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Name:: COMBO 420
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Retail Price:: $108.97
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420 HUMIDORS COMBO. For the adventuresome we have the COMBO 420. This Combo includes the Burl Wood Cuban Crafters EL MIO Humidor, a Cuban Crafters Guillotine Cigar Cutter and 15 mild 420s DOUBLE Doble Corona size cigars for Only $34.99 ($108.97 retail Value). Cuban Crafters EL MIO Burl are the perfect starter humidors. EL MIO BURL has a gloss Burl Wood exterior with an interior that is lined with Spanish Cedar, which helps retain humidity, while preserving the cigars. It also enhances the aroma and taste. Gold plated piano hinges, a scratch resistant felt lined bottom, a humidifier and a hygrometer are some of the outstanding features of this humidor. Outside Dimensions of the Humidors are 9 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 2 1/2" and it has a capacity for 25 cigars. Itís fully backed by the Cuban Crafters Full Satisfaction Guarantee. 420s Double Mild cigars are hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with sun grown and extremely aged Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco fillers. The Binder is a perfect burning Sumatra and the Wrapper is a premium and sweet tasting Mata Fina from Brazil. This combination produces clouds of delightful smoke and flavor. The 420 Double is 6 inches long with a ring gauge of 48. This Combo includes a guillotine cigar cutter that is made of high quality carbon steel and durable resin. It is sharp and sports the Cuban Crafters logo in full color. Made for cigar ring gauges up to 54. They will make a perfect cut every time or you get a free replacement.

Inspiring and extraordinary, 420 cigars provide a powerhouse of taste and relaxation. The 420 Double is made with flavorful hand selected tobacco. The leaves are skillfully cured by artisans and then aged. They are then hand rolled into these fine cigars by skilled master cigar rollers. They make them in small batches and with special attention to each and every detail. 420 is raising the bar for cigars. They are fully backed by the exclusive Cuban Crafters Cigars Full Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

Cuban Crafters guillotine cigar cutter is so well made that it is guaranteed for life. They are made to last forever. Beautiful and convenient, it is lightweight and small enough to fit in any pocket. They cut cigars that are up to a ring gauge of 54 and always stay sharp. A perfect cut every time or it will be replaced for free. They are unconditionally guaranteed. If they lose their sharp cutting ability, if it stops working for any reason (other than intentional damage or damage resulting from wrongful use), it will be replaced at no cost to you for the rest of your life! They are the perfect cigar companion.

Cuban Crafters Recommends that you activate your new humidor with Cuban Crafters Activator and Maintenance Humidor Solution. This 50/50 solution of high grade Propylene Glycol and pure distilled water helps the humidifier automatically stabilize the humidity at an optimum level of 70% and also actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria in your humidor.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Combo 420

Excellent! The humidor alone is well worth the price.the cigars are a well blended top choice of tobacco, man it doesn't get any better! a hec of a deal, thank you!!

Subject :: Wonderful stuff!

Even though i received the 6 inch 420s with the superbly-built humidor, instead of the full 7 inch churchills, this package just blew me away. The humidor alone is worth the price - getting a bonus 15 great cigars on top was simply unbelievable. Thank you cc!

Subject :: 420 combo

The humidor is a great starter for anyone just getting in to smoking, is solid with a good seal and is very attractive. The cigars have a very smooth draw, are mild in strength, and have a very good flavor with slightly sweet undertone. The longer you let them sit the better they taste! This is a great combo for the money. I'll be buying a few more for birthday presents!

Subject :: Fourtwentys

Received my package today, humidor looks great for the price, cigars are great as well. Can't wait till i get to smoke a properly humidified one! Great deal!

Subject :: 420 combo

Just recevied my combo today. Right on time. Great deal for starter smokers like myself. Can't wait until its fully setup. Will definately be buying more in the future.

Subject :: Excellent!

I bought two of these combos and they are great! Good seal on the humidor. And its worth it for the smokes alone.

Subject :: 420 combo

Just recieved the 1st of 3 combo's i ordered from you guys...humidor is great quality, good seal, great finish-definately worth the 30 bucks plus shipping. The cigars smell like a zoo, however the first smoke i have had from the bundle was delicious. overall value: Excellent. I highly recommend this to anyone for personal use or for a gift. Thanks c.c.! -travis heneghen

Subject :: Just ordered the 420 combo

I just ordered the 420 combo from emillio at cuban crafters. Great guy ....... great advice ......superb customer service. If the follow through is any thing like my initial experience i'll be a customer for life. I have just starting smoking but actually i am buying this for a friend. If the web site photos and reviews are fairly accurate, this has to be the best buy on the web. Bill burkhardt overland park ks

Subject :: Great combo

This is a great mild one for a daily smoke. Very smoooth, great even burn, draw is easy and always pleasant. The humidor is perfect for beginners, but you may need to upgrade to a larger one. I'm happy for now having a few of these small ones for the value you get with the combination packs. Cuban crafters is my exclusive cigar needs site. Thanks for every thing. - nathan o., new york

Subject :: This combo rocks!

I just received this combo, well similar to this combo. I have the slightly smaller humidor (25 capacity) as i was one of the last to order it from the then current stock. I'm in the process of setting up and breaking it in, and enjoying the first of the 420 chongs. The draw is a little tight, likely from the lack of proper humidification on their journey to pennsylvania, but all in all not bad. I would highly recommend this to those who love well made smokes. I will definitely be ordering from cuban crafters again. Thanks again. -tom from pittsburgh, pa

Subject :: 420

Great cigar just ordered my second batch and I figured I would go with the combination deal. Great smoke nice mild taste.

Subject :: 420 COMBO

Thought it would be the same old cheap harsh cigar you would get paying only 35.00 for. What a surprise. Great (or should I say FINE) cigar. Draw was easy, taste was mild, what a great combo. Humidor is of nice quality, well worth the price. You won't be disapointed. Charlie, from NJ

Subject :: HUMIDOR COMBO 420

Awesome deal to say the least! The Humidor works great and it even revived some old cigars I happened to have laying around. The 420\'s are great too... They\'re not the everyday smoke I\'m looking for, but they go very nicely with the humidor. Overall, great deal & High quality... I would recommend this combo to anyone. -Chris in PA

Subject :: nice start

I was looking for a small humidor to get started with, this holds 20 toros leaving some room to breathe. Set up was a cinch and the smokes were a nice bonus. I smoked one after a few days in the newly seasoned humidor and it drew well, burned even, had a mild body that was definitely smooth. Hopefully the rest of them will be as enjoyable. Still, this combo is an excellent overall value (for this price they could ship you a box of dirt and you wouldn\'t be able to complain too much). If you\'re looking for a small setup to start, buy this one. I did and I would again. For the price there\'s not a bad word to be said. Thanks CC.

Subject :: combo 420

The cigars are excellent,being a cigar smoker for 3 yrs now and have added several humidors stocked I\'d rate the 420\'s a 9 out of 10 and the humidor is about just average, humidifier may bay substituted for a Boveda pack or 2 , I use this humi for my flavored cigars. There may be a seal issue but my guess is would be the humidifier that comes w/it.

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