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Butane Lighters with Double Flame Torch and the exclusive Blue Rhino front ignition system. Matte Silver AFTERBURNER refillable butane lighters have a unique single motion pull down ignition system. Just one pull of the switch in the front of the lighter and the dual torches position to a 45 degree angle and ignite. This allows greater flexibility when lighting cigars and pipes. Even lighting a large ring gauge cigar is easy and precise. When you release the ignition switch, the lighter shuts down the dual torches and retracts them back into hiding. The lighters are ergonomic and fit in the hand while lighting. This high tech lighter features a permanent Piezo ignition system and an easily refillable butane chamber. With single action opening and ignition, the 2 torch flame is windproof and precise. It even withstands tornado force winds. the epitome of cool lighters, it is built Blue Rhino tough. The clean Butane flame will never give your cigar the chemical taste that fluid lighters leave after lighting. It is packaged in an elegant gift tin box and has a 2-year exchange guarantee. LIGHTERS ARE SHIPPED EMPTY SO PLEASE FILL THE BUTANE TANK BEFORE USE. FOR A LIMITED TIME, A FREE MINI REFILL BOTTLE IS INCLUDED (Good for 20 refills).

Blue Rhino Fire Power butane flame lighters are built with the finest quality components. Each lighter goes through a 20 point inspection process. They meet strict quality control standards enforced through rigorous testing. Post factory inspections on all lighters are performed before lighters are qualified for shipment. This care and commitment to quality is the reason why Cuban Crafters is an official Blue Rhino distributor.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Blue rhino torch

I bought it and was having some trouble with it staying lit, until i realize there is a little adjustment on the bottom. It was pre-set on the lowest setting. I got a little screwdrive and turned the adjustment to the plus side, in the direction of the arrow. It has been awesome ever since. I do recomend this perticular one. Very good........long ashes........doug

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