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Torch Cigar Lighters with Triple Flame and built-in Cigar Punch Cutter. "BEAST" refillable butane cigar lighters have a uniquely textured Rhino Blue exterior and ergonomically fits in the cigar smokers hand while lighting the cigar. It features a cigar cutter at the bottom (punch style), a fluid level window and permanent piezo ignition. With single action opening and ignition, the 3 torch flame is windproof and precise. Built Blue Rhino tough, it will withstand shock and even the occasional drop. With a clean Butane flame your cigar will never have the chemical taste that fluid lighters leave after lighting. It is packaged in an elegant gift tin box and has a 2-year exchange guarantee. LIGHTERS ARE SHIPPED EMPTY SO PLEASE FILL THE BUTANE TANK BEFORE USE. FOR A LIMITED TIME, A FREE MINI BOTTLE of BUTANE LIGHTER REFILL IS INCLUDED (Good for 20 refills).

Blue Rhino Fire Power butane flame lighters are built with the finest quality components. Each lighter goes through a 20 point inspection process. They meet strict quality control standards enforced through rigorous testing. Post factory inspections on all lighters are performed before lighters are qualified for shipment. This care and commitment to quality is the reason why Cuban Crafters is an official Blue Rhino distributor.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Rhino torch lighter

This works great!!! built in punch is very handy when your on the go. Only complaint i would have would be that it has to be refilled very often. About every 9-11 cigar lites i have to refill. It is on the heavy side but its worth the price/quality. Overall excellent buy would recomend this to anyone. thank you, j.g. Chicago,il

Subject :: Durable

The best lighter i ever owned. Very durable

Subject :: Blue rhino

Great lighter, nice feel and excellent flame

Subject :: Best Lighter there is...

I have owned this lighter for 2 years now and have worn the red finish off mine. This lighter is the best I have ever owned. I have owned $90 Colibri Lighters and they don't old up like this lighter does. For those who wrote a bad review....try cleaning out the lighter about once a week with "compressed air in a can" to keep the tips from collecting residue on the arrestor and port holes for the butane. I learned that trick from a guy in a cigar shop and it made my lighters last longer. Here is a little How-To on maintenance care

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