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Stone shaped Custom Scented Candles with delightful Tropical Mango Vanilla. Cuban Crafters Mango Vanilla odor eliminating candles are revolutionary. The unique scented candles work by actually destroying and eliminating the odor, not just covering it up. The Mango Vanilla custom scent is perfect for the home or office. Their uniqueness makes them great gifts for cigar and pipe smokers. Unlike air fresheners or other scented candles, the Cuban Crafters candle will totally eliminate the odor of cigars and cigarettes, even after the tropical Mango Vanilla scent is gone. They are fully guaranteed under the Cuban Crafters Full Satisfaction money-back guarantee. Cigar smoke odor was the reason the candles were developed, but you will be amazed how effectively they remove household and pet odors. The elegant custom scented candle is textured and decorative in the office, kitchen, bathroom or anyplace else that you want to fully eliminate an unpleasant odor quickly and permanently. This 2¼ by 4½ inch candle is guaranteed for over 60 hours of odor removing burn time. It is handpacked in a gift box.

Cigar and cigarette smoke odor, household smells, pet odors, bathroom and other odors tend to linger even after the air freshener or smell of standard scented candle is gone. Now you can permanently destroy the odor by burning them away with these unique odor control candles. Cuban Crafters odor eliminating stone shaped candles are all natural and work by destroying odors, not just covering them up. Each candle is hand poured, one at a time, and combine the best of early traditional handcrafting with modern natural additives. The highest quality, longest burning odor eliminating scented candle is the result. Pure and natural fragrances are compounded in the U.S.A. with odor eliminating ingredients to deliver the candle’s exotic and unique aromatherapy fragrance and powerful odor eliminating qualities. The candles have a fragrance content that is higher than the industry standard and Cuban Crafters uses high quality wicks that contain no lead products to ensure your safety. They are fully backed by the Cuban Crafters Full Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

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