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Size:: 7 X 48
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LA CAROLINA Cigar International Sale. Churchill cigars are 7" Long with a Ring Gauge of 48. Each cigar is totally hand made with aged long leaf Binder and Fillers, wrapped in extra premium Wrappers. Every hand rolled cigar is made by the expert hands of the traditional Torcedores of Tabacalera Esteli. Just as the Cupido Cigars brand that these cigars were previously made under, LA CAROLINA Churchill are boxed in beautiful Cedar boxes handmade from the finest trees in the mountains of Nicaragua. They have that special naturally fruity tobacco taste and low nicotine content that made Cupido Cigars the top rated medium body cigar in America. Each is handmade under extremely high quality standards and in very limited quantities. Only 7,000 boxes of cigars are available yearly for the whole international market.

This is the same great tobacco and blend that was used by Tabacalera Esteli to make Cupido Cigars, and that gained Cupido the distinction of the number 1 rated medium-bodied cigar in America. Cupido is no longer being made but if you enjoyed them, you will be delighted by LA CAROLINA cigars. LA CAROLINA is alone in its ability to provide great flavor, smoothness, and consistency. Puff the Magic of LA CAROLINA. Every signed and numbered Box contains a true representation of the fine art of Cuban Cigar making. These are the Outstanding International Ratings of the cigars when they were made under the Cupido label: Ranked the Number 1 Medium Body Cigar in America 2004. Voted Boutique Brand of the year for 1999 and 2000. 90 from Cigar Insiders. 89 Rating from Cigar Aficionado Magazine. 4.5 (Highly Recommended) from Smoke Magazine.

Fine cigar maker Jose Alonso started LA CAROLINA during the 1840ís. This master roller knew he could make the best cigars in Cuba, and he did. The high quality and exceptional taste elevated the brand to become one of Cubaís most demanded cigars. They became the cigars that aficionados in Cuba smoked and due to the limited quantities made, where not available in the international market. Now once again they are available to just a few cigar aficionados. Handmade in small batches with extraordinary attention to each and every detail, these cigars are crafted with exceptional hand-selected tobacco leaves from Tabacalera Esteliís special harvest. Each leaf is comparable in looks and in taste as those that Jose Alonso hand rolled. Those that have the opportunity to smoke them will insist that they were made by Jose Alonso himself.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Smooth

Fantastic cigar. Mellow and smooth. The only one in this flavor category that i've tasted that was better was roberto's hand-rolled cuban in Canada. Anikisan

Subject :: Top Cigar of the Year!

Los angeles, july 19, 2004 /prnewswire/ -- To say that smokers "love" the cupido brand, with its portrait of the love god cupid astride a red heart, is more than a pun. The nicaraguan-made boutique brand proved its standing as an elite blend once again by being ranked no. 1 among medium-bodied cigars available on the U.S. Market by "This blend offers the deepest flavors of fruit with not a trace of bitterness or spice," noted editor-in-chief rich perelman. "It's an amazing achievement, especially in its original churchill size." Manufactured in nicaragua at the Tabacalera Esteli, cupido beat out a host of high-profile brands including the arturo fuente hemingway series, avo classic, davidoff's special series, h. Upmann, romeo y julieta and others.

Subject :: Smoke magazine review - winter issue

Overall rating: 9.0
9.5 excellent panelist #4: A rolls-royce among a lot full of chevys. I fear this flavorful masterpiece is priced accordingly, also.
9.2 excellent panelist #3: This cigar developed some real character as I smoked it to the nub. An excellent choice for after dinner.
8.3 good panelist #2: This is a worthy addition to your collection. You'll enjoy smoking it with your weekend coffee.
8.9 very good panelist #1: Not the best looker in the humidor, but in terms of taste, It is excellent. Flavor trumps appearance!

Subject :: La Carolina - Churchill

I must say that i have never written a review, however, the la carolina churchill is such a fine smoke that i could not restrain myself. Friends that I have shared these gems with have come to me afterwards and express my same thoughts. "this is probably the finest they have smoked". I have smoked real cubans cohiba, and many other very expensive one, the La carolina churchill in my mind surpasses all of them. It burns evenly, consistantly, you get a smooth, full draw. My idea of perfect. rp - san diego california

Subject :: La carolina churchill

La carolina international is excellent, it is very tastful and goes well with scotch. I've shared some with a few close friends and they are now hooked. I keep my humidor filled with a box of these beauties.

Subject :: La carolina churchill

This cigar gets better and better as you smoke it. Great flavors, lots of smoke, very smooth, easy draw, all the way down to the end! Gave some to my golfing buddies and they really enjoy this cigar. Better than most cigars at twice the price. Highly recommended. You just cannot beat this cigar, especially at this price. La quinta golfer

Subject :: La carolina, churchill

Wonderful cigar! Smooth, reliable taste. Great draw. I have only been smoking cigars for about six months. I have sampled about 15 or 20 different brands looking for something not too tame, but not too harsh for a beginner. The la carolina is amazingly great. M. may

Subject :: New fav

I can\'t say enough about these - just enough resistance on the draw, tons of white floral-scented (but very man-ly) smoke; never had to worry about touchups cuz the burn was razor-sharp. A good \"anytime\" smoke - morning with coffee, or after dinner with a good cognac or scotch. Thanks CC for putting out great sticks at a great price! ~NH in N. California


This is the first smoke that I can honestly say is outstanding. Very even burn smooth consistant draw. The quality is truely shown with every cigar. The taste is just right for a novice like myself. Kent - Gardendale, Alabama

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