade in small batches and in limited quantities by Tabacalera Esteli. They make great Military gifts for those that serve in, or are in retirement from the U.S. Navy. 25 cigars are hand-packed in a cedar box with the seal of the Navy.

SALUTE TO ARMS Navy cigars celebrate those that serve our country in the United States Armed Services, and are perfect for navy men or women. Each boutique cigar is handmade by Tabacalera Esteli using super premium aged Cuban Seed Habano long-filler tobacco. The Binder is a wrapper quality Cuban Seed Habano 2000 leaf and each cigar is draped in a beautiful and delicious shade-grown Sumatra Cuban Seed Wrapper. Navy cigars have a large ring size of 50 and a full 7 inches long, these Churchill length cigars have an exquisite aroma and taste. Each individual cigar band has the logo of the Navy embossed in full color.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Salute to arms

I recieved one of these fine cigars from my retired chief, i never smoke cigars because they usually taste funny to me, but this one was very mild and relaxed me, i would highly recommend them, and i am ordering myself a box.

Subject :: Naval cigars

More than just a great show of pride. These cigars were genuinely a good smoke. These were a great idea at a reasonable price.

Subject :: Excellent Gift

A little humid when i received them and the draw was firm, but after letting them dry out for about a week they burned great and tasted even better. Really nice and the humidor box with the seal is a real keeper. I will be giving them out on veteran's day for sure.

Subject :: Some good; Some not so good

Good taste, fine aroma. From the box i bought, about one out of three draws extremely hard. The consistency i am looking for isn't with these. I would not buy them again.

Subject :: Nice -

Got this from a navy buddy and man they are really good. They get more and more flavorful as you smoke it down. A nice smooth taste without harshness or bitterness. Very smooth indeed. As gifts they are impressive and as a military man i was impressed with the smokes and the box they came in. Salute to cuban crafters

Subject :: Nice smoke

Nice tasting. Mild to medium with a sweet taste. Not the sugar sweet but the natural sweet. Burned great every time. Highly recommended.

Subject :: Salute to arms

I received my sampler and wanted to let them all sit in the humidor for a couple of days before smoking any but i was to anxious and smoked one of the salute to arms. It was great. My friend stopped by when i was half way through the cigar and said it smelled great of course. I gave him one i think he enjoyed it almost as much as i did. This cigar you need to put time into i started smoking this cigar at 6:45pm got done with it at 8:40pm you do the math. This cigar is great with a beer :-) thank you cuban crafters p.s. I cant wait to try the rest

Subject :: Navy in Middle East

I got my beautiful box here in saudi arabia. The box is nice, of good quality and nicely painted. The shipment was nice and quick. the medium bodied churchills are firm and well wrapped. They came to me in saudi arabia a little dry and i re-hydrated them with a stick humidifier in the slot from the first one i smoked. This stick has a nice mid-bodied flavor, no subtle under tastes and it remains about the same all the way down. No creamy section down at the bottom. I found that it was a pretty heavy blend for a churchill and haven't finished the whole thing in 3 tries. with the box, i find it a fair deal. I'm having a second one sent to my place in texas for when i go home on leave. a nice novelty item, i look forward to sharing them with my navy pals. david

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