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Size:: 5 X 52
Quantity:: CEDAR BOX / 25
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Fine cigars that makes great cigar gifts. Cabinet Selection Robusto Cigars are handmade by experienced rollers with many years of experience. The Long-Filler is a sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano. The Binder is an outstanding quality Habano 2000. Its all covered with a flawless dark Habano Wrapper. The fine Robusto cigars have a large ring size of 52 and is 5 long. They are admirably finished with a cap that has a long curly head, and a typical cuban tail. They are made the old-fashioned way and taste like the cigars from Cuba used to. As the rest of the Cuban Crafters Cigars, they are TOTALMENTE HECHO A MANO, which means that from start to finish they are completely made by hand. Not just a cigar gift, but a work of art.

The CUBAN CRAFTERS Robusto makes perfect cigar gifts for cigar smokers. These fine cigars make you reminisce of the old days, when a cigar from Cuba meant that it was the best in the world. Each is meticulously handmade by highly trained master rollers. They are impeccably box-pressed, silky and finished like the those days gone by. The cap has a long curly head. The foot is a typical tail. As those of the past, each tobacco leaf is hand picked and selected on its ability to improve the taste. The fine leaves are then cured and aged through an extensive fermentation and aging process. After three years and five expert curing fermentations, the leaves evolve into a wonderful cigar at the hands of these highly skilled Torcedores. Smoking one is an experience all by itself. It has a draw that is firm and effortless. It burns even, with a long and clean white ash. The unique complex taste is intensely flavorful and full in body. It is what smoking should be and makes a great cigar gift that will be appreciated by any cigar aficionado.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Cuban crafters cab select robusto

I've bounced around between about 12 to 15 different robustos, but i keep coming back. This was the 2nd smoke i tried from this company after my free don k greens with my inexpensive humidor introductory purchase. This cigar took my head off as a new smoker - but thank goodness i had the sense to lay them up for - lets see - nearly two years now. I smoke one every other month and the second i light one i stop in my tracks - this is a staggering smoke. The first ones were good, but the tones were mostly wood, leather & spice - much more than enough justification to buy at the price - but holy cr*p, put some age on them and these things turn barely legal - the wood has dropped down and been replaced with dark caramelized berry flavors - powerful coffee is there - check out the blog mentioned in the "oh god!" review above - this guy is right on - >90 mins of smokers heaven. This cigar is a classic - available for a pittance. ~ hugo

Subject :: Cuban crafters cabinet selection campana figurado

I believe, without a doubt this cigar is the best full bodies cigar on the market. crbe;tz

Subject :: Great cigar

Got some gifts and this is the best of the gifts. The cigars are very well made and have a fantastic taste. My new favorites. By the way thanks for the gifts bro...

Subject :: I love this cigar !

The wrapper has a unique "vanilla sweet" flavor... burns great, smells great, tastes great. Nothing but praise for this one. My saliva tastes excellent puff after puff... sign of a real winner. My new favorite cigar.

Subject :: Spicy spicy

I gave one to a co-worker and he thought i had dipped it in cayenne pepper. These are very full bodied and spicy, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. White ash, even burn, great taste. I've had many costing a bunch more and enjoyed them so much less. Try a sampler before buying a box, they are so strong you need to be sure you like them before committing to a box.

Subject :: Excellent

They are top shelf!!! the aroma and taste is outstanding. It burns well and not too hot. I found a new favorite. A+

Subject :: Oh god!

This is an amazing cigar - better than most true cubans i've had. Read my full review here: buy a box now! You won't regret it, i promise you.

Subject :: a fiery smoke

an interesting cigar. the pig tail cap and unfinished foot were charming. good draw with an even burn. rich in flavor, but a bit hot. tastes of old leather and smoke linger after, but not unpleasant. would buy again.

Subject :: beautiful with serious taste

It is not only beautiful, it has a unique taste that can only be described as better than many from Cuba. Really wonderful. no BS smoke. serious stuff

Subject :: Cubancrafter cabinet

A tribute and a joy to smoke one of these remarkable crafted cigars. With a beautiful ash and a wonderful draw and burn. Hints of chocolate and cocoa on the palate. I felt as if i was smoking a candy bar. A lovely aroma with spicy bold taste that captivates you while smoking almost a sin to put it down. I knew i would enjoy it the minute i smelled it and after lighting it up i knew i wouldn't be disappointed. I will be stocking up on these stogies only because i want to be selfish and have them all to myself. What a joy and by the way dealing with emelio over the phone was a joy itself. He really knows his stuff and i look forward to dealing with him again

Subject :: Independent review

See the review by, a blog dedicated to the art of smoking. Read their independent review of this Robusto.

Subject :: A fine smoking experience

I just finished a robusto i received in a sampler (thanks emilio). it was my first cc cabinet series cigar; I have smoked sveral other cc types. I liked the fullbodied taste. The burn was problematic at first (a bad light on my part on a windy day). the draw was excellent, and yielded lots of wonderful smoke. The finish is long and left a pleasant tobacco taste in my mouth. The construction was good, a bit lumpy in places though. The overall blend is outstanding; I am glad i have a few more of these. The aroma and flavor is one i appreciate. Cuban crafters is a great place to buy quality smokes from, and i appreciate the customer service provided. I will be back again and again.

Subject :: Price

This is a fine one. All to offten people don't buy due to price. This should not turn you from buying this one. The draw is good and the taste is above average, the burn can be uneven but the construction and flavor make up for that. The price is more then fair for the quality of this fine smoke.

Subject :: Hmmmm

Ok...1st off..i dont like this one because I can't stop smoking them, as soon as they were ready to smoke, I couldnt put it down. With coffee or a cognac seems to be the best for me. This is a serious smoke and not recommended to rookies cause it will make u dizzy. I love it!!!

Subject :: Awesome

Greatest I've ever smoked. If you new to smoking then i wouldn't recommended because of the full spicy flavor. It is strong and has a great even pull,better then real cubans in my opionion.

Subject :: Very fine!

these cc robustos are very well made, smoke super and taste very pleasant. I have been smoking for 30 years in many countries. I really have to classify these as medium bodied rather than full bodied. I think the accurate way to understand what an individual would like as far as body is to base it on how you like your coffee. I love a very strong coffee and for me these are not full bodied unless they match my taste with coffee. I purchased these based on past reviews on this site. I feel compelled to write that these are very good although they do not come close to past reviews of holy cr*p, blown me away or so strong that they send me to the moon. Sincerely, rod from oregon.

Subject :: Cuban crafters robusto

I received this one in a sample pack. Outstanding! From start to finish. And like the write up on the website says slight cocoa and coffee finish. Like i said. Oustanding!!

Subject :: Robusto

The robustos are one of the best-tasting cigars I've had (& I've had many), but the uneven burn is nearly always a problem - on almost every one, i've had to do constant corrections & touch-ups to one side. That said, the complex flavor combination of coffee, almonds & ginger keeps me very forgiving.

Subject :: Cigar

one of the best i have ever smoke, can't go wrong, a great smoke for any time.

Subject :: Disappointing

I am a cigar smoker for a long time. I smoked both the cubans and non. I was happy with most of them. I tried this cigar from a sampler pack. Every thing looked perfect but, the was drawing very hard. I couldn\'t smoke it till the end and all what i was looking for is a taste to a tobacco but i only found the spice, nothing more. So disappointing abu dhabi aficionado

Subject :: Xecelent ccr

this is one of the best that i have smoke, looking around for something good and i cross over this wonderful cigars, cuban crafters, thanx\'s...

Subject :: CC Cabinet Robusto

I smoke a lot of cigars and for my taste these are some of the very best. I smoke good cigars as a rule. CC Cameroons, Punch Roth Maduros, El Rico\'s and Padrons are some of my favorites but I like these smokes better. They disappear from my humidor at a faster rate than anything else in my collection. Unless my nicotine nazi family members or the dog have taken up cigar smoking then I go through these at about double the rate of anything else I smoke. I love spice in a cigar but also want them to be smooth and full. These fit the bill like no other. I have been smoking Don Kiki\'s cigars for about 10 years and they keep getting better.

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