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Innovative and precise describes the REVOLUCION scissor cigar cutter. This revolutionary cutter uses 3 self-sharpening blades to perfectly prepare your cigar for smoking. The blades rotate into a circle, embracing your cigar and applying even pressure around the circumference. This revolutionary cutter slices the cigar's head evenly and effortlessly. It then gently tugs the center of the long filler to assure a smooth smoking cigar. No stress to any side of the cigar ensures a clean cut. These original scissor cutters are great for cigars with ring gauges up to 60. It was designed and created by Cuban Crafters using the latest technology and with surgical grade stainless steel. The all stainless steel body and blades will provide years of maintenance free service. It is so advanced that Cuban Crafters has a United States patent pending on the way it works and on the design.

The high quality Cuban Crafters scissor cutters are made to effortlessly fit in the cigar smokers hand during the cutting process. They have wide handles that allow you to easily move your fingers in and out. This extraordinary cigar cutter is ready to function exactly as expected every time. It is fully backed by the exclusive Cuban Crafters Full Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the item, the price of the product, or our service you can return it for a full refund of the merchandise purchase price. That is how sure we are that you will enjoy it. Also available in Black with a smooth matte anodized finish. See the Black Cigar Cutter Scissor.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: 3 blade cutter

I received this as a birthday gift. All i can say is wow! This cutter is a no brainier to purchase. Same price as a two blade and a lifetime guarantee! I have had problems with drier cigars and single or two blade cutters, they always seem split or crush the end, making them very hard to smoke. Even the more expensive ones still uses the same principle. Not with this one, because of the three blade system the cut was great every time, no splits or crushing! I will be ordering more to have in our travel bag. Thank you for a great product. thanks to my wife for the perfect birthday gift!! owen h. Wisconsin

Subject :: Cool scissor

Cool gadget. Works great on my cigars. Big opening is good to cut off the cigar tip after i chew it when smoking. Yes i chew the tip while smoking and cut the tip when it gets too chewy.

Subject :: 1 of a kind

In my humidor at a locker club I frequent I keep a box of 60 ring gauge cigars. I don't generally go in for anything over a 50 but this particular smoke is incredible! I have searched everywhere for one that will cut this cigar smoothly w/o tearing. There isn't a website, store, or tobacconist out there that makes such a fantastic cutter. I can't even find one that will cut anything larger than 54 gauge. I've got one of these in my locker and i'm buying one for my home. W/o a doubt the best $20 you could spend!

Subject :: Excellent

It works great. Just tighten the screws once in a while. I don't know why one set came loose. I just put them back in place and tightened it. No harm done. Called cuban crafters to find out why. Good service. Explained that the screws are made to be removed so that you can clean it. It's all good.

Subject :: 3 Blades

Talk about perfect i still have the original. You cant find a more perfect cutter

Subject :: Revolucion

I loved the idea of this cutter. However the cut may not be very clean. The problem is that only 2 of the 3 blades can make "flat edge to flat edge" contact.

Subject :: A cut above

From Cigarcylcopedia - July 23, 2006 - Among the unusual items we saw at the RTDA (Industry Trade Show) was an entirely new style of cutter. Cuban Crafters, better known for their J.L. Salazar y Hermanos and Don Kiki cigar brands, introduced the “revolucion.” This cutter, currently only available as a scissors, uses three blades that cut the head of a cigar in a circular motion, similar that the shutter mechanism of old rangefinder cameras. The large center opening can handle cigars up to 54 ring gauge and the stainless-steel blades are self-sharpening. Best of all, the item is reasonably priced...and a handheld version is planned to be released either late this year or early next year.

Subject :: Crushed & uneven cut

At first site i had to have this, so i wished it for christmas. After trying it i was disappointed, this tool crushed the tip and when it finally did cut, the cut was not even.

Subject :: Fantastico!!!

This is the most impressive cutter i've ever owned. People are always curious about it, and want one for themselves. It's a great gift for that smoker on your gift list. The cut isn't the cleanest i've ever seen due to the three blades being slightly out of sync, but the cool factor is enough to outweigh this minor issue in my mind. muy bien!

Subject :: Good idea

The idea of three blades is good.

Subject :: Frequent problems

I have had three pair of revolucion and all three have broke and the weld point on one of the handles. - CUBANCRAFTERS NOTE: These problems have all been corrected in the updated model that is currently available.

Subject :: Great cutter till it breaks

As soon as i saw this cutter i had to have it! To my surprise, when it arrived, it came with two delicious don kiki cigars! It worked great creating a nice clean cut, even on my larger ring guage cigars. The draw back though is if you try to cut too much of a cigar the weld breaks on one handle. Cuban crafters was excellent at replacing the cutter with the same cutter, and it has yet broken again in the same place. Going to send back in think cuban crafters would replace with the new and improved model to avoid these breakages and all this cost to the customer in shipping charges. But all in all it is a nice cutter. Just one you have to be carefull of and take great care using sparingly.

Subject :: Review

I really loved this cutter. Worked real well for all ring gauges for about 3 months and one handle broke off. Hope that gets fixed because until it broke this cutter worked great.

Subject :: Best Cutters ever!

For the longest time I used only punches on my cigars. A favorite was a home made punch. I tried cutters before, the guillotine type mostly and fund them to be less then desirable. I also tried a scissor type but all it did was flatten my cigars. Not good at all. Then I saw these. Three blades made sense but I didn\'t understand how it could work. So I bought a pair to see. They are great! Every cigar, no matter the ring size, and I like 54 and up, are cut smoothly, effortlessly, and cleanly. Best cigar cutter I have ever tried. Better then my punch.

Subject :: Perfect Cut

I just got one last week and have found it to be ideal for belicoso and torpedo shapes. The operation won\'t crush the head like some cutters and will leave a nice flat end. What is best is that Cuban Crafters will repair them for free or replace them for defects.

Subject :: Perfect Cut

I just got one last week and have found it to be ideal for belicoso and torpedo shapes. The operation won\'t crush the head like some cutters and will leave a nice flat end. What is best is that Cuban Crafters will repair them for free or replace them for defects.

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