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Size:: 4 5/8 X 50
Quantity:: BUNDLE / 25 CIGARS
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CIGAR WHOLESALERS BUNDLE of Tony Alvarez Corto Robusto. Since Cuba, Tony Alvarez has been making great cigars. You can say that cigars have been his life, and these Corto Robusto cigars are a tribute to his skills. Hand made with aged Cuban-seed tobacco from Nicaragua, he blended and constructed these to meets all the Cuban standards. From the size to the taste, they are as Cuban as you can legally get. They have the great medium to full body taste that a true cigar lover lover enjoys, at we have them at wholesaler prices. Their taste starts with leather and wood notes, interlaced with rich sweet tobacco, toasted notes and licorice touches. The rich undertones bring in Anisette breezes, floral notes and a creamy smoothness that will have you smoking it to the nub. Tony Alvarez personally supervises each cigar roller in the creation of these cigars, and some are even made by the man himself. Each Corto Robusto cigar is 5 5/8 inches long with a ring gauge of 50. 25 cigars are hand packed in a bundle. Not even wholesalers can offer these great cigars at this low price. Since these were of limited production, enjoy them while we have them in stock.

Tony Alvarez is a Cuban Master cigar maker. He grew tobacco and hand rolled perfect cigars in Cuba for MonteCristo, Romeo y Julieta and Cohiba. He then fled Cuba and while in Miami, Florida rolled for Don Tito, La Gloria Cubana and eventually started his own cigar company. Tony knows cigars so he went to Nicaragua and opened his own small factory. His cigars are all totally made by hand, and many he makes himself. He only uses premium wrappers, binders and fillers. As in the traditional cuban cigar factory, cigars do not leave his factory until he personally inspects them. They are all top premium cigars. That is the only way that Tony knows how to make them.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Tony Alvarez Corto Robusto

This is an excellent cigar. I just got them 3 days ago, and on sale too. I can tell they will be so much better, after aging in the humidor for a month, but right away, I could tell this is high quality tobacco, and will give a better review after they stay in the humidor a while longer. I have mixed feeling about writing--because these are such a good deal! But, I can\'t be greedy. I also wanted Tony Alvarez to know how much I think his blending skills, and rolling skills are. These could sell fo much, much more.

Subject :: I love these

I bought these on sale, was a little skeptical, so I had to try one right away. WOW, Very enjoyable! Wonderful flavors, everything just as described. Hard to believe these are so good. Hopefully they will remain available as I plan on getting more. Thanks Tony, would like to shake your hand for making these so good and Cuban Crafters, for offering the best.

Subject :: Surprise, surprise.

I caught a bundle of these on special, so I figured for the money, I didn\'t stand much to lose. Given the plain appearance, lack of info. available elsewhere, etc., I figured it might be yet another POS cigar. However, they are inexpensive, and every once in a while I\'ll take a flyer just to see if the cigar is any good. Boy, was I ever surprised. Initial test draw after cutting with a Xicar cutter resulted in a somewhat firm draw, but a clean cut. Resisting the urge to hit the cigar with a draw poker, I torched it. As it turns out, the draw was actually fine; in fact, the construction was among the best I\'ve ever seen for such an inexpensive cigar...solid roll, plenty of air and smoke. Better still, the cigar tasted really good. It\'s not an Opus, won\'t be confused with a Cuban or any other upper echelon cigars, but for the price, it\'s worth every penny. Next time I order cigars from CC, I will look to scoop some out. Good, tasty and inexpensive cigar...what else do you need?

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