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Wholesale Cigar Cutters at Cuban Crafters Cigars. This double-blade cigar cutter compliments great boutique premium cigars. The cigar cutters are completely made of quality surgical grade stainless steel. With its unique U-Design handles and self sharpening double blades, it is supported by gold plated screws. Its self-sharpening double-blades can be used for cigars with ring gauges of up to 54. Cutters are individually packed in elegant Cuban Crafters gift boxes and each is Lifetime Guaranteed. At this wholesale price it is an excellent value.

The Double-Bladed cigar cutter with the U-Design handles is designed to fit precisely in the smokers hand during the precision clipping process. When not in use, it fits in any pocket. Cutting your cigar correctly means you will have a better tasting smoke, so do it right. Just cut about an eighth of an inch off the cigars head. A cutter with Double blades that are self-sharpening is better than one with a single blade, as it is less likely to cause damage. The object of the cut is to create an ample and smooth opening for smoking. This allows you to draw evenly, which in turn creates an even burn. The surgical quality stainless steel blades of this cutter allows you to do this without causing damage. This luxury cigar cutter is made to function exactly as expected every time and is fully backed by an exclusive lifetime guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Awsome !!!

Hey gang!!! i just recieved my cc-04ss cutter and it works great cut after cut! it stays sharp and it's very stylish and very affordable to boot!, i've used other cutters that cost the price of a few good cigars and they have a nasty habit of squashing the cigar so i say kudos to cuban crafters keep up the great work!!! and a special thanks to emilio for the great survice! troy horne c.t.o. 510 a.s.f.p.s.

Subject :: Very nice

The way this thing looks you are hesitant to use it at first, because it has the look of a presentation piece. Then you remember you paid $10 and give it a shot. Excellent cutter and very classy looking! Dave in nc

Subject :: Excellent

Hey this thing is sharp. Be careful with those two blades as they are self sharpening and really cut. Been using it for about a week and they keep getting sharper. The cutter is premium quality. Good price too.

Subject :: Best cutter for price

Just got it and for the price it is the best cutter out there. Works great. Thanks for the deal.

Subject :: Nice

Looks great and works even better! Easy to control, doesn't take up too much room in your pocket, and the price is unbeatable!!

Subject :: Nice

I've only used it about 10 times now, but it has produced a perfect cut every time. Great for the money.

Subject :: Well worth it

Bought this on a whim and am very pleased. It feels solid in your hand and makes a very clean cut time after time. You can't beat it for quality and value.

Subject :: Cuts

One solid piece of equipment. Literally the last one that you will want and have to buy!

Subject :: Great buy

I just recieved this cutter today and i\'ve already used it, great construction, cuts very smooth, fits well in the hand not to big or not to small. Love this one. If ur a new smoker this is the perfect cutter i just might be ordering more as gifts to friends. Im very impressed. Brian crystal lake il

Subject :: Customer service

I bought one of these a little over a year ago. The screws backed out over time. I sent it back to cuban crafters and within days had a new one in my mailbox. Great customer service!!! regards, dave

Subject :: Awesome

Just got this in the mail and i must say that i'm very impressed. This cuts very well and looks quite stylish. This is a must-have!

Subject :: Good

Good but the screws tend to come out. I had to put thread lok on them to keep them secure.

Subject :: Great cutter

My wife purchased this cutter as a father\'s day present. Very good quality and it looks great. I highly recommend this item. - mark

Subject :: Very nice

Per my insisting, my girlfriend purchased this cutter as well as another type from cuban crafters as part of my 2007 christmas present. This cutter is a quality piece in both looks and function, but i did notice the blades have a tendency to shift up and down (due to the curved housing) while on the cutting stroke. This is a mere observation and does not detract from the usefulness of the cutter. Thanks, dan from nj

Subject :: Good

Great cutter, good complimentary don kiki cigar. Thanks a lot.

Subject :: Great cutter

Great cutter with great clean cuts and good complimentary \'don kiki\' cigar. Thanks a lot. Leon - nj.

Subject :: Cutter

Mine broke after about a year of use. It does have a life time guarantee and will be replaced. However I will have to pay for shipping. Which is about the same cost of a new one from my local shop. So you may want to think twice if you are going to order online out of state. john san dimas, ca.

Subject :: Classy cutter

This is a great cutter for the price,it is elegant looking, and functions well. However, check the small screws as they tend to loosen up and come apart. One of the screws on mine came apart but luckily i found it after looking for about thirty (30) minutes. My buddy bought the same cutter and he lost two screws before he noticed the problem.

Subject :: Great cutter/ customer service

I had this cutter for about 1 1/2 yrs, and it worked perfectly. A couple of the screws on the handle fell out so i sent it back to cuban crafters. Within a week they sent me a new replacement. You can\'t beat the quality of this cutter or their customer service.

Subject ::

I just recently recieved my new cutter. I\'m extremely happy with it. i didn\'t realize that my old cutter was squeezing the cigar as i clipped it. This affected the draw making it much harder to breathe. The cuban crafters cutter snips right through making a perfect cut, neat cut without crushing the cigar. Some of the other reviews said that some of the little screws worked loose and were lost. I applied some locktit. To all my screws. If you loose the cutter is guaranteed.

Subject :: Nice cutter

When i joined Cuban Crafter's Cigar Club, I noticed that my free plastic cigar cutter had not been included. When I called to inquire about this, I found that it was out of stock. I was immediately offered this one for free; quite a nice upgrade. I would have been happy just getting the cheap one in my next shipment. When my cutter arrived, there was also a free cigar thrown in which smoked great and will surely be a future purchase of mine.

Subject :: Excellent

This cutter is made from top-notch material. Excellent construction ensures a perfect cut time after time. A+

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