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Size:: 6 X 48
Quantity:: BUNDLE / 25
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CIGAR SHOPS SALE. The Limited Reserve Green Label Double Corona cigars are hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with extremely aged long-filler tobacco. The filler and binder are sun grown Cuban-Seed Habano. The Wrapper is a Claro Shade-Grown Brazilian Mata Fina. Don Kiki personally blended the tobacco leaves in each cigar to produce an exquisitely mild taste. Each cigar is individually handcrafted to his high standards and under his direct supervision. Double Corona cigars are 6” long with a ring gauge of 48. Each bundle contains 25. A shop special at incredibly low prices.

The Limited Reserve Double Corona Cigar is handcrafted with aged tobacco from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The tobacco was aged for at least three years before being masterfully hand made into meticulous cigars. They were then aged for another three years in Tabacalera Esteli’s temperature and humidity controlled aging room before being hand packed. Their mild complex taste is naturally soft and creamy, with an unrivaled floral aroma.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Great smoke

I got my bundle yesterday and i've already smoked 8 of um.i love the taste of the green lable cigar and the price is unbelievable.keep up the good work kiki

Subject :: Everyday pleasure

This is my favorite everyday smoke...not too mild, but easy to take over and over. Burns evenly and travels well. Thanks!

Subject :: Afternoon delight

This is the cigar i reach for when i have patio or dockside time with nothing to do but enjoy a smoke and cold drink. A don kiki green label with a cuba libre on the side makes for a delightful way to wind down before dinner.

Subject :: Pretty good

Well i just got them yesterday, and understandably after a few weeks in the back of a truck they were a little dry, but still a good smoke. Recommended to those who like the milder cigar's like me. Anthony, sk, canada

Subject :: Cheaper than retailers

Great cigar at a great price. Gave some to friends and you either love it or hate it but no in between. One of my favorites.

Subject :: Mellow the KiKi out

Great smoke. Although at first the smoke was harsh, so i set them in my humidor and would take one along with me to hand out to the mootcher who always seems to show his face when you are enjoy a good one. After a month in the humidor, they mellowed out and became one of the better smokes I've had. Get them, take them out of thier plastic sleeves and let them mellow in the humidor for about a month. You'll love 'em.

Subject :: Mild yet complex

I received a double corona in the boutique sampler that i ordered. I was ready for a mild boring smoke. Although mild i was suprised at how flavorful and complex the taste. Flavors of oak and cedar, even burn and good, though not easy, draw. I will definately give these another try.

Subject :: Fine cigar- great value

This one far exceeded my expectations for it's price. I really enjoyed it. It had a wonderful leathery aroma under the nose that i've never seen in one of this price! Great construction; Beautiful,long white ash; Flavorful, but smooth; Perfect draw. It was better than those I've paid 5 times as much for. Thanks. joe

Subject :: Joe Average Website Rating

Rating of Don Kiki Green Label double corona on my joe average blog/website.
Cuban Crafters, Don Kiki Green Label dbl corona, nicaragua 6x48 toro $1.48
Construction: Well made. Slightly veiny, but had a nice slight sheen. Perfect crown. Wrapped to perfect tightness- felt great in my hands. This cigar had a strong and wonderful leathery aroma under the nose, totally unexpected from a buck-fifty cigar 4
Lighting: Crown cut perfectly and cleanly. Lit quickly and smoothly. Burned evenly and developed a very expensive looking 1 inch white ash- lovely against the medium-dark brown wrapper. A perfect draw added to the nice smoking pleasure, which burned evenly all the way down. 5
Flavor: Cuban crafters list the Don Kiki Green Label as “mild”. maybe for a Nicaraguan, but i would say it is on the medium side if, for no other reason, it is very flavorful. It started spicy and leathery (why does it seem to me that all good ones start spicy?), then added nutty flavors. These flavors remained consistent throughout the smoke. 4
Comments: I was sorely tempted to give this a 5 for flavor but, though the flavors were very nice, a little more complexity would have put it over the top. This was my first cuban crafters, and i am seriously looking forward to all the others i have recently added to my humidor.
Overall: 89
value rating: 89-1= 88
Recommendation: Well recommended this one is currently #2 on our Top Ten Value Cigars List!
Thanks for the great smoke. I am looking forward to smoking and rating many other cuban crafters.
- joe

Subject :: Recieved 1 in my sampler

I got 3 don kiki varieties in my sampler, this was one. It is without a doubt, the best i have had so far in my very short career of smoking. i will be getting more of these!

Subject :: Best Service

Great service guys got these in a week and put them straight into my humi. Smoked first one today and was really a great smoke. Superb easy draw and clouds of smoke. The taste was something else and be assured i will be ordering more. Thanks guys. Rodger uk

Subject :: Don kiki green label sampler

Well, when i opened my 2 sampler boxes i could tell just by looking at all the cigars, once out of the foil, that here was quality. In canada up until very recently, cigars cost much more money than they do in the u.s. Due to the heavy taxes that we pay. So, to get 24 sampler cigars shipped to my door for a total cost of just over $3.00 canadian dollars on average per cigar was unbelievable. Considering that the average cuban that i enjoy from time to time costs me appoximately $25.00, the thought of having something even close to the quality at a fraction of the price was very appealing indeed, especially after being somewhat disappointed with the honduran cigars that my parents brought home from a recent trip. Well, to get to the point, after sitting in my travel humidor for 2 to 3 weeks, i finally cut and lit up what i expected from the outset to be the weak link in the package, a green don kiki. What surprised me was that, as a mild cigar, it packed a punch worthy of any medium-bodied counterpart, and approached the level of flavour of some so-called full bodied cigars. It outperformed any macanudo i have ever smoked, and quite frankly it surprised me as i am accustomed to paying about $15.00 for a cigar of this quality, and here i was smoking a $3.00 cigar (shipping included) that cut, lit, burned and drew perfectly all the way to the label. Yes, to the label. It was mild enough to smoke down that far, and this was in my car traveling between two cities. And without any alcohol. I drank distilled water, so i tasted everything, nothing at all tempered by the usual scotch, port or beer, which tend to soften or dull the smoking experience. In all honesty, i was not expecting so much at such a low cost. It still amazes me that cigars have now become within easier reach because of your company. Cut out the store and middleman, and the canadian taxman, and i can now enjoy a $20.00 cigar at 10% of my usual cost, which, i must say, was criminal up until now. If this is how the mild tastes, i am looking forward to each and every cigar in the sampler, cause i prefer a full-bodied smoke. This green label don kiki proved to be only a couple of notches below a cuban cohiba, which is a $65.00 cigar here in canada. Frankly, the cohiba is still the most unique-tasting mild cigar that i have ever smoked and one of the few that can actually be inhaled when the tobacco is still fresh. I was not expecting and will never expect that kind of quality for 5% of the price of the cohiba, but at a fraction of the cost of those expensive cubans you essentially have a smoke that is worthy to be named as a peer, which, again, is remarkable and most especially affordable. Looking forward to a permanent relationship with your product. This so-called mild cigar is the second-most satisfying mild cigar that i have smoked other than the cuban cohiba. At these prices i can actually afford to share them with friends without wincing.

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