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Name:: SAMPLER01
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12 Cigar Best Boutique Premium Cigar samplers and a Guillotine cigar cutter for only $24.99 (an over $74 Value). THIS IS THE LATEST SAMPLER PACK WITH ALL THE HIGHLY RATED BOUTIQUE PREMIUM CIGARS YOU WANT! Perfect for those who want a cigar sampler of the different and unique tastes of the cigars available from Cuban Crafters. These are some of our best cigars and are arranged in the samplers based on their taste. From Mild to Full-Body... you get the full cigar spectrum. This Special Cigar Sampler Pack brings everything from DON KIKI to MEDINA 1959 Miami Edition cigars. A total of 12 of the best boutique premium cigars available anywhere. An over $74 value for only $24.99. This Discount cigar deal is an exceptional value and comes in a box of 12 hand packed cigars. Try them all and decide which are your favorites. Also included is a lifetime guaranteed Cuban Crafters guillotine cigar cutter. Made of high quality carbon steel and durable resin, they are sharp and sport the Cuban Crafters logo in full color. They will make a perfect cut every time or you get a free replacement.

From Mild to Full-Bodied taste, these Samplers includes some of the world’s best cigars. Each cigar is totally handmade the old Cuban way, in small batches using the finest Cuban Seed tobacco. Each cigar goes through a seven-part labor intensive process. This makes all the difference. Their unique and exquisite tastes are unmatched. After experiencing each cigar, you will also agree that it was well worth the extra effort. There is a limit of 2 per order.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Great deal.

Great. I picked up this pack for a celebration. I love it and this gave me a great varity for my friends to share the mild for the unexperienced smokers, but gave me some nice full bodied ones. It was a great deal, for sharing, or enjoying morning smokes then later in the day enjoying that after dinner smoke. Smoke em' up.

Subject :: Excellent deal...

I ordered these with a bit of hesitancy...anytime you order anything makes you nervous. But for the $19.99...this package is well worth it. If you went to any local tobacco can easily expect to spend $70.00 or more for such a variation. All of them smoked well, from the mild to the medium to the strong...they are all excellent. Don't be doubtful when ordering these. I am even ordering these for my brother for his birthday, along with a humidor!

Subject :: Search is over

Just want to let you know that my search for quality is over. Smoked the twelve. All were great. Surprised that none of the full bodied were over-powering. All were excellent, smokeable and what you described them to be. You have a new, permanent customer. John l. S.a. Texas

Subject :: Good to Best

Excellent. I like the stronger ones so maybe you can make a full body selection for us experienced smokers. A few were too mild for my personal taste but the strong ones made up for it. Just ordered a box of the salazars. That and the cameroon were the best in the bunch.

Subject :: Awesome

Great bargain. I can't wait to taste them, already had the brown label, pretty good, a bit too strong for my taste, but went well with a snort of jameson's. Looking forward to the jl salazar and the pirate's gold.

Subject :: Top shelf

Just smoked my last cigar. Every single one in this sampler is as good as it gets.

Subject :: Awesome sampler

This sampler was just awesome, i enjoyed it so much the 1st time i oredered one, that i told a couple of my friends about them and they ordered them and are ecstatic about them also. My brother-in-law even stole one of them when my second shipment came in!!!!!!!!, thanks cuban crafters!, keep 'em coming!.. art in ca

Subject :: selection

I've tried each of these selections and enjoyed them all. Truthfully and in my opinion the jl salizar was not the best but the vegas and the cuban crafters definetly made up for this largett

Subject :: The best!!!

Man these cigars are the best and the price is unbelievable!!! i really liked the cuban crafters and the jl salazar very spicy and hearty. I love this web site buy buy buy.

Subject :: Cammies...

Them cameroon crafters are awesome...

Subject :: Roj from la

Dear cigar lover, i dont know how much you do know about cigars,but i do know when you smoke any one of this selecion,you feel yourself closer to the heaven,(just joking) when you order make sure ask al or cliff,these two gentelman they know a lot and they can find you a great cigar with the reasonable price.thank you don kiki

Subject :: Premium cigars

I can not say enough about these premium smokes. This to me is the best cigar deal on the planet. No kidding they are the best i have smoked in a long long time. Do not pass it up

Subject :: Fast shipping

These were awesome. I smoked them all, I liked them all but the more full bodied stronger ones i enjoyed more. Great deal.

Subject :: Cuban crafters sampler

The cuban crafter's toro is unreal! burns nice and cool, tastes amazing, it's truly a piece of art! i am hooked, and this is it!!! dmrf

Subject :: Sampler

What a great deal! I had previously thought that these reviews were exaggerated: However, after smoking the cuban crafters campana in this sampler, i am a believer. What a great smoke. Even burning, high quality tobacco at a great price. I cannot wait to try the others in the collection!

Subject :: Great cigars

Man oh man, i want to thank you guys at cuban crafters.don kiki has created a great set of cigars for the masses. I am in the military and i would recommend this set to anyone who has a love for cigars. The flavor explodes when you light your cigar and you hope that the cigar never goes out. If you only fall in love with just one, of these 12 ....then you need to stop smoking cigarettes. The cuban crafter is a unique, exciting blend of rich. Meaty tobbaco. I am truly greatful to have found this company. Sigue palante y que dios le bendiga. larier r. Colon us air force

Subject :: My personal opinion of samplers pack

They are all really good. From their construction it is obvious that they are very well made. My personal favorites were the don kiki for daily, the j.l. Salazar for after dinner, and the cuban crafters cigar for party time. The vegas tabacalera esteli are excellent for the weekend and the Salute to arms with the military emblems were excellent for golfing as they are long enough for the course and do not give you the nicotine rush. I highly recommend that you try these samplers as they are all tasty.

Subject :: review

These are some of the best that i have smoked in a long time. I have smoked many but some of them in this sampler pack are up there. Enjoyed the stronger more than the mild ones but to each his own since i like them strong.

Subject :: Great

These premiums are excellent. They are well made and the different tastes were outstanding. I enjoyed them all and enjoyed the discount price of the sampler pack. Bought another.

Subject :: Serious stuff

They are great serious smokes. My favorite were the cuban crafters and the Salazars. The vegas and don kiki were excellent. The military ones were a great day smoke. Very good taste on all of them. They made me a cuban crafters customer for life. Keep the great deals coming. P.h. New jersey

Subject :: 12 best sampler

Excellent value, the cigars ranged from mild to strong and all were in excellent condition. A super deal for the novice or the experienced smoker. I have been trying a range from my local shop and to have purchased these at retail would have been at least double the price i paid with cuban crafters. I just ordered the 100 count humidor with 75 premium smokes and if they are half the deal as this one was i will be more than Satisfied.

Subject :: Sampler pack

What a great buy this is by far the best way to see what you like. I liked them all but the don kiki's were my favorites.

Subject :: Sampler01

I stumbled upon the cuban crafters website while searching for "legal" cuban style smokes. Ordered the 12 best boutique premium sampler and received my order within 3 days! I'm about half way through the sampler at this point, but all thus far have been very enjoyable. I have noticed a strange side effect though - While smoking them they tend to create illusions of tropical scenes in my mind (swaying palm trees, salsa music, cool rum drinks, expresso). i've somehow starting speaking in spanish while smoking them!! keep up the good work! As a new customer to cuban crafters, i'll just put it as arnold did: "i'll be back" mike - atlanta

Subject :: Such a fine offering

I haven't smoked a whole lot in my lifetime but i know what i like and know my tolerances for fair grade tobacco. Plainly you choose to smoke because they are an experience and you enjoy the flavor of real tobacco. In saying this I blindly (based on reviews read here) purchased two samplers from cuban crafters and have been very pleased. I've enjoyed each and every one for their own characters. While i don't have a favorite yet I feel the kit sent (with cutter) was a real treasure not found anywhere else. It doesn't need to have cohiba written on the band to be of superior quality. Hand picked by don kiki is the kind of quality you're looking for- thank you cuban crafters!! i'll be back. p.s. I would love to meet don kiki to thank him myself someday as other lucky souls here have done.

Subject :: Best around

I just received the 12 cigar sampler in the mail and to be honest my expectations were low. As a grad of NYU's Stern School of Business with a marketing degree, I know it's common practice to inflate the "retail" price to make the sale price seem phenomenal... all I can say is this company holds the rare value of truth in advertising... I've only tried the Beck toro so far, but it was unreal (better than some authentic cubano's I have in the humi such as Fonsecas delicias + cadettes, all Quintero's, even two montecristo, the monte #5 and joyitas)... can't wait to burn the Don Kiki brown figurado or the Salazar robusto - thank you c.c. ! mike from new jersey

Subject :: Great!

I got the them today. They are just so great with such good price! Now i can try different ones at a time...fantastic!

Subject :: 12 best

Great selection !!! have been ordering from you for about two months now. The quality of your products and the efficiency of your staff is outstanding. This was a real treat. Thanks and you'll be hearing from me on a most regular basis. gregory ray

Subject :: Great starter set

Being new to the cigar scene, i started off with this sampler. What a great deal. You get a wide selection of some of the great smokes that cuban crafter has to offer. I glanced at other "sample" packs offered by competitors, but nothing matched the price. I was immediately impressed with the box that they showed up in (not a bunch wrapped in a rubber band, but a slide out box). each was still fresh with a nice moist feel to them. I started with the kiki green label, it had some deep rich enjoyable pulls to it. Cant wait to try the others. Top notch quality.

Subject :: Best 19.95

Best 19.95 ever spent for 12 cigars. Well made very tasty full of flavors,from cedar,spice and tea to nutmeg,licorice and sweet wood. Love the don kiki brown label. It was special a one, as well as the salazars. The rest were very good too. Give this pack a shot. you will love it. Kostas, shelton, ct

Subject :: Sampler

I am a fairly new customer and find myself having to keep on ordering more. I am stuck on the samplers because i like the variety--and the price--and i really can't make up my mind which kind I want to buy a quantity of. I also had to buy a humidor and feel that i got great quality for the money! Thank you! chad ohio

Subject :: Best deal around

I just ordered these yesterday morning, regular ups, and already received them today! Now that's customer service! The package is very nice and they look incredible. I'll post an update after i smoke the first couple, but for now they get an a+ for service and presentation.

Subject :: Skeptic

I was rather iffy about purchasing those made in Nicaragua. After the 12th is now gone I am a firm believer. The single la carolina blew me away. I recently ordered a box of them from cuban crafters. Also after doing some looking around i think i am going to purchase a humidor from cc also. What a great company and excellent turnaround on products...

Subject :: Great sampler

Bought these after my cousin turned me on to the website. A wonderful selection for any level of smoker and now you have a return client. None of these are overpowering, only 100% enjoyable! Thanks again, sergio g. San antonio, tx

Subject :: U.k smoker

I have just received two boxes. I would like to mention the efficiency of service along with the amazing prices being offered by these connoisseur's of the trade...thank you on behalf of all uk smokers....

Subject :: Sampling

I've smoked about five so far, and they were all excellent. I have not tried any of your cigars before, but now there are at least five on my "to buy" list.

Subject :: deal

I received my sampler the other day.i had never purchased them on-line, and was a bit hesitant to do so.when i opened the box ,i was very impressed! it truly is a great deal,and a bargain!

Subject :: Great deal

I just receieved the sample pack in the mail about 25 mins ago the box it comes in looks very nice. Inside are 12 of cuban crafters best. The thing is which do i smoke first. Lol. I can't wait to smoke the salazars, and the cuban crafters, and the don kiki brown label, or the la carlina, or the beck. The red and green don kiki's i've had before and i really like them. The shipping time was right on i receieved them when i wanted them. Way to go cuban crafters job well done. I will be giving another review as i smoke them. Brian crystal lake. Il

Subject :: 12

Just finished my last of the 12. All were great in there own way. They have a great selection for every level of smoker from mild to the full bodied smoker. My personal favorites were the salazar,la carolina, the don kiki red and green labels. But thats just me some of you might like others more. Its a definate buy. Would definately buy these for my friends who are looking for great smokes. All burned very even, long lasting, great tastes. Get them people you'll love them all. As soon as i can i am buying more of the salazars and la carolina's and don kiki green and red labels. Thanks cuban crafters. B.C.L.

Subject :: Sample

I really enjoyed the variety and quality in the pack. They were excellent and smoking them was most enjoyable.

Subject :: Very dry

They arrived very dry. Two of them were cracked all the way down the sides. I called to see what they would do about this and they wanted to include free replacements in future order.

Subject :: 12 best

This is a great gift for all your buddies. Couple it with a fantastic humidor from cuban crafters and you've got a combo that can't be beat. I've given 2 kits to my buddies already and they can't rave enough about them. They tell me these are so good that they are likely to quit cigarette smoking and just smoke cuban crafter exclusively!

Subject :: 12 samples

I just received my order 2 days ago and so far i am impressed. I have tryed the cuban crafters cameroon and the j.l salazar i expected the cameroon to be more full bodied from the other reviews i read but its really more of a medium bodied. The j.l however was awesome, just how i like em full of flavor burned like a razor the whole way down , a really good smoke. Ill post more as i work my way thru the rest. Tom in maryland

Subject :: Great!

I am from canada and had these shipped to my hotel in the states for my vacation. I was a bit hesitant but figured it was only $20 so what the hell. Anyway, i was very pleased to see they arrived and even more pleased at their quality. I have brought home cohiba esplendidos and monte cristo tubos knock offs from mexico and dominican republic paying $50 a box. They are fun to smoke of course but if you compare them those in the $20 sampler, they look, smell, taste and are rolled much much better than the knock offs. Well worth it.

Subject :: Great!

This was awsome. The vegas de tabacalera esteli was great tasting however burned unevenly. And if cuban crafters could include the white label don kiki and a 420 marley. This would be the best quality samlper on the market. Cuban crafters great job. My personal favorite was the brown label don kiki.

Subject :: Best ones

One the best samplers i have every tried. Purchased salute to arms as well. Great!

Subject :: Looks good

Package came in yesterday and i immediately put them in my humidor. Although they came in perfect condition. My father, uncle and i are probably going to light up the salute to arms very soon.

Subject :: The best cigar site under the sun of a beach!

The best site under the sun of a beach!

Subject :: amazing

this sampler package is amazing and very worth the price....... I love these cigars!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject :: Exceptional quality

The qualtiy of the cigars found in the sampler is exceptional. I purchased 2 boxes orginally and it was worth the risk. The only set back is that the free guillotine cutter\'s that were to be included in the deal didn\'t make it with my original shipment. I have notified cuban crafers and i am sure this will be resolve quickly.

Subject :: Cigar sampler

I must say this is the first time i have ever taken the time to actually write a letter just to say thank you for the finest customer service i have ever received. Now let\'s move on to the fantastic deal on the sampler special. My introduction to cuban crafter came when i picked up a j.l. Salazar at my local b&m which has a very limited selection. This particular stick had been there for more than a month i know. So one day while looking for something different i said what the hell and bought it. I didn\'t believe my taste buds, goodbye fuente, so long romeo y julieta, hello j.l. Salazar! The damn thing was good enough to eat, i all most did. I also picked up a cuban crafter the same day, one of the absolute best cigars available for the money. Worth a lot more than they cost. i just had to say thank you. cigarsinheaven

Subject :: Awesome deal

Great price for 12 hand rolled cigars! I am new to this vice ;-) but am glad i have found cuban crafters. so far i have only tried 2 of the salute to arms, they are rated as fair on this site and with my limited experience i would rate higher and look forward to trying the higher rated ones in the bunch! very smooth, all the way to the end. rick m, new hampshire

Subject :: A chance to sample the world\'s very best

I just ordered two of this sampler and a humidor. I love good cigars and I love variety. This sampler give you the chance to sample the very best cigars in the world. I can\'t wait for them to arrive so I can enjoy them with a good brandy or rum. For $79.00 I get twenty four of the world\'s very best cigars and a humidor to store them in. In the cigar world, it doesn\'t get any better than this.

Subject :: If you like dry, these are for you!

Arrived very dry. At least 4 or 5 were cracked and split. I wouldn't buy them again.

Subject :: Sampler

Every one was great none too mild nor too strong. I smoke occasionally and these were perfect. A nice variety to enjoy.

Subject :: Best deal ever!

This was my initiation to cuban crafters and, i have to say, i'm a new devotee. I enjoyed them all a great deal, with the exception of the military selection. This sampler is just what's needed to provide an overview for ordering favorites. And, what a great price! But, you guys know, we'll be coming back with orders in quantity! Great cigars, great prices! Thanks! Jon thompson, bakersfield, ca

Subject :: Don kiki - green label

I just received my order of cigar samplers. My first selection was the don kiki green label. This was the first time i ever smoked a cigar down to the nub. It has an interesting combination of flavors. When first lit; I taste the hint of toasted nuts. As i continued smoking; The taste of nougat hit the back of my throat. Finally, the aroma of orange and nougat mixed in a incredible flavor. I would recommend this cigar to anybody who can appreciate an afternoon of good cigar smoking. Written by; Martin cuenca, cigar smoker.

Subject :: Sampler

I was surprised by the selection and how well they all smoked. It was a good choice that gave me a taste of mild and full bodied cigars. Give them a try!

Subject :: Great gift

I bought this for my dad as a gift, and he totally loved it. He enjoyed every single cigar and commented on the great bold flavor. way better than another tie or stinky cologne!

Subject :: Wotta deal!

I didn\'t thoroughly enjoy every cigar in this sampler, but 11 out of 12 ain\'t bad for $20! way to go, cuban crafters!

Subject :: Wish i had more room.

I bought this last time around and it\'s still treating me very well. I don\'t smoke tons of cigars so the ones i do smoke have to be worth it. And so far i\'ve had a green, red, camaroon, salute, and a brown. All of wich were as good if not better than many top name smokes i\'ve had. This has to be the best deal out there hands down, i only wish i had more room in my humi for another pack.

Subject :: Great deal!

Samples arrived today , after just ordering only 3 days ago , to dallas,tx arrived from miami in a very nice wood box, not cardboard like other places and tobacco shops give you...arranged very nicely, more than expected and will purchase again in the future.

Subject :: sampler

I received my sampler today and there were two things that went wrong.First and worst is that 4 of the cigars(all of the salute and another one)were unravelled but the rest were fine.The second but least is that i didnt receive the cutter but probably they were out of stock.I havent yet smoked any of them,i'll leave them to rest for a week in my humidor but truth be told they look great and smell even better.Packaging was great but the communication could be better though. I'll pick up my favourite from the sampler and order a box.hope things will be better then

Subject :: Great Cigars

This is one of the best cigar samplers that you going to find on the internet or in cigar catalogs. I have been buying this sampler for over 3 years. I used to pass these cigars out to my 3 brother-in-laws, but now I tell them to buy their own sample box. You can't beat the price even though they have gone up in price. (Cuban Crafters need to delete the review that says $19.00)

Subject :: Very nice

Comes in a nice cedar box. Cigars are all wonderful, look great, taste better. Cuban Crafters is amazing. Bryan-Upstate New York

Subject :: Excellent Sampler

As always with Cuban Crafters, the cigars arrived quick and fresh in an attractine wooden box suitable for display. I have only tried the Don Kiki Red Label LIMITED RESERVE and it was impressive. I can't imagine shopping anywhere else that could match the price and quality of Cuban Crafters.

Subject :: Great Sampler

I bought this sampler and it was amazing the best sampler I ever bought and one of the best cigars i smoked. I totally recommend this sampler to every one.

Subject :: I\'m new to cigars....

and this sample pack was a great idea, so I bought two of them and now they\'re out of stock! After trial and error, I find myself enjoying more medium to full bodied cigars. For those just starting off, this is a great deal, plus a life time cutter! Can\'t go wrong with the price. I think I\'m going to head upstair to my outdoor lounge, light one up, sip on some whiskey and enjoy the downtown view by the fire place!

Subject :: intro sampler

WOW...These cigars are all FANTASTIC...They are among the very best tasting, best burning, AND best smelling cigars that I have ever smoked...I can tell you. happily, that this sampler has all but spoiled me from enjoying any other cigars...these cigars have a great authentic feel and taste to them...and the aroma??? like nothing I have ever experienced before, sweet smelling and very pleasant... My personal favorite was the LA CAROLINA, but after having smoked the CUBANO CLARO, it is my new favorite...The VEGAS is a close contender, that cigar is so sweet in its smell and taste, like nothing I have tried before...CUBAN CRAFTERS CAMEROON is my 4th best Trust me on the mix and you will not be sorry...Except that you will not want to smoke any other companys cigars !

Subject :: Great Sampler

Bought a few of these samplers as gifts and decided to keep one, great collection. Some very good cigars are included in this sample.

Subject :: Great Deal!

I just received the cigars the other day. They did arrive a little dry, but no real damage to the cigars. I cannot wait to light them up. I am very interested to find out what the mysterious unmarked 13th cigar is and how it smokes! Very happy with my order!

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