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Size:: 7 X 47
Quantity:: BOX / 25
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Arte Cubano Famous Smoke Churchill Cigars are 7" with a Ring Gauge of 47. ARTE CUBANO are Special Edition cigars that are handmade in the Dominican Republic by one of the most exclusive and famous cigar makers in the Country. Once you smoke them, it might give it away but we can not tell. They were handmade for Cuban Crafters as long as we did not reveal the source, as this famous maker charges 3 times as much for their own brand. Every hand-packed box contains 25 first quality premium cigars. Their extra flavorful mild taste is the result of prime long-filler tobacco from the finest fields in the Cibao region of Santiago De Los Caballeros. The aged Dominican Olor Ligero and Seco tobacco are blended with Nicaraguan tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. It is then draped in a superior shade-grown Connecticut-seed wrapper. This combination produces a refined mild taste full of cedar, oak, light orange peels and ginger understones. All these exotic tastes without any harshness makes them destined to be classics. It finishes with a friendly nutmeg breeze. ARTE CUBANO are true cigar bargains. 25 are hand-packed in a Cuban style box.

These fine cigars are for those aficionados that enjoy a mild smoke that is extremely flavorful and smooth. They are meticulously handmade by one of the finest and most famous factories in the Dominican Republic. It is the result of a special deal where we sold the them our special tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli and they in turn handmade us top quality cigars. We only do these trades with the world's best cigar makers and always demand the highest quality. You can only make those demands when the tobacco you are selling is as good as ours. Smoke them and see for yourself what a really great mild cigar from the Dominican Republic is all about. They are fully covered by the Cuban Crafters full satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Churchill

Good for the price, smooth, slow burning and pleasant taste. Smoked the cigar while driving to a destination thirty-minutes away from the office, continued the smoke while driving back, and still was able to enjoy the rest this morning.

Subject :: as described

We rely on the usually optimistic descriptions of each cigar offered to us who support cuban crafters. i am not an expert aficionado of puros,but i know that this smoke is close to what is advertised. it has a good smooth taste throughout- right to the end and draws very well! a bull's eye for all of us who chose this smoke. merry christmas!!! rude dog, rancho cucamonga,ca

Subject :: Arte cubano

The churchhill has an excellant taste, i found some of them hard to draw.

Subject :: Arte Cubano 7 x 47's

I just got 'em in with my humidor. I have to say, i was expecting somewhat mediocre quality, and was very pleasantly surprised when i smoked one. Good flavor, mild, and very pleasant to smoke.

Subject :: Veli

Everything is okay.

Subject :: Arte cubano

I purchased a box of these and they where very stale. However, the box is nice.

Subject :: Arte cubano - churchill

My experience with cuban crafters has been excellent, so i ordered a box of these to try something different. I was disappointed. These are so mild that they didn\'t taste like anything. I\'m letting them sit in my humidor for awhile hoping that it will make a difference. In the mean time, i stickng with don kiki green & red label cigars. In fact, i just ordered a box of the white label. --greg from san diego

Subject :: Box

Received my box yesterday, took the dog for a long walk and enjoyed my arte cubano very mild taste, the burn was even. I think this a nice one for the price! thank you,

Subject :: Very nice!

It\'s really smooth and creamy. You can really taste the oak and cedar as well. It\'s finish is smooth and creamy with a touch of nutmeg. i highly recommend this cigar

Subject :: Quality

Fantastic quality cigar at an amazing price. Have just ordered two more boxes.

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