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Size:: 7 X 48
Quantity:: BOX / 25 CIGARS
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Cigar Bar cigars to complement any drink. ARTE CUBANO Churchill cigars are perfect for the cigar bar. Mild to medium bodied, smooth and well-rounded, these cigars go great with just about any drink that the bar serves. Arte Cubano are completely handmade in Honduras by one of the most respected Cuban born cigar makers. A rich combination of Cuban-seed Habano tobacco from the exclusive Jamastran region of Honduras blended with Cuban seed Habano from the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua give this cigar a delightfully complex taste. The long-filler is brought together by a premium Connecticut shade-grown wrapper from Ecuador. From the first long, luxurious puff you will experience supple notes of sweet spices, cedar and toasted nuts, all without any traces of harshness. This is the result of premium aged tobacco and a unique Cuban curing process. It mellows the tobacco and brings out the exotic flavors. Whether at a cigar bar or at home, these cigars are pure relaxation pleasure. Each Churchill cigar is 7 inches long with a 48 ring gauge. 25 cigars are hand packed in a rustic wood box.

ARTE CUBANO Honduras cigar features a nice complex taste, an effortless draw and an elegant white ash. They are exclusively handmade for Cuban Crafters by a leading Cuban-born cigar maker. After fleeing Cuba he settled in Danli, Honduras and opened a small cigar factory to continue doing what he knows best, making great cigars. He has had great success and buys Nicaraguan tobacco from us for some of his top rated brands. During a visit to his factory we noticed some enticing Cuban-seed Honduran tobacco. We blended it with rich tobacco from Jalapa, Nicaragua and had it enveloped in a premium Connecticut shade-grown wrapper from select fields in Ecuador. We were amazed at the taste and character of the cigar that it produced. Without hesitation, we decided to have him make these delicious beauties exclusively for us. They are a real bargain for those who enjoy smooth, attractive handmade cigars.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Arte cubano churchill

If you enjoy a wonderful mild one from start to finish, this is it! mellow, smooth, great aroma, burns perfect with a good draw. The wrapper is very high quality and compliments the overall fine construction. I prefer the Honduran over the Dominican, but both are great...personal taste preference wins over the purchase decision. "cigartiki"

Subject :: Arte Cubano Honduras Churchill

After a few days in the humidor, these mellow out and are great. Recently, I had a 1968 Macanudo followed by an Arte the next day. I prefer the Arte. This is highly recommended and once you consider the price, a top contender. Spuds

Subject :: My Favorite

I am a new cigar smoker, but I have had some good ones (romeos, macanudos, toranos, la gloria cubanos, etc.), and these are my favorite. Without any humi time I found my first one mellow and smooth, with a good burn and wonderful construction. I can only imagine how good they will be after a good stint in the humidor. I will most definitely be purchasing more of these, and the price can't be beat. Great choice. Tom

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