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CUBAN ORIGINAL HUMIDORS are true works of art and have a capacity of up to 150 of your best cigars. These cigar humidors have a Rosewood exterior and the top cover has exquisite inlays of various types of exotic woods. The home humidors feature a High Gloss Piano finish that is the result of an extraordinary 12 coats of lacquer. CUBAN ORIGINAL has a cedar interior, a felt line accessory drawer and a large external brass hygrometer that lets you see the humidity level without opening the humidor. Additional features of this humidor are fine brass hidden quadrant piano hinges, brass inset handles, Spanish cedar aerator tray and dividers, a humidification system, lock & key and much more. It is fully guaranteed and backed by the best warranty in the industry. Outside Dimensions are 16 3/8" x 10 5/8" x 9 1/8". DUE TO THE WEIGHT OF THIS ITEM, EXPEDITED SHIPPING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL CHARGES ABOVE OUR STANDARD 3RD DAY, 2ND DAY AND NEXT DAY CHARGES. IF YOU SELECT EXPEDITED SHIPPING YOU WILL BE CONTACTED WITH THE EXACT AMOUNT PRIOR TO SHIPPING. STANDARD GROUND SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM IS OUR STANDARD LOW RATE OF ONLY $5.95.

Cuban Crafters Humidors are an excellent value and each model is an original. Our entire line is specially designed to combine detailed craftsmanship with authentic Spanish cedar. Our goal is to provide the perfect environment for your favorite cigars. The enthusiast can now have it all, high quality and low discount prices, all with our full satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Cuban Crafters Recommends that you activate your new humidor with Cuban Crafters Activator and Maintenance Humidor Solution. This 50/50 solution of high grade Propylene Glycol and pure distilled water helps the humidifier automatically stabilize the humidity at an optimum level of 70% and also actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria in your humidor.

Humidors can only be shipped to U.S.A. and APO/AE Military addresses at our low standard shipping costs. Customers from all other countries can make special shipping arrangements by contacting us.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Humidor

Thits is the biz!!!!!!

Subject :: Humidor

How much would this cost in britain?what a bargain.steve from scotland

Subject :: Cc-arte original

I am pleased to say that i am now the proud owner of this outstanding humidor. It is everything your description says it would be. i must confess that the glowing description of the humidors quality and the low price had me concerned that when it arrived i would be extremely disappointed. Fortunately your advertizing was completely accurate and the humidor is crafted and finsihed as perfectly as anything i have come across included humidors in the $750 to $1400 range. thank you. bob shepherd

Subject :: Cc-arte original

Wow, what an awesome piece of furniture. I'm very pleased with it. I enjoy a larger ring size cigar and after loading mine up with the following, it's pretty much full at 100 cigars. With a smaller ring size you might achieve the advertised 150 cigars. 25 - h. Upman, cameroon corona 25 - macanudo, hyde park cafe 25 - punch, maduro elites 25 - romeo y julieta, churchill i look forward to this piece becoming a family heirloom. melissa

Subject :: First class humidor

You could spend hundreds, perhaps thousands more on a humidor of this caliber but all you'd be paying for is a fancy brand name. The fit and finish is flawless, the seal perfect and the hygrometer was actually perfectly calibrated (rare for an analog). dealing with cuban crafters has been the most pleasurable online experience i've had in a long time. Many thanks to cliff and al for not only great customer service (big points in my book) but also selling outstanding humidors and some of the best cigars i've had in a long time. They now have a life long customer.

Subject :: Marvelous

I was extremely pleased with the appearance and construction of the humidor. The guage is well placed in the front and easily readable. The piano finish with brass trim gives it a fine furniture look and has become a great conversation piece in the home. Everybody loves a good cigar and the lock on the front makes sure they bring there own. Beautiful piece of work and holds plenty of stogies.

Subject :: Humidor

This humidor is awesome! I have shopped all over the net and in the retail high priced cigar stores and this humidor is so well made and is absolutely high class. It was well packed for shipping and was shipped before it was promised. Cuban crafters have great humidors and customer service!! thanks, jay in dallas

Subject :: Humidor

Much better than i expected. Very stable and very well constructed. You wouldn't believe what money can buy in cuban crafters!

Subject :: Very nice and thanks for the price

I saw a similar unit in a local shop for $300. this is really a deal. It is beautiful and works great. It holds more than the 150 cigars in the description. I highly recommend it for your home, it is an original piece of furniture. Bob - mass.

Subject :: Man this is the humidor of humidors

Excellent. Made well and beautiful. The inside is as nice as the outside.

Subject :: Art Original

I have owned for over almost a year now---holds perfect levels--extremely well crafted--love it - and have recommended to a few friends who have purchased same.-but not sure 150 cigars can fit.

Subject :: Arte original - awesome!

This is not beautiful "for the money", it is an impeccable hand-crafted beauty, period. The fit/finish are flawless and the seal has that quality, soft and cushioned "whoosh" when you let the lid drop. I have a cigar-oasis (electronic humidifier) laying on its side on the bottom along with three boxes of padron's (2000, 6000, churchill) and 15+ miscellaneous sticks. The top tray has a box of cao brazilia piranha's, a box of beck camie torpedo's, and several miscellaneous cigars. So easily 150 stogies from 4.5 x 46, to 7.5 x 54. My old unit was functional but ugly (and out of sight). My girlfriend asked that I place this one in the living room to show it off as the "beautiful piece of furniture" that it is. Wow. I've waited years for a really nice humi. Thanks for the heirloom! Richard & leslie

Subject :: Incredible!

Incredile quality compared to prize, great!

Subject :: Superb

So glad that i ordered this for my husband - he loves it!

Subject :: Arte original

It surpasses our expectations! It is everything that we hoped for and more! It's a beautiful display on our granite bar! Thanks! My husband loves it!

Subject :: Just Beautiful

It is just beautiful, the pictures don't do it justice. I received it quickly and after getting it humidified my cigars are doing very well in their new home, and i am very satisfied.

Subject :: Arte hunidor

I purchased it and was surprised by how big it was and would i be able to stock it. No problem stocking it. I don't think it can handle 150 cigars, but it can easily handle 100 to 125. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Subject :: Amazing

I wish they would get this one back in stock as i would buy another one. Great quality and an amazing price.

Subject :: Better than advertised

I must say that the sole selling point for my purchasing this unit was the many positive reviews that were accompanied with its web page. For this, I feel compelled to write my own review. I received it today and it is currently 'charging'. i must say it is a beautiful piece of furniture. I was more than satisfied with its appearance and have no doubt it will sustain a 70/70 environment for my sticks. This truly is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. excellent job! brian welte, chicago, il

Subject :: Cc-arte original

After searching for a decent one I accidentally came across cuban crafters and immediately knew this was it. I purchased the cc-arte original. When it arrived i could not believe the beauty and the quality. If your looking to buy one you have come to the right place. They do not sell decent humis, they sell the best!

Subject :: Fantastic and at a great price

The arte original is well-crafted and designed. Like many others, when i saw the $140 price tag, i wondered if this was too good to be true. After 2 months, i can honestly say this a fantastic product. The overall fit and finish exceeded my expectations and the size is perfect for my needs. The seal when you close the lid is as close to air-tight as you can get with rubber gaskets, etc...there is no question that you can spend a lot more money, but i'm glad i made the decision to purchase the arte original. G-man from indy

Subject :: Sooo bad

I have just purchased my 3rd unit of this kind the first two were the absolute best however my third (and last) has been problematic.the hydrometers is either to loose or simply falls out. I called and had it returned at the company's expense and asked that they inspect prior shipping. Well i just recieved the replacement and still the same problem. I will keep it but will use it more for show then function. Mike olimpi in nj

Subject :: Cc arte original

the box is great.......... thank you mr.alberto & your staff thank you guys, jose castro

Subject :: Wonderful

Have had this one for about a year now and couldn't be happier. I had researched them in this price range for about a month and kept coming back to this one. Not only did the quality sound too good to be true, but the price and shipping costs were among the best. When i received it i couldn't believe the fantastic workmanship. Of course the analogue hygrometer is more for looks than precision, but that was to be expected. If you're lucky enough to have come across this website and are looking for something in the $150 price range, look no further...this is one great unit. george kaliope kailua, hawaii

Subject :: This is the best for the price

I've owned it for almost two years now. They were not lying about the unit and how much you will like it. I had to get a seperate hydro meter for the inside. I'm also not sure about the unit holding 150 cigars. I've had 100 inside and got a little crowded. But, all in all, i'm very happy with it. And i'm not a paid employee. Just a cop that likes cigars.

Subject :: Cuban original

I am extremely happy with my cuban original. The quality is unbelievable, it is just a work of beauty and craftsmanship,i have owned another name brand humidor which i have not been happy with, it just didn\'t look that great and wasn\'t big enough, but most important of all it would not hold a constant humidity level of 70, even after taking a week to do the recommended seasoning and using an oasis humidifier. I was just about to spend $750.00 on a humidor in my favorite cigar shop , when i came across the cuban crafters website, the cuban original is just as beautiful and sfter a 24 hour break in is holding a constant 70, my cigars love it! So do i.

Subject :: Cc-arte original

Great humidor!!! has everyhing you want. Incredible style, perfect humidity, and the storage drawer is an added plus. doug tucson, az

Subject :: Arte original - decent for the price

It's probably a fair value at this price. it is reasonably priced for something this large, nice looking, and can be made to function. pros: - absolutely huge - finished and lacqoured throughout, even the backside of the drawer - cedar lined - lid seems to seal well - could do much worse for the price at many cigar stores cons: - vaneer - leakage out of the hole the humistat is mounted in - humidifier is the plastic kind - humistat seems difficult to replace - build quality is mediocre other thoughts: there were some small defects in my unit, i suspect they're fairly common, but your mileage may vary. The humistat is held in place with a plastic retainer, although it stays in just fine, i don't think this construction method could ever create anything close to an air-tight seal. Plan on either blocking it off, or using some sort of sealant to permanantly attach it. be very careful when attaching the included humidifier, the velcro was too strong, and mine cracked along the seam as i carefully pryed it off for the first time. The lid closes slightly askew (1mm or so maybe), but this doesn't seem to affect it's seal much.

Subject :: I will always be grateful for buying this humidor

I know that in the many years to come, i am going to gaze at this humidor in it's prime position, with a fine selection of tasty cigars locked away inside, and think back to wonderful service from cuban crafters. From the communication to the careful packaging that combined with the kindness of the many handlers during its journey, made it all the way to australia in 100% perfect condition. This is so much better in real life than the photos are and even they show how lovely it is. It is truly a fine work of art that will be treasured for decades (then centuries?). oh, and yes, i'm very happy if you didn't guess already. cuban crafters have won a long term customer here. thanks cc. ~ thor

Subject :: Arte original

After looking for a decent humidor for quite sometime i came across cubancrafters and instantly fell in love with the arte original. Being from australia i had my doubts that it would make the distance in one piece, however decided to give it a shot. And lucky i did. It's an incredible piece of furniture. The really sad part though is that the box did not contain the aerator tray and dividers as advertised and i am hoping to get that sorted out soon. And yes it got some minor dents alog the way which spoiled the experience a little and i hope that this review might make cubancrafters consider to put a bit more effort into the packaging. feridun from melbourne

Subject :: Worth the money

I\'ve been looking around awhile for a good humidor that i could afford... and this is definitely it! Solid cedar, not just lined; The accessory drawer is deep enough for my cigar cases, and the hygrometer is really pretty close to accurate , especially for being analog.

Subject :: Cc-arte original

I received the cc-arte original humidor this afternoon. It is absolutely stunning! If you\'re thinking about buying this humidor but you\'re worried that it might not be as beautiful or as high quality construction as is advertised, put your mind at ease and order it today. Like another owner, my hygrometer is perfectly calibrated, according to the salt test, but it is fully adjustable anyway. The fit and finish are perfection. You can tell that a lot of time and effort went into the beautiful lacquer finish. My wife was very impressed as well. I can\'t wait to get it prepped and loaded with the 40 cigars that i also bought! Thanks cuban crafters! larry

Subject :: Wow!

I looked everywhere for a humidor in town that would be functional and beautiful but could not find something that was both that and worth the price. I saw this one online and decided to take a leap of faith and man was I not disappointed! This is now the most beautiful piece of furniture I own! An instant heirloom! If your on the fence, just get it. It\'s worth it. My only regret is that I couldn\'t find it faster!

Subject :: Artre Original

so happen that I live in south Florida and went down to the store all I can say is wow, wonderfull people and the product was top notch. season it up and now have a mansion for my stoggies, keeps 70% all the time!!

Subject :: Arte Original

Thanks for this beautiful humidor, set it up and calibrated hygrometer (didn\'t have to calibrate, it was on the money), 2 days later when it reached 70%, filled it up with 100 cigars. This humidor is maintaining 69%, the staff were very nice when i had questions about the humidor. Thanks again Cuban Crafters. Lee in Fla.

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