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GLASS TOP HUMIDORS - Cuban Crafters Glass Top Display Humidors PRESIDENTE are rich and elegant with a Gloss Cherry Wood exterior and a Tempered Glass top. Features include a Spanish Cedar Interior, a large outside Hygrometer, a Humidification System, a removable tray, removable divider, gold plated lock and key, Hidden gold plated Quadrant Hinges, a scratch resistant felt lined bottom, full instructions and the best guarantee in the industry. PRESIDENTE Humidors hold up to 100 of your finest cigars. This is a showpiece humidor that proudly displays your best cigars without having to open it. The outside dimensions of the humidor are 13 1/2” x 9 1/2” x 6 1/4“. This humidor is also available in Rosewood. See the PRESIDENTE DOS Display Humidors in Rosewood. DUE TO THE WEIGHT OF THIS ITEM, EXPEDITED SHIPPING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL CHARGES ABOVE OUR STANDARD 3RD DAY, 2ND DAY AND NEXT DAY CHARGES. IF YOU SELECT EXPEDITED SHIPPING YOU WILL BE CONTACTED WITH THE EXACT AMOUNT PRIOR TO SHIPPING. STANDARD GROUND SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM IS OUR STANDARD LOW RATE OF ONLY $5.95.

Cuban Crafters PRESIDENTE Humidors are an excellent value. The cherry wood humidor combines fine detailed craftsmanship with an authentic Spanish cedar interior to provide the perfect environment for your favorite cigars. The cigar aficionado now has it all, high quality at discount sale prices. They come with a full satisfaction money-back guarantee so shop with confidence.

Cuban Crafters Recommends that you activate your new humidor with Cuban Crafters Activator and Maintenance Humidor Solution. This 50/50 solution of high grade Propylene Glycol and pure distilled water helps the humidifier automatically stabilize the humidity at an optimum level of 70% and also actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria in your humidor.

Humidors can only be shipped to U.S.A. and APO/AE Military addresses at our low standard shipping costs. Customers from all other countries can make special shipping arrangements by contacting us.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: My boss

I bought this piece of art for my boss and the moment the package arrives, he could not believe the fine quality for the price i pay. He was amazed how the humidifier works, it could last for two weeks in maintaining the humidity level without being re-filled. Anyway i am getting for my self a smaller one and another one for my collegue. rizal azwan ramly malaysia

Subject :: Presidente humidor

Very nice. Easy to tell it is high quality. Solid construction, beautiful cherry wood exterior and the lid closes air tight. I really like the glass top. The only drawback is that the hygrometer is made of plastic rather than metal or vinyl. I'm the only one who will ever notice that though, and i'm sure it works just as well as a more solid piece. All in all, i'm very pleased with my purchase. It was by far the best option at this price (i looked). customer service was great. I called a couple times to get help with calibrating the hygrometer and filling the humidifier - they were excellent!

Subject :: Muhahahaha what a gift!

Wow was i impressed! My girlfriend bought this for me as a christmas gift... i could not be happier with it. The glass top adds such a nice touch, and with the top tray i can display the best of my puros, and the best part is...since everyone sees them, they assume the whole box is full of super premium cigars!! well, it will be someday! Great, great price. Enough said!

Subject :: Cuban crafters does it again

This is a very great deal. Fantastic quality for the money. Comes in prestine condition and not a finger print on the glass. Exceptionaly packaged.

Subject :: Very nice humidor!

My wife purchased this for me as a birthday gift. Very quick delivery to pa, and very good customer service pertaining to my inquires. I can't wait to purchase a sample pack from cc to start my collection. Oh yeah, thanks for the cigar that came with the humidor!

Subject :: Best

Best quality i have seen in a long time. All aspects of this box are perfect.

Subject :: Stellar!

Quick delivery, amazing customer service and beautiful humidor. I couldn't ask for more!

Subject :: Just received it - outstanding

Got alot more than i expected. This is a beauty and very well made. Thanks for the free cigar cutter. Outstanding service and product. Happy new year.

Subject :: Cc-presidente

having spent 4 of my 43 years as a woodshop teacher (jacksonville, fl), i know what it would cost me to build a humidor like the cc-presidente. I also know how long it would take. Suffice it to say, i would not be able to match either the price or the time (6 day delivery to ft. Wayne, in...i could have driven to miami and back in right at about 48hrs, but not for under maybe $200 in gas). about the hygrometer: It is asthetically of good size and functionally easy to see. I like the grommet-like, plastic insert which is screwed to the counter-sunk hole in the front of the humidor. This three-screw piece will allow for adjustment to make the hygrometer fit perfectly in place. There is a good fit between the hygrometer and the grommet-like piece. i was a bit skeptical about this design, with the hole and all, but figured this thing has a great big hole in the top for the glass - yeah! Glass top humidor! - so, what the "hey". the hygrometer hole and glass-top were reasons i opted for the larger size which included more cedar - the dividers 'n tray 'n all...besides the fact that i can now buy cigars when i see them and not worry about keeping them in smoke able condition. breathing hot air into the back of the hygrometer, like i was attempting to "see my breath" up hear in indiana, resulted in immediate response of the dial. It works!!! as i write, i am calibrating the hygrometer and will have to acquire some distilled water to begin work on the humidifying device and cedar lining. Metal instead of plastic would have been preferred for the rim, as well as glass instead of plastic for protection/viewing of the device. however, when i remember that i paid less than a third of $210 to have this thing delivered to my door, i don't mind. This humidor is the best of the low-priced humidors available. Believe me, as a comptia certified internet webmaster, i searched. i was also pleased by what i found when looking into the bottom of the humidor for the first time to discover the humidifying device. Plastic as well (oh well), it is over both 6-1/2" and 2-1/2", and right at 3/4". with green (i suppose florist-type) stuff inside, i think it will keep plenty of cigars in tip-top shape. I was really pleased to see something other than velcro (insert copyright symbol) as the mechanism to hold it in place. A 2" x 1-1/2", polished metal plate and corresponding magnetic piece (both with super-human glue, covered with peal-off paper) was included to be placed wherever one would decide. both dividers (one in the tray, one in the bottom) are solid cedar. The bottom of the tray is not. The rim of the top is. And, i believe the interior walls are lined with it. (spanish cedar is not cheap. Google it. You'll see.) i also recieved a cubancrafter cigar cutter, the brochure regarding setup, warranty card, keys, and joe mantegna edition of smoke magazine. the packaging was very good. The humidor was wrapped in that air-filled-tissue-like, white bag. There was fitted board covering the glass top (on the inside). there were 1/4" styrofoam (insert copyright symbol) sheets surrounding the whole thing, top...bottom...and sides. Then, there was the popcorn packaging pieces, then the outside cardboard box. the finish and look of this humidor are very nice. The lid closes in a soft way. like i said, i could not have built a comparable piece for the same price and effort, even if i still had access to a full woodshop. It looks great on a self-built mohogany/black walnut stand, next to an identical stand supporting my chess set from tuscani italy, with my 125gal planted freshwater aquarium in between. from $30-$100, this is the best "bang for your buck".

Subject :: Wow!

Bought this as a first humidor to keep me away from the tobacconist every other day :) fantastic deal, looks the business and works well too. I would recommend this humidor to anyone.

Subject :: Presidente humidor

I purchased a presidente in january 2005 after extensively searching the web. My cigar aficionado friends were blown away by the fact that i got such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship for a mere $69.99. the best news is that the presidente has performed as well as it looks. I currently have it stuffed with 85 cigars (most are larger than coronas), with the best placed prominently in the upper tray. The glass lets me check on the cigars without having to open the lid, and although the hygrometer is very basic, it functions well. Thanks for such a great product! Mark in indianapolis

Subject :: Very nice

The humidor arrived well packaged. If you are looking for a piano gloss finish, look at another, this humidor isn't as shiny as others i have seen. I have a cheap shiny humidor with fake wood inlay, this humidor looks classy and far more expensive in comparison, real wood, instead of glossy fake wood on the outside. Personally, I love the look. The hygrometer is very large and easy to read. I calibrated it and it is spot on. I used cuban crafers starter solution and readied the humidifier. After about 4 hours it read 69% and it has not moved in a month. I thought maybe the hygrometer was stuck, so i tapped it and it didn't move, then i breathed on it and it jumped up to 80% very quickly. The glass is quite nice, but a little harder to keep clean. The top shelf displays your best cigars. It is a little smaller than the bottom of the humidor, so your biggest cigars won't fit there (>6"). the lock works ok. The lid seems to have a tight seal and I have not noticed any swelling or separation of seams in the wood which might point to poor longterm reliability.

Subject :: First timer

I checked everwhere on the net for an affortable one and came across cuban crafters. I figured 69.99 for a nice size unit with a glass top would be perfect. The price for it was something i wouldn't kill myself over if it didn't live up to expectations. All I have to say is great job. I'm new to cigar smoking so i did a lot of searching and the ones at the tobacco shops were at least double the price and half the size as the presidente. The free cutter and complimentary cigar was icing on an all ready geat deal. I will be a customer for life! jesse big spring,tx

Subject :: Beautiful

I received this as a gift for christmas '04. Now after almost two years, i love it more than ever. Holds perfect humidity, and as others said, the glass top is the selling point. It's nice to walk by my coffee table and see the best of the best sitting there just waiting for me! A steal at that price, well worth double.

Subject :: Great humidore

It is beautiful. after reading the reviews i thought it was going to be good, but i didnt want to keep my hopes up. from the moment it was delivered i was amazed. the packaging was great (it kept it scratch free all the way to australia) but it itself is stunning! really looks a million dollars. i am yet to find a better looking humidore. And its great having a glass top to show off your beautiful cigars. Don't hesitate. Buy. aaron sydney australia

Subject :: Dad loves it!

I was a bit late buying my father a birthday present and cubancrafters came through huge! I paid for the 2-day air service and asked if they could ship it the same day i ordered it. Not only did it go out that day, it arrived 24hrs earlier than expected and with a free don kiki cigar (great smoke)and cc cigar cutter! Very generous of them : ) my dad loves the glass top and thinks i spent a fortune on the humidor. The analog hygrometer is not metal, but few would be the wiser. It looks classier than digital, but i will buy a digital one to make sure the cigars are kept at the proper humidity. The hinges rattle a bit (the fit is a little loose), but the seal is tight and does not seem to be a major concern (plus it has a 1 year warranty). for the price i paid, the service i received, and the look on my dad\'s face, i feel i got a great deal! Highly recommended. It is displayed proudly on the coffee table - or should i say, the cigar table ; )


I have owned this humidor for a few years and I am very pleased with it. It provides a good seal and has a sufficient capacity for the average smoker. I would recommend that a digital hydrometer be purchased and placed inside, while the outside hydrometer does work, I find that mine tends to stick requiring some gentle mechanical agitation (i.e. tap on plastic face cover) to get it to read accurately. Overall I don’t think that you can get more bang for your buck than this offer from Cuban Crafters.

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