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Churchill Limited Reserve Red Label Cigars online by DON KIKI. Aged for 3 years, these fine cigars are finally released for your smoking enjoyment. DON KIKI Limited Reserve (Red Label) Churchill cigars are made in small batches and in limited quantities with sun grown and extremely aged long-filler tobacco. The filler is virgin Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder and Wrapper are rare Colorado sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano from The Jalapa Valley. Don Kiki proudly blended the tobacco leaves in these cigars to produce an exquisite and unique taste. The premium cigars are individually handcrafted to his high standards and under his supervision. Churchill boutique premium cigars are 7 long with a large ring size of 52. Each hand packed bundle contains 25 of the finest cigars you can smoke.

DON KIKI Limited Reserve (Red Label) Churchill boutique premium cigars are handmade with flavorful hand-picked tobacco harvested from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli in Esteli, Nicaragua. The superior leaves are skillfully cured and aged for at least three years. This labor-intensive process provides the cigars their special qualities. The aged leaves are then individually selected and are transformed into these fine cigars by skilled master cigar rollers, who make them in small batches. The super premium cigars are then aged for over 3 years before being hand packed.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Not a bad cigar

Don kiki is a great cigar for those who are on a budget. Full flavor unit that is consistant and complete. Nice for a round of golf or if your having a baby and want to celebrate with friends and dont want to tap into your kids university fund.

Subject :: Don kiki churchill

This is the best cigar i have tasted so far. From beginning to end, the smooth, sweet taste was surprisingly enjoyable for such a low-cost smoke. The search is over; I have found my favorite. t. Bailey

Subject :: Kiki is the best

Excellent cigar. Perfect for my taste and the price is great. Very well made with a nice medium taste. No bitterness and a flavor that is to the sweet side. My favorite everyday smoke.

Subject :: Don kiki red label

I've been a cigar smoker on and off for years always looking for that cigar that's just right for you,one that i could claim as "my brand". Finally, i ran across your website and decided to give it a try. Not only am i incredibly satisfied with the quality you sell,but also the price makes the experience that much more pleasurable! For those of you who've never smoked one of these fine creations, here's a quick tour: the rich aroma out of the humidor is the first thing that excites you. Not "dry or weedy" smelling, but rich and aromatic. Then upon lighting it you notice the aroma of the blends and the taste which is "chocolaty". As you smoke through the body of the cigar, the flavor is light & "peppery" but not overwhelming. On its finish, it leaves a wonderful flavor on your taste buds! You will smoke this fine creation until it burns your fingers! and all this for about $2, including helpful customer service from fellow smokers like emillio and fast delivery service. Bravo cuban crafters! You have a new and permanent customer! Greg--hattiesburg, misssissippi

Subject :: Awesome

I think this is one of the best in the world. I love your web site. A great way to end the day is with this Don Kiki.

Subject :: Very fine

Don kiki red label are one of the best smokes I have had. I am very pleased with them and will be ordering more. If you want a fine one for not a lot of money try this one.

Subject :: One tough cigar

i was golfing with my buddy and we were just finising up and putting our clubs in my van. He was about half done with a red lable don kiki. He stuck it in the hood ornament on my van in early august of 06. i live in illinois and we just had a really hard winter. He forgot the cigar and it is still there. It has been there for seven and a half months. Every time he sees it he cracks up. Thats one tough cigar! P.s. It tastes great also.

Subject :: What a great one

I have just started to get into cigar smoking so i am new to all this, but i can tell you this is the best one yet. I look forward to many more great ones and plan to add this to my regular rotation. Thanks to humiblog for the great suggestion.

Subject :: Don kiki red

I\'ll agree its a good stick, but not until 1/2 way through. The first third there was maximum draw, like sucking air through a straw, no resistance, limiting any flavor. Not until i got some ash and tar build up did i get the slightest hint of a draw...very disappointing. Last third was the best, 1-10, i\'d rate a 5.

Subject :: Great smoke

I just recieved my bundle of don kiki red label and i have to say that this is a great smoke and i will be ordering more of these when i run low. The 50 count humidor that came with it was great too, thanks dennis from tx.

Subject :: Don kiki red churchill

Got mine in a don kiki red sampler. This was the last of the group (it had been in the humidor about 2 weeks before lighting up). great cigar with a smooth, chocalatey taste that improved throughout the cigar. I\'ve found my cigar supplier. These reds will be my everyday smoke with cupido tuxedo\'s as the special occasion cigars. Congratulations to don kiki and cuban crafters. I\'m going to visit the store next time i\'m in miami. Phenomenal for a $2 cigar. Get some, age them in your humidor for a while and enjoy!

Subject :: Don Kiki Red Label

A novice's take on the Don Kiki Red Label. However, I have tried a few cigars in my time, and as of late: a variety of Drew Estates acids, dirt, mocha or coffee?, and another brand I tossed out due to a ridiculuosly difficult draw and CC's 420's. I decided to order the Don Kiki red label based on the reviews found here at CC's. Usually, I wait a two to three weeks and allow the cigars to sit in the humidor before lighting up. Today, I decided to try the red label after only a day in the humidor. Let me tell you, I was rather impressed. The Don Kiki red label had an excellent draw, burn, aroma and taste. The smell did not even scare my wife away! I have had only one cigar over the years (a long time ago) I could smoke down till my fingers were feeling the burn until now. You know how a cigar gets rather harsh 2-3 inches before the end? The red label did no such thing and was nice all the way till the end. After some time in the humidor, I expect they will only get better! If your a novice like myself and don't know what your doing, give the Don Kiki red label a try. I don't think you will be disappointed. The above mentioned cigars are much less of a smoke in comparison. A bundle of 25 pushes my budget, but the first one was a real joy. If the red label is too much for your budget, the 420's were better than the others but not nearly as smooth. You get what you pay for! Chad in AZ

Subject :: Red Kiki experience

Got one of these in a sampler. Had read all the great stuff about them and it lived up to the reputation. A Nice and mellow smoke that burned evenly.

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