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Size:: 6 X 48
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NEW RED LABEL Limited Reserve Doble Corona Cigars by DON KIKI. Aged for 3 years, these refined cigars are finally released for your smoking enjoyment. DON KIKI Limited Reserve (Red Label) Doble Corona premium cigars are delicately hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with sun grown aged long-filler Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder and Wrapper are rare Colorado sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano from the Jalapa Valley. Don Kiki especially blended the tobacco in these Double Corona cigars to produce an incredible medium-body taste. The cigars are handcrafted to his elevated standards and with his personal supervision. Double Corona cigars are 6Ē long and have a ring gauge of 48. Each hand packed bundle contains 25 premium cigars.

DON KIKI Limited Reserve (Red Label) Double Corona boutique premium cigars are made with flavorful hand selected and picked tobacco. The leaves are skillfully cured and aged for at least three years. The aged leaves evolve into these fine cigars at the hands of skilled master cigar rollers, who make them in small batches. The Double Corona cigars are then aged for over 3 years in Tabacalera Esteliís temperature and humidity controlled aging room before being hand packed.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Great!

I have smoked many of these, i smoke several a day. They are great with medium strength, perfectly constructed, flavorable, and a pure enjoyment to smoke. The corona and churchill sizes are great too! gk pace

Subject :: OK

It's ok. It's not rolled all too tight.

Subject :: Unbeatable

Iím hooked! Don kiki red label is now my daily smoke. Once you light one up, you canít put it down. Great smoke, burns evenly and unbeatable taste. Gave one to a friend to try, he asked what the price was. When i told him he started to laugh stating not for a stick like this, itís got to be twice that price. Iíll be buying plenty of these, great job don kiki. rick romano pa

Subject :: Ordered more

Well ordered 1 bundle 2 weeks ago and just today ordered 2 more bundles. This is by far one of the best I have had in long time. Nothing in the price range is even close. The taste is wonderful and better than most that are twice the cost. I look forward to smoking these daily. rick romano southwest pa

Subject :: Don kiki red

Some of the best cigars i've ever smoked. Well constructed, burns evenly and full of flavor yet not overpowering. I had a cuban remeo y julieta and later had one of these. I could hardly tell the difference and i can tell the difference between a nicaraguan, hondurian and dominican. Excellent and great price.

Subject :: Excellent cigar taste

i keep coming back to cuban crafters because of cigars like this! I have smoked some of the best hand rolled and i put this one on the same level as a rocky patel decade robusto ~ a $9.00 cigar. I read reviews that these don kiki don't burn even, not true at all if you cut back on the humidor moisture content and keep them seperated from your inferior cigars so the flavor does not marry with the red labels. To me these are better in flavor and draw better than the cigars of big names and big prices. These are full of flavor without the harshness, would recommend for new smokers and aficionados alike.

Subject :: Found my everyday smokeÖ

These babies were love at first taste! I spent months looking for a great cigar to have every day without spending too much. These fit the bill perfectly... They taste great and are affordable. Those are 2 key qualities in a fine cigar. I will be ordering these regularly and will likely refer friends to Cuban Crafters to try great cigars like these ones.

Subject :: BRING THESE BACK!!!

I used to enjoy these every day after work and on my days off... They\'re perfect to spend the afternoon without having to worry about getting a buzz off of. I haven\'t enjoyed one of these in a long time, because they haven\'t been in stock since I wrote that last review. Please bring them back and I will order them on a regular basis. -Chris in PA.

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