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Size:: 6 X 54
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NEW RED LABEL Limited Reserve Torpedo Premium Handmade Cigars by DON KIKI. Aged for 3 years, these refined cigars are finally released for your smoking enjoyment. DON KIKI Limited Reserve (Red Label) Torpedo cigars are handmade in small batches and in limited quantities with sun grown and extremely aged long-filler Cuban Seed Habano tobacco from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder and Wrapper are rare Colorado sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano from the Jalapa Valley. Don Kiki personally blended the tobacco leaves in these Torpedo cigars to produce an incredible medium-body taste. Each cigar is handmade to his superior standards and under his personal supervision. Torpedo cigars are 6” long and has a large ring gauge of 54. Each hand packed bundle contains 25 premium handmade cigars.

DON KIKI Limited Reserve (Red Label) Torpedo boutique premium cigars are made with flavorful hand selected and picked tobacco. The leaves are skillfully cured and aged for at least three years. The aged leaves evolve into these fine cigars at the hands of skilled master cigar rollers, who make them in small batches. The Torpedo cigars are then aged for over 3 years in Tabacalera Esteli’s temperature and humidity controlled aging room before being hand packed.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Red label torp

An extremely well constructed cigar! In my opinion, this cigar is much closer to mild bodied as opposed to medium. A flavorable smoke however, i prefer a stronger bodied cigar. Thanks cuban crafters. David - plano,tx

Subject :: C.c. Rules

Very good cigars. Been smoking cigars for about 3-4 years and would have to say these are my second favourite next to the j.l. Salazars. i've tryed the 15 cigar sampler pack and loved all of them. these torpedos, for the money, are awsome. The only drawback i have is that i live in toronto canada and it gets too cold to smoke. but i do anyways. Thanks c.c.

Subject :: D k red torp

Received one as a sample with my last order. Outstanding smoke. Rich melow flavor, beautiful burn and draw. Going to be my next pick for purchase. Thanks guys. Excellent choice. Cody

Subject :: Don kiki - the best yet

I just received my order of the lr red label... the first puff told me it was the right choice. My next order will definately be this great smoke!

Subject :: Dkrl torps

Very nice ,med bodied cigar. They are firm, well constructed, with a decent draw and a nice creamy flavor..a daily smoke in my rotation..

Subject :: Smooth smoke

Just received my first order from cuban crafter today. cannot wait to try them all. The mechandize is great so far, but the delivery is a tad on the slow side. Red label is a mild to medium body cigar, very well constructed and taste great. I rate it a 76 (my scale---in which romeo y julieta reserve maduro is a 82 and la gloria cubana is a 76.) yiu, daly city, ca

Subject :: Good cigar

smoked well, smooth even draw,nice ash, decent taste nothing spectacular. Nice cigar to hand out to friends over for a ball game 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 bt

Subject :: Don kiki is the man

Newly introduced to the cuban crafter line, the don kiki jumped out at me. As i began smoking the tightly packed cigar it got better and better burning a picture perfect ash. Truely unique and more to the full bodied side vs the mild side. As the smoke draws, it becomes only more smooth and richer in flavor. Overall a great smoke in every category, great blended and well made.

Subject :: Don kiki red label

This is really different, it has a really nutty flavour ,,for sure a smoke you will not find anywhere else but at cuban crafters,you'll either love it or hate it ,,i personally love it,,its so different but it is a strong one with a taste all to its self,,nothing like it !!!

Subject :: Don kiki red label

Don kiki red label- a generous economical cigar that is supposed to be medium bodied. I found it to be more medium-mild myself. The cigar was well constructed with an easy (almost loose) draw and even burn. The taste was good for an everyday smoke. There's not a lot of complexity with the taste. It's pretty simple and straight forward. But that's nice sometimes too. You don't feel compelled to analyze the flavor with every puff. Great for outdoor summer activities with some cold full-bodied import beer! Impressive amounts of smooth smoke with good flavor and a good bite towards the end. The beauty of this cigar is the price vs. Quality. The economical price means you can hand out an impressive, premium, hand rolled cigar to friends without going broke. It's one of the best for the money. The guys at cuban crafters are quite generous. Buy a bundle of these in 52 ring gauge for poker night and hand them out! Your buddies will be impressed enough to be distracted and you won't have to win the whole night to break even on the stogies price! Recommended for value and simplicity.

Subject :: Red label torpedo

Nice looking torpedo with an oily colorado wrapper. Slightly spongy, but not underfilled. A easy, smooth draw and a fairly even burn throughout. Mild to medium strength the first half with mostly sweet tobacco and hints of nutty flavors. The second half the strength picked up along with the flavor. By the time i got to the band the nutty / cocoa flavors were dominant. If you like medium-bodied nicaraguan cigars, you should give these a try. For the price they are a good value.

Subject :: Don kiki red label

I was a lilttle skeptical at first to try these, but after two I was very pleased with it. It is everything that they said it would be. easy draw, great flavor, with a wonderful aroma .the best part is the price!!!!!!!!!

Subject :: Don kiki reserve red label

I have been smoking handmade cigars made here in Ybor City (tampa fl) for sometime now. I was a bit apprehensive to buy the don kiki red label not wanting to purchase a box that i have never smoked. To my surprise the don kiki red label was a great buy. It was well worth the money. I would compare this cigar to any $8.00 to & 10.00 smoke out there. Personally on a scale from 1-10 i would rate this cigar a 7 in overall taste, smoke, value. trp npr fl

Subject :: Best in price

Bought these few days ago. Lit one and surprised, what a great one for such a good price. Can't go wrong. Burns well, good draw and very good flavor. get these, you will be very happy.

Subject :: Love it

This is one of my favorite everyday cigars. Perfect flavor, fragrance and burn. My only complaint is the inability of cuban crafters' cigar club to accomodate my preference of having this delivered on a regular basis.

Subject ::

Great large gauge torpedo at a great price. This is trully a bargain, go to your local cigar store,and see what you\'d get at this price!

Subject :: Red label

I just received my shipment of the red label\'s and what a flavorful cigar this is. I have come to expect this from don kiki and he delivers every time. A nice even burn, packed with flavor and at this price i wonder how he does it. Thanks to those at cuban crafters for offering such enjoyable smokes at such reasonable prices. If you have yet to try these you owe it to yourself to order some soon. dave l. pittsburgh

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