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WHOLESALE TOBACCO STORE SPECIAL - Brown Label Limited Reserve Torpedo Cigars by DON KIKI. After aging the tobacco for 3 years, these cigars are handmade by the best rollers in the factory and then aged another 3 years. 6 years of aging gives them that special taste that puts them in any aficionado's must-have list. DON KIKI Limited Reserve Brown Label are the most flavorful Don Kiki cigars. These medium to full body cigars are hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with sun grown and extremely aged Cuban-Seed Habano long leaf tobacco from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder is a rich Corojo and the Wrapper is a super premium rich and rare sun-grown Cuban-Seed Criollo. This combination of all Cuban Seed tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli produces lots of delightful smoke and flavor. Cohiba was what the natives in Cuba called great smoking tobacco. Don Kiki carefully blended these premium cigars with the best Cohiba from Tabacalera Esteli to provide an exquisite taste and smoking experience. Every Torpedo cigar is individually handcrafted to his strict high standards and under his supervision. The Torpedo cigars are 6” long with a large ring gauge of 54. They have a typical tapered head. The hand-packed Cedar box contains 25 premium cigars.

DON KIKI Limited Reserve Brown Label boutique premium cigar provides a powerhouse of flavors. Six years in the making, the leaves are skillfully cured by artisans and then aged for at least three years before they are individually chosen based on their fine qualities and hand crafted into cigars by skilled master cigar rollers. These fine premium cigars are then aged for an additional 3 years in Tabacalera Esteli’s temperature and humidity controlled aging room before being hand packed in Cedar boxes. They are fully backed by the exclusive Cuban Crafters Cigars Full Satisfaction Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: One of the best

This is one of the best tobacco cigars that i have smoked in a long...long time. Keep it up don kiki

Subject :: Brown label is a hit!

I bought a box of the brown label torpedos a week before christmas, smoked one and then another. It is a fine smoke to put it simply. It is well constructed, with a mildly spicey taste, and chocolate and nuttiness as well. It is a fuller bodied smoke than the white and green label brands that i have had but, smooth with a wonderful aroma. This is the third brand of don kiki's i have purchased and i have been pleased and impressed with each of them in their own way. I am a convert to what don kiki and the folks in esteli are doing, and am telling everyone i know to give em a try. thanks and i wish you continued good fortune. don; Maryland

Subject :: Very nice

This hangs with the big boys at half the price. Enough said.

Subject :: \"killa\'s\"

The don kiki brown label cigar was very well constructed with a great draw, beautiful full flavored taste with lots of deep cocoa and chocolate notes. A cigar that definitely runs with the \"big dogs\". don kiki \"you da man brah\"!! \"da hawaiian\" san antonio tx.

Subject :: Brown gold

Henry certainly got the formula right on these lovelies!!! got a couple boxes and now have a full cc stable of don kiki's to choose from a few times a day. Tough choice! Just love these. Flavor, spice, smoothness, draw... got it all! CC's are all I reach for anymore. Can't get enough!!! jon thompson bakersfield, ca

Subject :: Don kiki brown

I was introduced to this brand while at a local cigar spot in atlanta, "oscars". it has now become a favorite of mine. It is quite flavorful and consistant with every smoke. I will now suggest that my friend carries your brand in his humidor. R. carter

Subject :: Brown label torpedo

Been smoking for 35 years and have smoked them all. I just can't believe how good this one is! Plenty of flavor, good kick, perfect draw, even burn this is going to be a regular in my humidor oh yea and the price isn't bad either! A real

Subject :: Brown label torpedo

Been smoking cigars for 35 years have smoked them all i just cant believe how good this cigar is! Plenty of flavor good kick perfect draw even burn this is going to be a regular in my humidor oh yea and the price isnt bad either! A real super premium cigar

Subject :: Don kiki brown label

These are great cigars, i shared them with my buddy and now we are both dying for more! I will be ordering more on a regular basis!

Subject :: Don kiki brown label

What can i say i bought a box smoked three or four sticks and went back to the cuban crafters website and bought two more boxes guys listen up the don kiki brown label is off the chain !!!!

Subject :: Great cohibas

Marc from toronto writes: with ordering online, i was skeptic at first given that i could not be present to assess these cigars first-hand but as soon as i opened the box, i was excited to try one just on the aroma alone. This cigar has a great full-bodied flavour with a nice even burn. I cannot wait until my next one and i will be a repeat customer - many thanks to cuban crafters, well done!

Subject :: Don kiki brown label

This is an excellent smoke. Very smooth draw. Honestly, you will not find a better cigar anywhere for the price. i smoke the brown label, but my buddy who likes them a little bit milder smokes the green label. The guy is cuban, from miami, and he can\'t get enough of the don kikis.

Subject :: Don Kiki Brown Label

I have been smoking Don Kiki Brown label cigars for about 5 years and next time they are avialble i won\\\'t be buying just 1 box, trust me! Age them an extra 10-12 months and ooh, the cigar has a smell of honey similar to a pre-sweetend tip but naturally endowed from ageing and the quality of the tobacco. The whole cigar smells wonderful. Light it up you taste honey, licorace, bits of cedar and sometimes coffee and chocolate, not to mention spice! Please do not stop making these guys the smell of a brown label burning is better than Comacho, or any of the other premium cigars that I have smoked. Quality tobacco, I can not emphasize that enough. Medium to full on flavor but mild with all the right levels. Smoke it anytime, great for breakfast or after the evening meal. Guy\\\'s this one is a winner!

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