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Size:: 7 1/4 X 52
Quantity:: CEDAR BOXES / 25 CIGARS
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Fine J.L. SALAZAR y HERMANOS Reserva Especial Cigars Churchill are typical Box-Pressed Cuban Cigar. The fine cigars are silky, dark and perfectly hand made. The master rollers have handmade each cigar to draw firmly and to burn evenly. The ultra premium tobacco leaves are aged for over three years and specially cured through four fermentations. The fine Filler is a sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder is a wrapper quality Cuban-Seed Habano 2000 leaf and the Wrapper is a flawless Ecuadorian grown Cuban Seed Habano leaf. These cigars are Churchill and are an elegant 7¼” long with a large ring gauge of 52. The cigars are made in the same old fashioned way that the Salazar Family made them in Cuba.

Since 1810, when the Salazar family settled in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, they have been growing some of the world’s finest tobacco, and handcrafting fine premium Cuban cigars. At 12 noon every day, the 4 Salazar brothers would meet in the porch of elder brother Mario’s house in the farm. Mario would open his burlap bag which contained the finest tobacco leaves of the farm’s harvest. The cured leaves were perfect in looks and taste, and were the envy of the other tobacco farmers in Cuba’s prime tobacco growing region. The burlap bag would be passed around and each brother would roll their own Cuban cigars. They would each roll enough for the day’s smoke. Each would have a different preferred cigar size but the blend would always be the same for all four brothers. Mario’s sons, J.L. Salazar and his brothers, have carried on that tradition and special blend of tobacco leaves in these exquisite boutique premium cigars. The J.L. Salazar y Hermanos Cabinet Selection are each totally handmade by master Cuban cigar rollers. They use the secret Salazar Brothers’ blend, which consists of only the best tasting and finest looking Cuban Seed tobacco leaves. The mellow and rich taste is unmatched. After trying these, you too will know why J.L. Salazar and his brothers are so proud of their family’s traditions.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Yum

This is the best i've had yet. I'm a newer cigar enthusiast, so i've stuck with mostly mild ones. This was definitely not mild...and absolutely delicious. Though i don't inhale, i was high as a kite on nicotine afterward. --greg from mi.

Subject :: Fine smokes

Excellent and the best buy for the price. Really enjoyed the smooth chocolaty finish. Could not put it down.

Subject :: On a mission

Jl salazar when you made this cigar you must have been on a mission...let me say ..mission accomphished...awesome cigar,,,good Bobs...

Subject :: Im speechless

This cigar is too good for words...when i first tried this cigar, i was very skeptic...thought it was another average smoke..boy was i wrong...this cigar floored me..with all these flavors and hooked...where do i sign up for membership..i got to have this one everyday.....raj....n.carolina

Subject :: Im hooked on jl salazars

I cant smoke anything else...jl you have spoiled me with this cigar it is awesome...unbelieveable...geat smoke everytime...rick

Subject :: Jl salazar the greatest

Looking over the reviews,i dont see how anybody can say this cigar is just good or average...this the best cigar i have ever smoked..i would put this cigar up against any fuenta or julietas or any montecristos.. this cigar is the greatest one i have ever smoked..i been smoking cigars for 30 yrs..i think i qualify to judge this cigar...jl salazar you are the best....rj ..raleigh n.carolina..

Subject :: Finest

These are truly the finest smokes

Subject :: J.l.salazar the best

These are the best i have ever smoked. I don't know how you guys do it, but they are wonderful. If i could aford them i swear i would smoke them every day. Keep up the great work. thanks for suppling the best possible cigar on the market. stan sucking cigars in iowa...

Subject :: Smooth full body

I really enjoy them. Burns with a long white ash and taste is floral and creamy with a chocolate and coffee flavor. Excellent. Thanks- big jake

Subject :: One great one

I have been smoking for three years now and have tried many of the premium smokes. While many of these were excellent, none have surpassed the experience that i have just had with j.l salazar churchill. The smoke was smooth and full of flavor and was a delight well past the band. This tal. Smoke only dropped its white ash once and burned clean and symmetrically. These have rightfully gained a place in my humidor. Thank you cuban crafters and j.l. Salazar……fishhead in arizona

Subject :: J.j salazar

I bought bought these and did not enjot them to the fullest im not sure what but they got such a good rating

Subject :: Cuba

I've had many cubans in my day, but these are just as good as the ones from the motherland (cuba).

Subject :: Fine

This a one great smoke. It smokes and tastes better than many cubans i've had. Full-flavored, with spice, pepper, earth, and some sweet notes of coffee and cocoa. All delivered in a smooth, super premium fashion. All for a great price too. I will be buying more when my box is gone. I can't wait to try your others!!!

Subject :: An experience

Wow. What a great smoking experience. Been smoking for years and this cigar at this price is a real find.

Subject :: Jls y hermanos churchill

I live outside the usa and regularly smoke cubans. The jls y h churchill is not to be confused with a havana cigar, but is instead in its own class, and a fine cigar. the silky brown wrapper compares favorably with havana\'s best, and the draw is consistently good. These are box-pressed cigars, the foot is rectangular, and you won\'t find that in a cuban. But most importantly, they have a full flavor that doesn\'t quit in the back-end, and a good draw that produces oodles of creamy white smoke. Consistent, well made cigars and a bargain...i wish i\'d bought another box before they went out of stock.

Subject :: ridiculous

if you took a stack of cloves and flower petels sprinkle it with coffee beans some cracked white pepper coco powder toast it nicely and pour it into glass of guiness extra stout beer with a dolup of vanilla ice cream you would have just created this ridicoulus cigar

Subject :: Salazar churchill

Took the long one from the sampler pack for my long drive yesterday. Although i\'m not a box press fan, i am a fan of a long stick, and this one with the smooth, chocolate wrapper certainly qualifies. What an elegent, special occasion cigar! Easy burning and drawing, superb white ash, and mellow chocolate notes - i had to remind myself to sip rather than devour! A great companion for an hour and a half, down to the nub. Look forward to the other three in the set! frank

Subject :: salazar never lets you down

everytime this cigar never fails to deliver. this is probly one of the top cigars i have ever had

Subject :: Awesome

I just finished this cigar. Wow! full of flavor, took like 2 hours to smoke one, mine was well humidified. Im impressed, this cigar is awesome, ill be buying more

Subject :: Closest to cuban

This is the closest thing I have ever smoked to a true Cuban cigar. Tastes almost exactly like a RASS (Ramon Allones Specially Selected). Well done! I\'m hooked.

Subject :: Best ever

...Been smoking cohiba for the last 8 years . 6-7 cigars a week. I\'ve been introduce to JL SALAZAR ,since then this is the only cigar i smoke . Can\'t wait to go home every afternoon for my scotsh and my salazar chirchil. Thank you Cuban crafters to introduce me to the salazar family.

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