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15 of Our Best Cigars with a MIO Cherrywood Humidor and a Cuban Crafters Guillotine Cutter for Only $69.99 ($196.50 Value). This discount cigars and humidor Combo is on sale and includes the Mio Humidor. MIO are the perfect starter humidors. An elegant rich Cherrywood Finish, Spanish Cedar Interior, and a scratch resistant felt bottom are just some of the features of this humidor. The interior is lined with Spanish Cedar, which helps retain humidity while preserving the cigars. It also enhances the aroma and taste of the cigars. The MIO humidor has gold plated piano hinges, a hygrometer, a humidifier, a removable cedar divider, full instructions and the best guarantee in the industry. Outside Dimensions of the humidors are 10 3/8" W x 8 3/4" D x 4 3/8" and these humidors hold up to 40 cigars. Itís fully backed by the Cuban Crafters Full Satisfaction Guarantee.
Also included in this sale is a cigar sampler of our best. The sampler selection includes the J.L. Salazar y Hermanos Cabinet Selection, Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection Cigars, the Cuban Crafters Cameroon, the Medina 1959 Miami Edition, and the DON KIKI Limited Reserve Green Label, Red Label and White Label. In addition, This Combo includes a guillotine cigar cutter that is made of high quality carbon steel and durable resin. It is sharp and sports the Cuban Crafters logo in full color. Made for cigar ring gauges up to 54. They will make a perfect cut every time or you get a free replacement. This guillotine cigar cutter is so well made that it is guaranteed for life. DUE TO THE WEIGHT OF THIS ITEM, EXPEDITED SHIPPING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL CHARGES ABOVE OUR STANDARD 3RD DAY, 2ND DAY AND NEXT DAY CHARGES. IF YOU SELECT EXPEDITED SHIPPING YOU WILL BE CONTACTED WITH THE EXACT AMOUNT PRIOR TO SHIPPING. STANDARD GROUND SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM IS OUR STANDARD LOW RATE OF ONLY $5.95.

CIGARS INCLUDED: J.L. SALAZAR; CUBAN CRAFTERS Cabinet Selection; CUBAN CRAFTERS Gran Cameroon; LA CAROLINA; BECK; Medina 1959 Miami Edition; DON KIKI Limited Reserve Green Label; DON KIKI Limited Reserve Red Label; DON KIKI White Label Vintage Selection. A total of 15 of our best cigars are in this great deal.

J.L. SALAZAR y HERMANOS Reserva Especial are box pressed Cuban Classics. The master rollers have handmade each one to draw firmly and to burn evenly. The tobacco leaves are aged for over three years and specially cured through four fermentations. The Filler is a sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder is a wrapper quality Habano 2000 leaf, and the Wrapper is a flawless Habano leaf. They are made in the same old fashioned way that the Salazar Family made them in Cuba, with the same secret blend and process.

Cuban Crafters Cameroon Cigars are skillfully hand made by master cigar rollers with many years of experience. Each combines the finest and most expensive Cameroon tobacco wrapper leaves with the best Cuban Seed Habano tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. The Long-Filler and Binder are virgin Cuban-Seed sun-grown Habano tobacco that has been fermented 5 times before being hand rolled. Each cigar is meticulously finished with a long curly head cap and a cigar tail typical of those from Cuba. They are super premium and made for the aficionado the old fashioned Cuban way. The cigars boast very delightful and intensely rich flavors. The exquisite cigar taste is sweet and woody, and medium to full in body.

Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection Cigars bring back times when cigars from Cuba were the best in the world. Meticulously hand made by skilled master rollers, the cigars are silky and impeccably box-pressed, and hand detailed the way that they used to be in the fields of Cuba. They have a cap that is finished with a long curly head, the foot is an original cola (tail). As in the Cuba of the past, each tobacco leaf is hand picked to compliment the others. The cigars are then cured and aged through a long and extensive labor-intensive process. After three years and five curing fermentations, the leaves evolve into great Puros at the hands of skilled artisans. Cabinet Selection Cigars are skillfully hand-made by master rollers with years of experience. The Filler is a sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano. The Binder is a superior quality Habano 2000. They are all draped in a dark Habano Wrapper leaf from Ecuador, and are meticulously finished.

BECK Gran Cameroon Primera Edicion CHARRO Churchill cigars are skillfully hand made by master rollers with many years of experience. These exclusive cigars are handmade in small batches and in very limited quantities. Every medium bodied BECK cigar combines the finest Cameroon wrapper with exceptional Cuban Seed Habano tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. The Long-Filler and Binder are virgin Cuban-Seed sun-grown Habano tobacco that was fermented 5 times before being hand rolled.

LA CAROLINA are meticulously Box-Pressed cigars. Each is totally hand made with aged long leaf Binder and Fillers, and draped in extra premium Wrappers. Every hand rolled cigar is made by the expert hands of the traditional Torcedores of Tabacalera Esteli. Just as the Cupido Cigars brand that these cigars were previously made under, LA CAROLINA have that special naturally fruity tobacco taste and low nicotine content that made Cupido Cigars the top rated medium body cigar in America. Each one handmade under extremely high quality standards and in very limited quantities.

Medina 1959 Miami Edition cigars are hand made at the Cuban Crafters Miami cigar factory by the world's most talented Cuban cigar rollers. The cigars have that special and elegant taste that only pre-1959 Havana cigars had. That's because they are made under the watchful eye of Manuel Medina, a legend in the history of Cuban cigars. From the dry Cuban-seed tobacco bunching to the precise blending of different tobacco leaves, this cigar yells quality and elegance. While it's beautiful to look it, it's even better to smoke. The medium bodied smoke is filled with delightful tastes of toasted nuts, mild spices and smooth waves of butterscotch with sweet malt cream that coats your mouth and keeps you hoping it never ends. They can only be compared to the pre-Castro Cuban cigars that magically grabbed your attention at the start and kept you satisfied until the very end.

DON KIKI Limited Reserve are made with flavorful hand selected Habano tobacco. The Green Label Limited Reserve are mild and wrapped in Mata Fine leafs. The Red Label are medium-bodied in a Colorado Habano wrapper. The White Label is from Tabacalera Esteli's tobacco harvest of 2001. 9 years of aging has mellowed their taste and made them into the smoothest and best tasting Don Kiki cigar. They are mild and have a well-rounded and complex taste full of exhilirating notes.

Cuban Crafters guillotine cigar cutter is so well made that it is guaranteed for life. They are made to last forever. Beautiful and convenient, it is lightweight and small enough to fit in any pocket. They cut cigars that are up to a ring gauge of 54 and always stay sharp. A perfect cut every time or it will be replaced for free. They are unconditionally guaranteed. If they lose their sharp cutting ability, if it stops working for any reason (other than intentional damage or damage resulting from wrongful use), it will be replaced at no cost to you for the rest of your life! They are the perfect cigar companion.

Enjoy them all in one low discount priced deal. This is one of our top sellers.

Cuban Crafters Recommends that you activate your new humidor with Cuban Crafters Activator and Maintenance Humidor Solution. This 50/50 solution of high grade Propylene Glycol and pure distilled water helps the humidifier automatically stabilize the humidity at an optimum level of 70% and also actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria in your humidor.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Begginer

This sampler is good for begginer smokers.

Subject :: Perfecto tres humidor

I just received this humidor and i am very impressed with the both the overall size and the quality of this unit. The cigars i have tried have been a treat. The quality and taste of the cigars i have tried so far leave nothing to be desired. It seems like you have a cigar for every taste and every time of day (or night). i look forward to a long association with your company

Subject :: primero humidor, 15 best cigar sampler, guillotine cutter

Bought this as a gift for my dad and he loved it! The cigars came in great condition, and are some of the best we've smoked. Very reccomended for either a gift, or for yourself. This package has everything! Thanks c.c.!

Subject :: The best!

Stumbled across this site and although skeptical-i decided to buy the humidor and cigars as an anniversary present for my husband... the cigars are awesome! Even though it was packed well-ups still managed to damage the humidor, but cc has taken care of everything and a new one is on the way. Great customer service and quality rarely come hand in hand. We will definitely be long time customers, not to mention spreading the word to all of our cigar smokin' friends. Thanks for everything!..joyce,plano

Subject :: The best

You did a great job on this special, hope to see more....frommy

Subject :: Can't wait

I'm just writting to say that i've just received my order. every thing looks great, cigars in awsome condition. I am preping the humidor now. I have smoked most of these cigars already, especially love the salazars. I have not even smoked one yet and already can't wait to order more. rocco in toronto canada

Subject :: Excellent combo deal

Both are great and this deal is a gargain! Go for it you will not be disappointed. Only problem is that i smoked them too fast. Ordering more.

Subject :: Perfect

Both are perfect and well made. Enjoyed all 15. no complaints just praises.

Subject :: Thanks for discount

Nice discount on combination. The humidor is super and the cigars are great. The price is great. This is a great deal!

Subject :: Guest deal

Everyone this a great deal on the best tasting cigar ever!!! nice ash very smooth not harsh

Subject :: Great discount

Excellent discount deal. The humi is well made and the cedar smells great. The cigars are awesome. I highly recommend this deal for fine cigar smokers.

Subject :: What a bargain!

The humidor is great! The cigars are screaming! All i can say is what a bargain...tim

Subject :: What a bargain!

All i can say is what a bargain...tim

Subject :: Awesome

Awesome deal. Great price too. Thanks for the quick shipping.

Subject :: Combo primero

This is positively one of the best deals any one person could ever fall into! Fifteen of the many of don kikiís very best. You canít go wrong with this purchase. They are so smooth and flavorful that you may not even need to use the humi because they will be enjoyed and smoked so quickly. The cigars alone are worth the price; The MIO is a nice bonus. Great job don kiki!

Subject :: Great value

I smoked my first don kiki red label torpedo and man was it good! I setup the box a few nights ago and put all of them in it the next day after breaking it in. It was easy to setup and took no time at all. So far i'd have to say i'm very happy with the cigars and quality!

Subject :: Combo

I purchased this for a high in demand professional. I was very happy with the person's reaction to the upgraded cherrywood finish humidor but when he opened the box & "aaawwwed" at the cigars, i knew i made a great choice. He stated these are the best. Thank you for a great purchase. Ygs, california

Subject :: Three thumbs-up!

I made this purchase a few weeks back after reading all the wonderful reviews and i am very pleased with my purchase. It was like christmas morning opening the package and the smell of cedar from the humidor was amazing! Quality is all top-notch and could command a much higher price tag. I was a little skeptical with ordering tobacco internationally, but cuban crafters professionalism made it simple. Thanks! You have a customer for life. Ck, toronto

Subject :: Great buy

Excellent buy . the service also was and delivery was quick. The MIO is excellent quality, and the cigars I've tried so far have been great . Highly recomended . j. Frost new hampshire

Subject :: Outstanding deal!

I cannot say enough how happy i am with this purchase! The humi is such a piece of art. It is so nice that my wife is allowing me to keep it in our formal dining room! The craftsmanship is beautiful and the cigars are awesome! Very easy to set up too. I will definately be a return customer with cc!

Subject ::

My humidor and sampler pack arrived in great shape. This is truly a great value for the money! You have a customer for life!!! alfred lorenz safford, az

Subject :: Great deal

Humidor is great, cigars are quality, and the price is right. Enough said.

Subject :: First Humidor

I ordered this mainly for the humidor, and this was my first mail order experience with Cigars. I must say I am very pleased with the humidor, I don\'t know that you can get any better quality for the price. I was impressed when I pulled it form the box. The cigars are nice too! I haven\'t had a chance to try them all, but so far I am pleased. I have only had two problems; the cutter was left out of the original shipment but one was promptly shipped when I called to inquire about it and the Don Kiki Red Label (Churchill) had tobacco beetles. Hopefully they didn\'t make it into any of the remaining cigars.

Subject :: Awesome Humidor!

Just purchased the Mio Humidor Combo and must say I am even more pleased then expected! I was looking at several different styles but after reading the reviews from this one I decided to take a chance and very glad I did. The humidor is very well made and easy to set up. And the free cigars that are thrown in are amazing! Those alone are worth the price if not more. As I\'m writing this I am finishing up the Cuban Crafters Cameroon, while it is alittle more on the mild side and I prefer a more bold cigar I would diffenetly recommend it and will smoke it again. All in all this is an exceptional value and is perfect for anyone that is looking for a great humidor and wants to save money.

Subject :: Incredible Service

I\'m a beginner and chose to order this combo late on sunday night...I just received my package, Tuesday only 2 days later. I am a local but was still impressed with the speedy delivery. I will season the humidor tonight and will probably try some of the cigars this weekend.

Subject :: Thanks

I ordered this combo for myself as a new smoker, wanted something cheap to start with. I just got it today and am VERY pleased with everything. I will try on of the sticks tonight. Very good customer service, very quick to reply to my questions. Thanks alot and I will deff buy from again... Thanks again Johnny

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