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Discount Humidors with cigars combination special. EL MIO BURL WOOD Cigar Humidors with 15 Don Kiki Limited Reserve Cigars (8 medium-bodied Red Label Corona / 7 mild Green Label Corona) and a Cuban Crafters Lifetime Guaranteed Guillotine Cigar Cutter for Only $34.99 ($116.96 Value). This Humidor with cigars COMBO Sale includes the perfect starter humidors, the EL MIO Burl. A rich Burl Wood finish, a Spanish Cedar interior, and a scratch resistant felt bottom are just some of the features of this humidor. The interior is lined with Spanish Cedar, which helps retain humidity while preserving the cigars. It also enhances their aroma and taste. These humidors have gold plated piano hinges, a hygrometer, a humidifier, full instructions and the best guarantee in the industry. Outside Dimensions of the Humidors are 9 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 2 1/2" and they have a capacity for 25 cigars. Itís fully backed by the Cuban Crafters Full Satisfaction Guarantee. This Combo also includes a guillotine cigar cutter that is made of high quality carbon steel and durable resin. It is sharp and sports the Cuban Crafters logo in full color. It is made for cigar ring gauges of up to 54. They will make a perfect cut every time or you get a free replacement. This guillotine cigar cutter is so well made that it is guaranteed for life. A Great Humidor COMBO Value at a Great Sale Price. DUE TO THE WEIGHT OF THIS ITEM, EXPEDITED SHIPPING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL CHARGES ABOVE OUR STANDARD 3RD DAY, 2ND DAY AND NEXT DAY CHARGES. IF YOU SELECT EXPEDITED SHIPPING YOU WILL BE CONTACTED WITH THE EXACT AMOUNT PRIOR TO SHIPPING. STANDARD GROUND SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM IS OUR STANDARD LOW RATE OF ONLY $5.95.

The 7 Limited Reserve Green Label Corona Cigars in these humidors are hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with extremely aged long-filler tobacco. The filler and binder are sun grown Cuban-Seed Habano. The Wrapper is a Shade-Grown Brazilian Mata Fina. Kiki blended the tobacco leaves to produce an exquisitely mild taste. Each cigar is individually handcrafted to his high standards and under his direct supervision. The Corona cigars are 5 1/2 inches long with a ring gauge of 44.

The 8 Don Kiki Red Label Corona in this combo are delicately hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with sun grown aged long-filler Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder and Wrapper are rich and rare Colorado sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano from the Jalapa Valley. Don Kiki especially blended the tobacco in these Corona cigars to produce an incredible medium-body taste. The cigars are handcrafted to his elevated standards and under his personal supervision. Each cigar is 5 1/2 inches long and has a ring gauge of 44.

Cuban Crafters Humidors are an excellent value. The entire humidor line is specially designed to combine detailed craftsmanship with authentic Spanish cedar in order to provide the perfect environment for your favorite cigars. The enthusiast now has it all, high quality humidors and low discount sale prices, all with an exclusive full satisfaction guarantee.

Cuban Crafters guillotine cigar cutter is made so well made that it is guaranteed for life. They are made to last forever. Beautiful and convenient, it is lightweight and small enough to fit in any pocket. They cut cigars that are up to a ring gauge of 54 and always stay sharp. A perfect cut every time or it will be replaced for free. They are unconditionally guaranteed. If they lose their sharp cutting ability, if it stops working for any reason (other than intentional damage or damage resulting from wrongful use), it will be replaced at no cost to you for the rest of your life! They are the perfect cigar companion.

Cuban Crafters Recommends that you activate your new humidor with Cuban Crafters Activator and Maintenance Humidor Solution. This 50/50 solution of high grade Propylene Glycol and pure distilled water helps the humidifier automatically stabilize the humidity at an optimum level of 70% and also actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria in your humidor.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Awesome deal!!

I purchased this pkg mostly because of the great reviews. After setting up my humidor and letting the cigars sit in there for a couple days, myself and two of my friends smoked these today... and they are very very good for the price you're paying!! much better than some $100+ premium cigars i've bought from cigar stores. Mild and smooth.. very nice taste. I'll be hooked on these for a while. Thank you cc =)

Subject :: Patience

The cigars need some humi time. I smoked one the day they came in and it split faster than i could smoke it. The good news is the flavor was very nice and after as little as a week there has been a remarkable improvement in resilience. A very good smoke for very little price give them a try. andrew

Subject :: Look no more

Okay, where should i begin. It's about 2:25 a.m. Just finished my first don kiki cigar from the pack. In the meantime, i'm charging up the humidor and calibrating the hygrometer. The combination is a good deal. I don't think you can find a better one. For now, i cannot tell you how great the cigars are. I've been out of cigars for quite sometime, although i can still remember some of the comparisons. Griffins, paul garmarians, davidoff, cohiba, ashtons, baccarats, cao, don diegos, hoyo de monterray, partagas, punch, monte cristo, and a box i just finished off romeo y julietas. These don kikis are impressive. Very nice slow draw, mild of course, good in grace with the blow. It brings you in and draws you out. You can literally hear the slow burning of the tabacco inside (depending how quiet it is). i very much enjoyed the cigar and so far looking forward to the use of the humidor. Trust me you wont hear the last of me, especially upgrading to a larger unit. Prof. Q.

Subject :: Reletively new smoker

I started smoking a little less than a year ago, so i'm still pretty new to what I'm doing. I ordered the pack because I saw it at a great deal and as a great starter for me. I was sooo right!. I have never tasted a cigar so smooth! You can barely feel the smoke in your mouth! And the taste is excellent! I love these! I'll be hooked on them for awhile. In the meantime I'll charge up the humidor and calibrate it and enjoy the rest, rest assured you have a long term customer!. thank you so much don kiki and cuban crafters! My hats off to you!!!

Subject :: Simply great

While I haven't had the chance to try the cigars yet, i just had to let everyone know how pleased i am with this purchase. It was a great buy & i recommend it to anyone.

Subject :: The deal

Great deal. This is my first. It was very easy to set up and is easy to maintan. The cigars are good, the only problem i have is keeping them burning evenly and getting them lit evenly. I am still a novice by most standards, but i can keep a cigar burning evenly, other than that they taste great. A definite buy!

Subject :: Worth it!

The humidor alone is worth the price. The smokes make it extra special.

Subject :: Highly Recommended Humidors

Great deal! Good cigars!

Subject :: Good buy

Nicely constructed humidor. The first cigar out of the pack was extremly difficut to draw through and hard to smoke but the next few were much better. Nice even burn with a nice salt and pepper ash. A little mild for my taste but still a fine smoke. A really great deal for the price.

Subject :: New smoker(update)

The green label toro cigars, after leaving in my humidor for 9 days i smoked another one. To my surprize the taste was much better, not bitter at all. Now i am very pleased with my whole purchase, i would have to upgrade my vote to this as a great buy. Being labeled as a new smoker i am learning from my mistakes and gather knowledge from my experience.

Subject :: This is a great deal!!!

I took c.c. Up on this deal not expecting very much. I was wrong. The humidor is perfect for what i need and the don kiki cigars were very impressive. The humidor is very attractive and is built with quality. The cigars, however, suprized me. They were smooth as heck and tasted great too. Highly recomended. Thanks c.c.!!! -matt, ca-

Subject :: Thanks

For the price this is the best deal anywhere.

Subject :: What a pleasant and generous deal!

I'm a relatively new cigar smoker and like milder ones, so i may be biased. Anyway, I ordered these to hand out when my baby is born in late june, early july. These guys at cuban crafters are great! The small humidor is attractive, servicable, and easily portable. The green labels are a great smoke. I would have been extremely satisfied right here, but these guys have to take excellence a step further into the realm of unbeleivable. Imagine my surprise when i found a nice introductory gift of the don kiki red label (the next variety i was going to try) and an issue of "Smoke" on top of this great offer! Their generosity is refreshing to say the least! My friends, i have given out your business cards and a sample to all who enjoy a cigar at my place of employment, and your card to the local smoke shop i frequent. I must say your products have their attention! I hope i have given you some more regular customers. It's certainly the least i could do!

Subject :: Great deal !!!!

Nice milds cigars, nice humidor, nice price : great deal !!! merci beaucoup! fab 5, france

Subject :: New smoker

Great price, plus a slow mellow burn

Subject ::

Great price, slow mellow burn

Subject :: Combo el mio

A very servicable humidor and some nice burning mellow cigars. An excellent deal!

Subject :: Humidor

A think this is a great deal for the every once in awhile smoker. I bought it and it's working out great. Thanks to the tobacco shop in hoover, al.

Subject :: Great deal

Buy it! I would almost pay the same amt. For the cigars. Great for a new smoker like me.

Subject :: New smoker

The humidor is a great deal...SEE UPDATE BELOW

Subject :: A tasty bargain

As a veteren of only 3 weeks cigar smoking i wanted something mild but tasty, i also needed a humidor. Well, despite postage to the uk and £26 customs duty this package has proven to be a good buy. The cigar is a smooth smoke and i have found it more satisfying easy to smoke than comparable upmann and fuente cigars. Thank you.

Subject :: Agreed. Great value.

Just received my shipment and smoked one of the don kiki's. A pleasant experience for taste and for value. I'm looking forward to my next order

Subject :: Combo is a deal

This is a good deal for a nicely constructed box and a good cigar. Do yourself a favor and get a decent humidifying device and you'll do fine with this box.

Subject :: A bargain

It's all good. The sticks are good and the box is nice. Decent deal!

Subject :: Nice deal

The box is well made. The smokes are nice. Overall great deal.

Subject :: Great little one

Very nice. Super cedar interior. nice mild cigars.

Subject :: Super discount on these

A nice personal humidor and the cigars are nice and mild. Super price for them.

Subject :: Nice deal

Just received my shipment yesterday. I'm getting married soon and decided to give one of these sets to each of my groomsmen as gifts. The humi and cigars are attractive. I'm tempted to break open a bundle of the cigars to try one. Should have picked up a bundle of green labels for myself when i ordered. Oh well. Anyways, great deal on a great package.

Subject :: Humidor/cigar

Good product, slow delivery due to UPS

Subject :: Alrite

Recieved my order. Looks nice. Have yet to smoke one. All in all a good buy. Having trouble setting it up on fire but thats just me.

Subject :: I'm hooked!

At this price I was very skeptical. I have been hooked on these mild stoagies for several months now. Fantastic value and highly personalized service. Bravo!

Subject :: No joke

I bought this combo for the sole reason of getting some price point cigars to help stabilize a new humidor. I was shocked to see the deal i actually recieved. The smokes are great and the humi is quality. Great customer service!!

Subject :: This is it!

I searched the internet to make sure i found the best deal and with out question, this is it. I was extremely impressed with the quality and to get the 15 cigars is basically a bonus. Not to mention, the guys at crafters threw in a scissor cutter at no additional cost. I would recommend in a heart beat and will come back for future business. Thanks cc!

Subject :: Good deal

Nice cigars, nice humidor. The only thing was that my humidifier was a black one instead of the gold that is pictured. But its ok, works great.

Subject :: Humidor/cigar offer

This is an incredible package - in no way should you hesitate thinking that they are second-rate. The Humi is quality and smokes are smooth-plus, the package arrived two days after ordering, as with all my other cc purchases, i am more than satisified and looking forward to my next ordering experience.

Subject :: First time order-life time customer

Thanks, cuban crafters for the great deal on the cigars. This is a great deal for anyone that is starting out or just looking for a great smoke. The service was on time and i was able to track the package each step of the way. I'm online now making my second purchase. If you haven't tried this company out before... give 'em a shot! I'm sure that you'll be glad you did. Eddie k- grand rapids, mi

Subject :: Nice deal

My humidor came in great shape and the cigars are very fresh as well. I am a beginning smoker though once in a while i like to smoke a pipe too. In my opinion the they are very mild and i am partial to a more full bodied flavor..even so the green label are still a quality product in my opinion. I look forward to sampling more of your product in the future and if i had any suggestion to make--i think it would be nice if a choice as to the strength was included in this package deal. Still in all great deal and great service. Thanks cuban crafters. A customer in florida.

Subject :: Don kiki

The humidor was very nice but the don kiki limited reserve green label burned somewhat uneven and where a bit strong for me. They may get better after they sit in the humi.

Subject :: Great value !!

The cigars alone are worth the price! The humidor is just a bonus. Received my package today (a day early) and lit up a green label don kiki; A wonderful, smooth, and mellow smoke. I would highly recommend this for the neophyte, or even the experienced smoker. I will be ordering more from cuban crafters!!

Subject :: First time buyer

I really like this buy. I think i did good. A humi & 15 don kiki's. I smoked one green & one red. I fell in love with them, very good flavors. I had to make another order of reds. Thake you don kiki. Hooked for life. Arizona allen

Subject :: Great deal

I must say this is the best deal on the internet. I have done alot of looking and found this to be the best deal, plus you get the cigars as a bonus. I love this web site. thank you cuban crafers. james hubbard

Subject :: Amazing

I went into the local location in miami fl, and they were so wonderful to me. I got this package for my husband for our anniversary and am thrilled! He is interested in taking up cigar smoking and this is a perfect starter kit. The package is amazing to look at and the sampler included is very versitile and the humidor is beautiful. My husband is very excited and so am i to try the sampler pack.

Subject :: Great deal

Just received this in the post, which impressed me since it only took 6 days from ordering for it to arrive over here in england (normal time from most other sites = weeks). It looks great, has a nice seal, feels solid, comes with full instructions and holds the specified 25 cigars. The Don Kikis feel, smell, look and smoke great. All-in-all good value and a superb set to start with.

Subject :: Combo el mio

This is an incredible buy. The reason why cuban crafters can sell this combination deal and the cigars that come with it at such a low price is because once you try them, you won't want to purchase anywhere else. If you like to smoke several a day, as I do, and if you prefer mild bodied, Don Kiki's green label reserve alone will make this sampler well worth the investment.

Subject :: Good experience

Overall good experience ordering from cubancrafters! Excellent beginners set--humi charged easily (even in my dry environment) and the smokes are very nice. Thanks, I've already placed my second order! Koz.

Subject :: Don kiki red and green label

Well all i can say is wow! Both of these don kikiís have a distinct taste as described. The only problem i have had is, which one do i light up first. The combo el mio and 15 don kiki limited reserve corona (red and green label) are a great buy. So much so i have ordered a bundle of the red label which will be followed by an order of the green label. rick romano southwest pa

Subject :: Great product

This is my first one and it was very easy to set up. The instructions are very easy to follow, the cigars are very good and would recommend to all. Thanks for the great prompt service, customer for life shawn

Subject :: El mio combo

Humi is nice and easy to set up. New smoker here and i can't wait to get into the don kikis!! fast delivery and one hell of a deal! cuban crafters can expect more orders from this smoker!!

Subject :: I agree.great deal!

I was just looking for a second unit and came across this one. I really didn't want to spend a lot and figured i get this one and hoped the cigars were decent. I lit one up as soon as I opened the package and it was better than expected for sure...nice and mild with a good draw. The humi is nice and comes with a great warranty. Great bargain!

Subject :: Supreme

I thought it was a deal when i purchased just the humidor as the quality is supreme with good results. Now you included cigars! Wow!

Subject :: An excellent starter set

It was three weeks ago that i smoked my first cigar ever--i was hooked. Now, i have a surprisingly well-built & attractive humidor, 15 wonderful smelling cigars, and yet another indulgence i can add onto a growing list including: Corn dogs( the history of, not the actual food item), mandolins and pinnipids. Heck, it was such a good deal i bought a combo for a friend...i suggest you do the same. Thanks, cuban crafters. sean, - chattanooga, TN

Subject :: Combo el mio

This is my first purchase from this website, and won't be the last. Really a great looking product, and it comes with cigars and a cutter, how can you beat that. Product arrived as stated. I purchased this one because i am just starting out. I just ordered it to keep them fresh, as i live in the midwest and really only smoke when i go golfing. But i think that is going to change....

Subject :: Good starter kit

This is good as a starter kit. Inside the box is lined with ceder wood. Overall it is good. Cigars are not bad either. I would recommend it for beginners.

Subject :: Love this one

I've smoked 3, 1 of the green labels it was great perfect ash, great smooth taste, nice even burn all in all a great one. Last night i smoked a red label it was nice very even burn perfect ash nice taste easy draw but it unraveled so i decided to try another one of the red labels it was again a nice taste even burn and perfect ash and it didn't unravel like last nights red label which made me alot happier it lasted about an hour an 45 mins. This is going to be a hard choice which to buy next. I loved them both. This is a great day for the new or advanced smoker. Buy it you won't be unhappy with this deal. Im going to buy this package for my brothers birthday. Thanks for the great deal and great service keep up the great work cubancrafters. Brian crystal lake il

Subject :: Less than par

After browsing several websites i decided to pull the trigger on this combo. I had smoked the don kiki's previously and enjoyed them immensely. These were true to form and are well worth the price, humi or not. My only complaint is with the humi.

Subject :: Great buy

I'm a new smoker.. was searching the net for sites and decided to try this site. Wow! Im really impressed with what i receieved. This is a great deal

Subject :: Great buy

Love this deal, was on time. Looks great i can't wait to get into these. Im a new smoker and thought this would be a great starter kit and boy was i right. Setting up now i'm dyeing to try one but i want to get the best of of them so im going to let them sit a while in my humi before i try them. Thanks cc

Subject :: Cant beat this!!!!

Ok guys.... and gals if you are thinking and looking at this deal...don't hesitate, just buy it. It's a great gift or starter box. Any gar smoker will like the smooth flavor of the don kiki brand. The green label was mild and had a great aroma, the red label had more flavor and was smooth as silk. However, it took 8 days in the humi to get them right. Yea we couldn't wait, so we smoked half of them early. is an excellent little box. I gave 2 as gifts and the guys are still thanking me. I on-line ordered mine on sunday night and it was delivered tuesday morning....thats fast!! randy robinson florida

Subject :: El mio combo

I just recieved my el mio burl combo today. It arrived in very good condition and with clear instructions. The Don Kikis were in great condition as well. The box takes about 8 hours to calibrate and doesn't come with the 50/50 starter fluid so be sure to order that as well. I am new to smoking which is why i bought this combo, but i really enjoyed the green label and my brother liked the red label as well. All in all a great value, i have already ordered another for my friend's birthday.

Subject :: Great deal

I recieved my package yesterday sit it up very easy to do and works perfect i smoked one of the green label. Tonight it was awesome! Can't wait to try the red label. The humi is a great box for a new smoker such as myself. You'll love it. Its tough fitting all 15 in but other then that its great, maybe its just how i have them placed in the but all in all a great buy for any new smoker. Thanks cubancrafters. Brian crystal lake il.

Subject :: Why not

Cant go wrong had the red label new years shooting kahlua yes please will go there again and if you have had thoughts about a humidor for these and a who-me-doir for those well why not great deal you can have a collection and your wife will think youve only got one ha happy smoking douglas auckland new zealand.quality well rolled .

Subject :: What a deal!

I got my combo about 4 days ago or so. I purchased this because i needed a humidor that holds about 25 cigars or so but what i found was a smoke that left me completely satisfied (thats what she said). i will most definitely be purchasing the green label don kiki's again. I am in love. Thanks cuban crafters for the combo and thanks don kiki for making a wonderful smoke at a low price!

Subject :: Great value

I ordered these as a first online order. I was really happy about the El Mio and the Don Kiki were just an added bonus. The red labels are amazing and the green labels are good too, just a little too mild for me. The El Mio works ok, the hydrometer doesnt work too well tho but hey it cost like $30. i will definately be purchasing more. Thanks cuban crafters!

Subject :: Outstanding value

I purchased this package almost a month ago. If you are looking for a better deal at this price point, stop searching now. You aren't going to find one. If you are considering this package, chances are you are a smoker on a budget like myself. I smoke relatively infrequently (1-2 in a week is heavy for me), so i don't have a need for a high volume one. This package fits my needs perfectly. on the el mio itself, my only complaint is that the velcro used to attach the hygrometer and humidification device is rather weak and does not bind well to the cedar. The humidification device has fallen from the top of the box twice, and a friend of mine had the same problem. My solution, and what i would recommend, is that you use a stronger adhesive (like krazy glue). Only use a small (very very small) dab and allow it to sit open for a day or so before putting the don kiki's in so that they are not tainted by the fumes of the glue. The cigars are fantastic for the price. As other reviews have stated, i would recommend letting them sit for a week or two if you can stand it. They age very well. For $30, you aren't going to beat this deal, and a weak adhesive is hardly enough to make it lose its value.

Subject :: Great for beginners

For anyone who is interested in a great starter set or a gift, you can't beat this for the price. I really enjoy my new EL MIO, and the don kiki cigars are great. I couldn't wait to let them season for 8 days and smoked one of the medium bodied ones (red label). It was was delicious! tip: You'll have to buy the solution, so include that with your purchase! The downside to the El Mio is the hygrometer. You might as well buy a new hygrometer while you're at it. My hygrometer was way off so i bought a digital hygrometer to replace it. But the it is gorgeous and for the price I paid is a steal! I do not regret this purchase at all! t. C. corpus christi, tx

Subject :: Combination

Very nice and the cigars are awsome. It was my first hand wrapped and they are great.only thing i would recommend is that if you order solution is that they put it in a plasic bagey to help prevent leaking on to the exterior of the box. There was no damage but would like to say that. Totally a great offer with a beautiful humador

Subject :: Great smokes!

Theses somkes are great for the price. I enjoyed them so much i bought another combo deal for a friend for christmas! I did have a slight issue w/ my hygrometer, so i'm replacing it with digital (digihygro). long ashes! Geoff/amarillo

Subject ::

I just picked up my humidor today and taking it out of the box I was immediately impressed with how good it looks. My friend is already jealous and can\'t believe how much I paid for it. This really is a great deal for someone just getting started like myself. I can\'t wait to try one of these cigars out either. Cuban Crafters will definately have a repeat customer from me. -Nick

Subject :: Great!

Cigars were fantastic, but the humidor is a little cheap, i still use it but i am going to upgrade soon. Case and point is it\'s worth the money.

Subject :: Great Deal

Just received today, and I have to admit I was skeptical. This deal seemed too good to be true. The quality of everything is amazing, the humidor is beautiful, and from what I\'ve sampled of the cigars, they are excellent as well. The cutter added in just tops it off. Thanks again, I\'ll definitely be back.

Subject :: Love it!

That's about all there is to say.

Subject :: Great deal

I bought this bundle about three weeks ago and setup tried the don kiki red and green before letting them set for about a week in this humi. Very good smoke but a great smoke after resting a week in the humi. A+ thanks cc

Subject :: Amazing deal

This is a great beginner's startup kit. The humidor is well worth the price itself and the cigars are a bonus. The cigars are good and smooth. They burn a little hot if you don't take your time - but that is due to the medium size ring guage. I suggest that you pick up the 12 cigar sampler and the humidor solution as well. The capacity is 25 cigars so you just may have to smoke a couple when you first get them (good excuse)! the customer service was excellent and i will buy from here again. Although i am very pleased with this humidor i almost wish i would have bought something bigger so i could stock up when deals arouse on bundles. The prices can't be beat.

Subject :: Great for beginners or for anyone looking to get and extra humidor with some quality smokes included.

I am a new smoker, so keep that in mind wit. This review. shipping: Standard. packaging: Surprisingly, very good. humidor: Is very decent considering the price you pay for the package. My hydrometer was only off by one. It comes wit. A pamphlet explaining in detail what and what not to do to your humidor, hydrometer, and humidification system. It is very easy to figure out for new smokers. The velcro is not very good at all and iíd suggest buying a much stronger, thicker velcro or else your humidifier will keep falling into the humidor which is not a good thing. before smoking the red and green label, i let them sit in my humi for about a month. don kiki green label: A very good, smooth smoke that tends to have a more mild, smoke at the beginning, a more flavorful smoke in the middle and more of a medium strength toward the end and leaves a decent after taste. Itís important to note that i have only smoked one of these so far but it was quite good and had a nice, even burn. don kiki red label: I thought i would prefer a mild cigar over a medium due to me being a new smoker but the don kiki red label was an amazing smoke. It seems to start at a medium strength smoke and get better and better and better as you smoke it. The flavor changes are very delicious. Near the end, it was unbelievable. The description given above does fit the taste quite well but doesnít do it justice. This was an amazingly smooth smoke wit. A delicious aftertaste. I only smoked one so far and it didnít have an even burn and i had to fix it once or twice while smoking it. A great cigar. this deal is great for beginners and you canít go wrong wit. The price. Everything is qualit. And leaves room for more cigars to buy. Iíd suggest the 12 best cigar sampler wit. The humidifier solution to go along wit. This purchase.

Subject :: Don kiki

The small humidor is perfect for me, but forget about the don kiki. I will not be buying them again. Little harsh.

Subject :: Aa

It fews so good

Subject :: Muy sabrosos

Hy!!! i live in cd. Juarez mexico. A good friend from el paso texas. Buy it to me this greath combo... i really love it, they are had a very good taste... seeya!!!

Subject :: The taste of them

Ok look, no one talks about how it tastes like... i left them in my humi for about 6 days... the green label was spicy, a little unpleasant if you inhale it... very interesting taste, the red is my fav, taste like sweet creamy nice aftertaste almost like cocoa or like chocolate or coffee

Subject :: Very nice

Helped a friend pic this out...i smoked a red label tonight. I can say this. The red label went beyond my expectations. It\'s not a strong cigar at all, or maybe it\'s so smooth. The draw and burn were very good. The taste was like jalapeno peppers. That\'s the only way that i can describe it, but very smooth, never hash, never a charcoal taste. It taste like a very fresh cigar. I very pleasing cigar. I highly recommend this cigar to a new smoker. For it\'s price point, i haven\'t smoked a better cigar. I want to try the brown label.

Subject :: Bloody good!!

I brought this humidor after getting a cuban crafters e-mail in my junk box, i normally delete everything in there straight away but i decided to see what cuban crafters as all about, and i must say i am glad i did.this package is perfect for a beginner like me the humidor is superb! Well made and looks great! The instructions are clear, and make the setup so easy. now to the main event the cigars! Man they blew me away! The don kiki\'s are great!! i just smoked a green lable and it was so smooth and mild and left me wanting more!! i am going t try the red lable tomorrow. i am from new zealand and although the cost of shipping down to our neck of the woods is expensive it is worth it!! took less that two weeks to get them over to nz then to east timour wher i am based as a peacekeeper for the nz army. Thanks cc your guys rock! I will definitely be buying more don kiki\'s from you and you may get more orders from some of the boys over here too! cheers!! moff

Subject :: Combo el mio

Being a first time buyer and my first humidor this was awesome to get me started. I can't believe i havent done this before now. Im hooked.

Subject :: Combo El Mio

I'm a fairly new smoker, although I have smoked cigars in the past. I looked at many online sites and the great deal at Cuban Crafters caught my eye. It was delivered on time and I am very pleased with both the humidor and the Don Kiki cigars. From reading other reviews, I prepared the humidor as instructed (very easy instructions, by the way) and left the cigars "rest" for a few days before smoking any. On Easter, my son and I went outside and enjoyed the Don Kikis very much. It was well worth the wait! I will be a repeat customer and will recommend Cuban Crafters to my cigar smoking friends.

Subject :: Humidors

The Humidors were beautiful. I got them for the groomsmen for my wedding and they loved them. Thank you so much for the timely shipping and the quality of product. I have told everyone I know about your site/store. You guys are awsome. Thanks again! Gina

Subject :: Great Purchase

I bought two of these one for my roommate and one for myself. Great gift idea and decent cigars. Would definitely recommend.

Subject :: Thank you

I ordered this combo, except with the 420 chongs, not the Don Kiki cigars. However, the 420's were back ordered so I got the Don Kikis instead. I was somewhat disappointed at first, but that is no longer the case. These cigars were a nice light smoke, with a good construction. The humidor is wonderful, from the wood finish right down to the hinges, everything is solidly constructed and attractive. The cutter they sent me is not the one in the combo either, also back-ordered. Again, I was not disappointed by the replacement. The one they sent me was a stainless steel double guliteen. It works perfects, cuts cleanly and feels very solid. Everything about this combo and CC's behavior with their back-ordered items was very pleasing. Tom

Subject :: Excellent

I'm new to cigar smoking, and after discovering this website, I was looking for a good deal and a good price. I definitely got both here. I've smoked one Don Kiki so far and it did burn a little quickly, but I didn't leave it in the humidor at all. Still tasted wonderful. The finish on the humidor is beautiful and the instructions for it are very easy. I am very satisfied.

Subject :: Great service and value

I order this combo as it was a great value and I thought a needed an second larger humidor. After placing the order I immediately got email confirmation and shipping confirmation a day later. Shipped right away as well. Packing was great very impressed. I had left the cigars in the humidor for a week as I am in Canada and had to get it brought up from the States. I just tried a Don Kiki Green label. Great even burn, the ash went an inch before falling off. Taste a mild cigar, not over powering I would say a very good casual cigar. Feel was good, responded nicely when I squeezed it, no peeling or flaking of the tobacco. Overall I say this is a great value as a gift or starting set. I am looking forward to trying the Red Label as it is suppose to be a bit stronger. Once I am done,(it is going to take a while for me to smoke 15 cigars!) I plan to move to the nicer cigars and order a few sample packs for variety. I am very happen I came across this site, great for a beginner smoker like me.

Subject :: combo el mio

This is the second humi I purchased from CC. Bought it for my dad. I bought the clasico rojo humi and I love it. My dad wanted a small one but if I were you I would buy at least a 75-100 size. You need the space to buy samplers and some room to dig around to find certain cigars;)

Subject :: the combo

I missed out on a humidor set a month ago and have been kicking myself since. This is a great set of cigars, the flavor of the reds is amazing, and the greens are even better. I was very happy with my purchase.

Subject :: pretty damn good

this was a great buy! the cigars were in good condition and very tasty after a week hymidifying. took a while to get the humidor colaborated but only because it was my first time doing so after that it was fine. dont miss out on this combo its definitily worthy

Subject :: great value

great value. good quality humidor, good smokes. recommend very highly to anyone for the value

Subject ::

I got this as a gift for my boyfriend and it was one of the smartest purchases I could have ever made! He loves it and I think it is really nice, it is a GREAT deal!!Worth every penny and then some, thank you so much!

Subject :: Awesome!

This is an awesome deal. The humidor seems well-constructed and looks good, the cutter is solid and sharp and works every time, and the best part of the whole deal is the cigars. The Green Label are delicious, perfectly mild and after aging for a month or so in the humidor are really quite incredible for the money. They burn perfectly every time and have a nice draw. The Red Labels are also really great, more medium bodied like the description says but never harsh, just a great, enjoyable smoke. All in all I would absolutely recommend this to someone else and I would definitely buy it again! Great job, Cuban Crafters!

Subject :: Great Deal

This was shipped to me in two days and my only disappointment was that the humidifier didn\'t fit in the hole in the lid. Having skills and tools, I was able to remedy the situation quickly. I did the hygrometer calibration and it was only off by 1%. I adjusted it and proceeded to season the humidor to ready it for the cigars and by the next afternoon it had leveled off at 70%. Two days later the cigars had settled nicely. These are smooth, nice flavored sticks. Thanks for the bonus sticks as well. Excellent deal!!

Subject :: WOW

Don't even think twice, I'm new to this Cigar stuff but I know I had a great bargain, awesome gift also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks CubanCrafters!!!!!

Subject :: great deal

An all around great deal the humidor is worth the price alone and the cigars are really good smokes had more expensive cigars that weren\'t as good a great start for a newbie like me

Subject :: Handy little number.

Just the right size for a hundred os so cigarillos, and the Don Kiki cigars were a real suprise. I\'d never heard of them before so wasn\'t expecting much, but they were good. The red were better I thought...maybe the green ones aren\'t ripe yet.

Subject :: Combo El Mio

Well worth the money. Cigars range from mild (green label) to med to full (red label). Great flavor.

Subject :: Great Service

So I purchased this as my first humidor and it\'s a solid piece. It doesn\'t hold 25 cigars with the hydrometer in the way, but more than enough for me. The cigars they come with as other people have noted improve vastly with a few days in the humidor. They are decent cigars but I\'ve had better. The Cuban Crafters company has excellent customer service. When I first received my humidor there was a small scratch and I called them and they sent me a new one very fast, no questions asked. I will be making another purchase soon.

Subject :: bargain of the century

got my pkg after only 10 days and although i got the cigars from the combo primero im even happier.15 different cigars to try for a beginner and a humidor for a bargain price.fair play to cuban crafters, life time customer right here..sam in dublin 11, ireland.

Subject :: Superior Quality Craftsmanship!

Just received my package yesterday and I will say what a fine package it was. I\'m glad I ordered this deal through CC. The humidor was very nice and made with quality materials. I got a chance to smoke the Don Kikki Red Label and it was amazingly good! There were a few that were dry, but I will put those in the humi and smoke them after a few days of ripening back up. I feel I got my money worth and some! I have ordered multiple items through CC and have not been dissapointed once with their service and craftsmanship. Thank You CC!

Subject :: Great Deal

I just ordered my second one that I am going to give as a gift. The cigars are great, especially after you get them in the humidor for a few days. The cigars are worth the money and it\'s like you\'re getting a very nice humidor for free. Thanks.

Subject :: So far so good

I just got the Combo El Mio and so far so good. I\'ve had the cigars in the humidor for a week and just had the first one tonight. I pulled out one of the Don Kiki Green Labels to give it a try. My humidor has been hovering at about 75%, which is at the top end of the comfortable range. It has been pretty hot and humid here in Indiana this week, so that\'s probably contributing to it being that high. I may try to find some cedar scraps from tubos or something to absorb some of the moisture. I\'ve just been using a combo of distilled water and PG solution. There are other methods that are better at keeping the humidity lower, but for now I\'m just sticking with that. But it\'s holding humidity well and the cigars definitely don\'t feel dry. Overall the humi seems pretty good. It feels a little cheap, which is probably to be expected with the price, but it seems to be working just fine. The hygrometer was off by about 20% off before I calibrated it, but then I did and now it seems to be accurate. I just re-calibrated it again yesterday, a week after calibrating it the first time, and it was right at 75% like it should be when putting it in a plastic bag with a bottle cap of salt and distilled water for 6 hours. My thoughts on the green label are as follows: at first it was a little harsh and had mainly a grassy taste. I can\'t say I liked the first third very much, but once the second third came around it got significantly better. It started to take on more of a creaminess and became more smooth. I enjoyed it from then on and it was a pretty good cigar. It changed a little in flavor throughout, so that was nice to have some complexity to it. I\'m no expert on cigars since I\'ve just recently started smoking them. But for the money it\'s pretty decent. The burn was nice and even and total smoke time was about an hour. It was an easy draw and produced a lot of smoke, which was nice. I have a feeling I\'ll like the Red Labels better since I think I prefer cigars with darker wrappers from what I\'ve experienced. I recommend this combo especially for new smokers and those on a tight budget like me.

Subject :: awsome

have not tried the cigars yet but wow supper nice humidor im very happy with this purchase a+


This is the first time I\\\'ve ever ordered cigars online. I\\\'m new the cigar-smoking world. This combo is a great started set! The cigars are first-rate and the humidor is as well. After setting up the humidor and letting the cigars stabilize at about 70-75%, they have a great taste, with no aftertaste and a smooth draw. This is a great bargain. Give them a try, you won\\\'t be disappointed!\\r\\nBrett/Texas

Subject :: Worth Your While

Very pleasantly surprised. Promptly shipped, in excellent condition. After a good proper conditioning of the humidor, it\'s held a steady 70% RH ever since. The included cigars are a nice bonus and I figure you\'re paying about $1 a stick for those, but the real value here is the humidor, which is a quality piece for the price. Good instructions on how to get everything running too.

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