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CLASSICO ROSA Desktop Humidors, Elegance at bargain discount prices. With a Gloss Rosewood exterior and a fine Spanish Cedar interior, this humidor will maintain up to 100 Cigars in perfect condition. A finely crafted Spanish Cedar tray and dividers are included. It is meticulously made and has Gold Plated hidden quadrant hinges and lock & key. The humidors include a hygrometer and a humidification system. The interior is lined with Spanish Cedar, which helps retain humidity, while preserving the cigars. It also enhances the aroma and taste, and deters bugs from destroying wrappers. At these discount prices, why buy a cheap humidor when you can buy this fine one wholesale. Outside Dimensions are 13 1/2" x 9 3/4" x 6 1/4". DUE TO THE WEIGHT OF THIS ITEM, EXPEDITED SHIPPING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL CHARGES ABOVE OUR STANDARD 3RD DAY, 2ND DAY AND NEXT DAY CHARGES. IF YOU SELECT EXPEDITED SHIPPING YOU WILL BE CONTACTED WITH THE EXACT AMOUNT PRIOR TO SHIPPING. STANDARD GROUND SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM IS OUR STANDARD LOW RATE OF ONLY $5.95.

Cuban Crafters Humidors are an excellent value. Our entire line is specially designed to combine detailed craftsmanship with authentic Spanish cedar. Our goal is to provide the perfect environment for your favorite cigars. The aficionado can now have it all, high quality and low discount prices. All with our full satisfaction guarantee.

Cuban Crafters Recommends that you activate your new humidor with Cuban Crafters Activator and Maintenance Humidor Solution. This 50/50 solution of high grade Propylene Glycol and pure distilled water helps the humidifier automatically stabilize the humidity at an optimum level of 70% and also actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria in your humidor.

Humidors can only be shipped to U.S.A. and APO/AE Military addresses at our low standard shipping costs. Customers from all other countries can make special shipping arrangements by contacting us.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Great humidor

This humidor is awesome for the price. Excellent capacity and tight fit. This piece is a keeper.

Subject :: a great buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This humidor not only has a great seal, but it holds a constant level of humidity without any drastic changes. In comparison with others that are much more expensive this one gives them a run for their money. It's perfect for someone who always wants their smoke to be readily available.

Subject :: Good but...

Just got it a few days is beautiful. It's very classy and is absolutely one of the best values i've come across. Fit is tight and it keeps my cigars at the perfect humidity. It is advertised as holding 100 cigars, but that is a stretch. Right now I have about 60-65 and it is almost full....i'll probably have to get another soon. d. Bradley, nc

Subject :: Bargains

These are very nice and for the price they are excellent. Jd - tx

Subject :: Amazing

I just received this one and i am very pleased. I returned the unused box i bought at the neighborhood smoke shop. The difference in price was $10.00. the difference in quality was incredible. Plus they tossed in a free cutter and cigar. thanks for an unbelievable deal! steve baker

Subject :: Everythings bigger!

I just received this one yesterday, after a very quick order and shipping process. It was packaged as carefully and securely as when i received my dell computer, if not more so. This is my first one, and i was looking for something to start me off with an inexpensive investment. But, to my surpirse when i removed it from the box and sat it on the table, i noticed it was big, really big. From the exterior, interior, and hygrometer, everything is larger than anticipated. This great starter piece quickly transitioned to a desktop furniture piece that will last me a long time. They threw in a big don kiki cigar and a somewhat decent 1-blade cutter, i also ordered the 50/50 humidor solution. it comes with instructions that are really easy to use, step by step. Great buy, investment, experience. kenny - pennsylvania

Subject :: Very happy

I picked up one of these boxs and it said it had a scratch or dent in it and if it has one i cant find it haha all and all its a beautifull box and im sure will be around for a long time you cant beat the price for a humi this nice thanks cc -- john --- new mex

Subject :: Amazing

I got mine about 2 weeks ago, it is great. Rh is always at 70. looks great also, i recomend that if you dont hav one you get one

Subject ::

Just purchased two. An awsome humidor. Very high quality. I have several brands in the $150 class. These compare favorably against a $140 savoy. The hydrometer is accurate, the box and tray are flawless.

Subject :: Humidor

What a value. I have researched many humidors on line and at quality cigar shops. This buy far is the best deal. The quality is great and looks very sharp. Have had many compliments on the box. Very detailed explaination comes with the unit as to how to properly season the humidor and set up the hygometer/humidifier. customer service was excellent and the was delivered on time. Packaged very well to prevent damage during shipment

Subject :: Everything i could have hoped for

I just ordered one of these and i am extremely satisfied. The wood grain is fantastic, the construction is flawless, and holds humidity perfectly. It appears much larger than i expected, and really adds class to the room. I have seen humidors of a similar size and quality at tobacconists for more than three times the price at cuban crafters. An excellent purchase i would recommend to any cigar lover. - devon from ma

Subject :: calssico rosa/ cc is amazing in every way

I recently purchased this humidor after doing extensive research across the web. First off, the humidors construction is simply flawless. I tested with a flashlight in a pitch black room when I first got it, no light escaped at all! t calibrated very quickly and have had it about two weeks with perfect humidity maintained. Secondly, I had a large shipment and minor problems occured. I called them up and got a person right away( no automated machines). We cleared up the issue and they sent me a box of JL Salizars free of charge. What great customer service and a tremendous product. Cuban Crafters has a customer for life. My friend Jason likes my humidor and cigars from cc so much that he is starting to smoke more of my cigars than me! Now if I can only get him to get his own humi... Bryan-Upstate New York

Subject :: Great value!

Just received my humidor and it looks great! Very well built and very comparable to others costing much more.

Subject :: Clasico Rosa Humidor

Received mine today (6/3/10). Wow!! What a beautiful humidor!! Very well packaged and shipped, came with a cigar and cigar cutter, and great instructions and a warranty card!! I am preping it now, and expect to use it in about 24 hours. I am very impressed with CubanCrafters!!

Subject ::

This is not the most expensive humidor I have but it is second to none in quality, construction, function and overall appearance. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who needs a safe place to store premium cigars and at a great price.

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