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The elegant Cuban Crafters Cigars O Round Design cutters compliment great boutique premium cigars. It is completely made of surgical grade quality stainless steel. It has self-sharpening double-blades and is adorned with gold plated screws. The blades are always sharp and always clip perfectly. It is made for different ring sizes of up to 54 ring gauge. It is packed in a stylish Cuban Crafters gift box and has a Lifetime Guarantee.

This O Round Design with two blades is specifically designed to fit precisely in the smokers hand during the precision clipping process. When not in use, it fits in any pocket. Cutting your cigars correctly means you will have a better tasting smoke, so do it right. Just cut about an eighth of an inch off the head. One with Double blades that are self-sharpening is better than one with a single blade, as it is less likely to cause damage. The object of the cut is to create an ample and smooth opening for smoking. This allows you to draw evenly, which in turn creates an even burn. The surgical quality stainless steel blades allows you to do this without causing damage. With elegant luxury, it is made to function exactly as expected every time and is fully backed by the Cuban Crafters exclusive lifetime guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Great

I was looking for a cigar cutter. I went into things remembered, and i was really upset. There cutters were really low quality. I dont know how well they cut, but they looked horrible. To make a long story short, i came home and looked online. Your cigar cutter looked sharp and a little flashy -just what i wanted. I took a chance and ordered it. It was better then i expected!!! first of all, the shipping was lightening speed. The item comes in a cute box and they package it with a cigar. I love the look of the item. It is heavy and high quality. I was really impressed wit. It!

Subject :: Great cutter

I was looking for one that was going to be durable and this is the one. With this one the cut makes a better smoke plus it is nice and compact. It looks really nice also comes in a neat storage box to sit on or next to your humidor! The picture does not do it justice, with the gold plated screws!

Subject :: Stainless steel

I just got this one in the mail and its great!!! they even included a free cigar!! the delivery was super fast and i am so happy with the service at cuban crafter I will continue to be a loyal customer until convinced otherwise. Thank you cuban crafters! Que viva cuba libre!!!! bayamo, cuba arriba!!!!

Subject :: Great cutter!

Cuban crafters say "this is the last cutter you will need" and they are telling the truth. It is very reliable and constantly sharp! The only problem is, that i keep misplacing mine, so i have to buy new ones. I don't mind because the price is rediculously cheap. I highly recomend!

Subject :: Very nice for the price

It is very nice for the price. A bargain.

Subject :: Cut

Bought one of these at one of my regular haunts here in tampa. Impressed with quality as well as the price.

Subject :: Poo poo crafters

Never had a problem with the cuts, but the little screw came out. The blade was great though.

Subject :: rivets

i bought two of these and the rivets came out of both of them.

Subject :: Great cutter

This cutter is great. Seems to be very highly made

Subject :: Great Value

These are an excellent product at an economical price!!

Subject ::

I have had this cutter for at least 5 years now and it is as sharp as the day I bought it. I always get a great cut and it fits large cigars like the CAO Brazilia Amazon. Except for a few of the screws/rivets coming out, I am totally pleased with this cutter.

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