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BUY CIGARS ONLINE. NEW Red Label Limited Reserve Robusto Cigar by DON KIKI. After aging for 3 years, these premium cigars are finally released for your smoking enjoyment. DON KIKI Limited Reserve (Red Label) Robusto cigars are hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with sun grown and extremely aged Cuban-Seed Habano long-filler tobacco from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder and Wrapper are rare Colorado sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano from the Jalapa Valley. Don Kiki carefully blended these premium cigars to provide an exquisite taste and smoking experience. Every Robusto cigar is individually handcrafted to his strict standards and under his supervision. This Robusto cigar is 5” long with a ring gauge of 50. The hand-packed bundle contains 25 premium cigars.

DON KIKI Limited Reserve (Red Label) Robusto boutique premium cigar is handmade with flavorful hand-picked tobacco. The leaves are skillfully cured by skilled artisans and then aged for at least three years. They are then individually chosen based on their fine qualities and hand crafted into these fine cigars by skilled master cigar rollers. They make the cigars in small batches. The fine premium cigars are then aged for over 3 years in Tabacalera Esteli’s temperature and humidity controlled aging room before being hand packed.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Whata smoke!!

My partner and i bought some and we both agree that Don Kiki has done it again! A very good choice. Eric rodgers hollywood fl.

Subject :: Decent

A decent cigar. I would have liked it to be a bit more fuller bodied. The wrapper looked enticingly spicy, however the cigar was not too spicy. Very smooth, and good draw. All in all, decent at a good price.

Subject :: Red label

Gotta say, my first 2nd day air pkg. Was stolen from my front door, but cliff @ cc put it all together and it was all worth the wait! Ups just showed up a few hours ago, i cut, sparked, puffed and placed another order for the same. I've smoked them all, and love 90+, but getting a little tired of using twenties to light them. Time for a break. Thanks cc, you guy's rock! vinvango, ca

Subject :: Red label

Recieved the sampler, and all i can say is that it was great!! i really enjoyed the don kiki red label. Nice medium smoke. Even burn, thick smoke, nice draw and a great aroma. Leather, licorice, and mild spice at start, with more heavy licorice, spice at finish....very nice

Subject :: Outstanding!!!


Subject :: More of a mild-medium.

I would not consider these an actual medium bodied. I am surprised they are nicaraguan tobacco, as they are milder than many jamaicans i've tried. They are very smooth though, with good flavor. A great everyday smoke for the price! They go well with a lighter drink, like a dark beer or a malty ale. This makes them well suited for the summer months relaxing on the back porch

Subject :: Don kiki red label robusto

I do not usually write anything because i do not know the proper words to describe the complexities of the smoke but i had to let the crafters of this cigar know how much i like it. It is so smooth that after 5 or more a day i can not wait to lite another. I have for years been looking for a smoke that does not bite and has a great after taste. This is my favorite, not one of my favorites, but my favorite. I am a club member and will have this one every month. If you were looking for a review about the consistency of the stick or how much smoke, this review is not the one. My only objective is to let the crafters of this cigar know how absolutely marvelous it is in taste, value ,and craftmenship.

Subject :: Don kiki red label

Wow, what a flavorful smoke for the price. From start to finish it produces thick, spicy and robust smoke and an unreal floral aroma. A cigar to bask in if you like them with some kick. One of my new favorites.

Subject :: Don kiki red

I was given these as a sampler and they were greeeeeeeeat!! next step is a box full.

Subject :: Great

What a great one...and at great price. Excellent product Mr. Don Kiki.

Subject :: Nice

A good smoke, nice aroma, a good one hour smoke. A little on the mild side but that's okay. Gets spicy toward the end. mike in toronto

Subject :: Don kiki red

I ordered a bundle of 25. 3 were tight at the crown where i had to cut off at least an inch to get any draw. I meticulously maintain my humidor but unfortunatley the bundles i recieved were quite dry. They do however, taste good.

Subject :: Very good deal

I found this accidentally while searching the internet. This is a great one, you can't ask for more for the money. Great taste, good ash, truely well built at a great price. Jc-albuquerque

Subject :: Red label robusto

First, let me tell you that i am a new smoker. The bundle of 25 don kiki red label robustos came with my humidor combo (which was also a great buy!). i have already ordered my second bundle of robustos as well as a bundle of churchills! I found the robusto to draw very evenly without a harsh after taste like some of the other brands that i have tried recently. Mr. Armando torres is great to deal with too, very pateint with a "newbie"....and i will be a repeat customer. Thank you again for helping me to launch into this new adventure!

Subject :: Great value

I joined the cigar club just to get these regularly. Very similar to rocky patel's reo.

Subject :: Red robusto

How can you sell these babies for 29 bucks?? i should shut up,, just got a bundle yesterday and will order more today. This is a great smoke folks !!!!!!

Subject :: Pop says

These are a great bargain for the price. For the smoker who smokes on a budget and wants an enriched flavored smoke. This is the choice. I recommend this one to all who simply want to have a totally enjoyable smoke.

Subject :: Don Kiki Red Label

After smoking about a half box, over a six month period, i'll say this. These are consistent, i've not found a dud yet. Every one burns evenly enough, and the draw is perfect. I hate to have to draw twice or more for one puff, if you know what i mean. as for taste, i'm not sophisticated enough to talk of spices and chocolate and leather and all that crap, but, it's not bad. It's not the best i've ever had, but for the price, it's good.

Subject :: Don kiki red

They do smoke good thruout, but mine came dry also. I have a humidor and keep them in it. But they came very dry. Good smoke. Better then the others i have bought. Marked them good.

Subject :: Great smoke

I have been a cigar smoker for over 50 years, don kiki red label is one of the best, consistant in taste, easy draw, just and all around very well made top quality cigar. I am ordering another 25.

Subject :: Full of flavor

A remarkable product made not to disappoint in anyway. Fine points excel in construction, draw, and consistent exotic tastes throughout, all maintained within a mild and pleasant cigar. For a new cigar smoker, like myself, its important not to become discouraged, and don kiki red label proves to me to be a memorable experience. I am glad i gave them a try! Next: Brown label!

Subject :: my favorites!

not my first roundup! i've ordered LOTs of these and am constantly pleased (thrilled) with the taste. i look forward to my red every day. incredible. henry has REALLY got his act together with these delicious puros. can't get enough! i've gotten several hundred of these and the only negative is poor cap adhesion and end delamination. my last order, before the tax increase, was for 7 bundles of 25. these are my daily smoke. i have hundreds of other cigars, but, they now rest in my humidors. i give one to a guest occasionally, but NOT my REDS! just TOO good to share! jon thompson

Subject :: Don Kiki Red Label Robusto

I stumbled upon the Don Kiki Red Label a couple of years ago, and have been smoking these gems ever since. Consistent from stick to stick, great flavors, no burn issues with this construction and easy on the wallet. A winner. Back to ordering....Later.

Subject :: Great

Love these as well tried CSB which I really love these run a close second,not sure my Humi is spot on yet but these have sat for only a few days,even burn slightly harder draw this may improve with the rest in the Humi.I normally smoke Romeos and Juliyetta but have found the cigars from CC as good as any Cuban. Chris Au

Subject :: I have a new idol!

Where has Don KiKi been my whole life? I was so excited to get my first bundle of these I tore the wrapper on one of the cigars with my knife trying to open up the box. Having said that, it was the only flaw in the wonderful smoke. I must be an aficianado, because it was everything they said it would be. From foot to nub, nice sweet woody licorice, mixed with notes of cedar and cocoa! Why would anybody in their right mind need more. I\'ll be piling some Don KiKi\'s over the rest of my cigars in the humidor. Wow!

Subject :: don kiki robusto..

Just read all the reviews after ordering, im all excited now. cant wait to get my hands on these..great email price !!! Sam Day ,Ireland

Subject :: Don Kiki Red Label

wow...all I can say is this is a fine cigar, a true medium body full flavor cigar...Don Enrique, you are The Master...I have enjoyed sampling quite a few different Cuban Crafters brands and other offerings,over the past few years and these are the equal to anything I have found...This is a cigar that you can confidently offer ANYBODY, if you can get over the fact they are so reasonably priced...

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