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Punch Cigar Cutters by Cuban Crafters. This deluxe punch cigar cutter is an old fashioned beauty. It is an original and perfect for those that want to punch a hole on the head of a cigar. With a solid stainless steel round blade and a solid stainless steel body that is covered with pure Rosewood veneer, your cigar will have a perfect hole every time and in style. These cigar cutters are conveniently portable and have a locking key ring so that you can attach it to your keys. Simply remove the cap from the cutter and use the blade to place a hole through the cigar head. After use, you just place the cap back on the cutter. It is solidly built for reliability and is fully backed by the Cuban Crafters full money-back guarantee.

Cuban Crafters Punch Cigar Cutters are designed to fit precisely in your hand during the precision punching process. They are elegant and when not in use, it fits in the pocket. Cutting your cigar correctly means you will have a better tasting smoke, so do it right. Just place the sharp round blade of the cutter on the cap of the cigar. Insert the blades into the cigar and rotate the cutter. Do not insert it deeply. The object of the cut is to create an ample and smooth opening for smoking. This allows you to draw evenly, which in turn creates an even burn. The surgical grade stainless steel blade of these cutters allow you to do this without causing damage. Remove the blades from the cigar and place the cap back on the cutter. It is made to function exactly as expected every time and is fully backed by an exclusive lifetime guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Rosewood punch

I really like the cutter except i am disappointed that it doesn't eject the plug. It cuts great, it is super sharp, and it works very easy. Thanks bob n. Pepperell ma.

Subject :: Rosewood cutter

This cutter works very well

Subject :: Punch

This cutter makes a nice clean hole. There seems to be very little residual from the cut. The only draw back is that the plug is not ejected. Ejecting of the plug would be a definate plus. Kenneth r. Mushall

Subject :: Puncher

Great punch, the other reviews, i agree that it is well made, and looks great. However, future designs should make it able to eject punches.

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