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PERFECT CIGAR CUTTER is uniquely designed to cut the exact amount of tobacco from the head of any cigar, including Figurado and Torpedo shaped cigars. This patent pending cigar cutter is an exclusive that was designed by our engineers for every cigar smoker, from the novice to the aficionado. Never guess how much of the cigar's head you need to cut for a perfect smoking cigar. The PERFECT cigar cutter does it for you. Just insert the cigar's head into the large opening, hold it in the calibrated chamber and clip off the exact amount every time. The cut-off tobacco remains in the cutter's chamber until you open the cutter to properly discard them. The cigar cutter's body is solidly made with brushed stainless steel. The self-sharpening double blades are made with surgical grade stainless steel and cut cigar ring gauges of up 54. Each is packed in an elegant gift box and is Lifetime Guaranteed. A perfect cut is guaranteed every time or you get a free replacement. The Perfect cutters is also available in

This unique cutter is made with surgical grade Stainless Steel blades that cut with exact precision. Cuban Crafters PERFECT cutters are designed to fit precisely in the smokers hand during the precision clipping process. When not in use it fits in any pocket. Cutting your cigars correctly means you will have a better tasting smoke, so do it right. The object of the cut is to create an ample and smooth opening for smoking. This allows you to draw evenly, which in turn creates an even burn. This cutter will always make that exact cut without any guess work. They are made to function exactly as expected every time and are fully backed by an exclusive lifetime guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Subject :: Fantastic

This cuts perfect always. I love it i am a regular cigar smoker and know how to cut well but this one has made cutting easier. I have cut torpedos, magnums, salamons, robustos, and mini torpedos this cuts them all perfect everytime. thanks cuban crafters another great product. don bubba

Subject :: Throw away your cheap cutters

After foolin' around with the cheap plastic ones, there is no comparison with this heavy weight stainless steel model. Perfect cut first time. Highly recommended to start your smoke off right.

Subject :: The perfect cut

This is an excellent one. The factor in making the "perfect cut" is the backstop designed into the device. By pressing the cigar firmly against this backstop, it allows the blades to make an extrmely clean and straight cut exactly 3.5mm, or 9/64 inches from the end of the backstop for round-head cigars. Trying to cut this close to the end of the cap with any other Ii've tried several) results in the cutter slipping off the end of the cigar and therefore just scraping the cap off, leaving a ragged cut that is uncomfortable to the tongue. It cuts figurados because the backstop has a hole in it, and if this cut is too shallow, just cut it again. Also really nice. It contains the clipped end until you open it to release it into an ashtray. I'm a machinist, and the precision and finish is beautiful, with larger finger holes for ease of use. All around, it is "perfect".

Subject :: Masterful

It is the perfect hand tool for any cigar smoker. These are so well made, that my friends had me order each of them one. That's 3 to be exact. Once my buddy from the west coast sees it and uses it, I'll be ordering more. Being an ironworker here in the northeaast it feels good to hold a precision tool such as this. The weight is perfect, the style eye pleasing and most of all, it cuts the perfect amount from the cap. No matter what the size or shape. This is the only one I use. Thanks cuban crafters for making a fantastic product. I will be ordering more. Tony h. Boston, ma.

Subject :: Cutters and punches

I just recently found out about cuban crafters products from my local cigar shop. I've tried their cigars and i am impressed, a great smoke for a great price....but these cutters...what a steal! Not only are they heavy, and have a good "hand feel", but they are built well and have a lifetime guarantee with no strings. I don't think these are ever going to quit on me but if they do, i know c/c will back them up. Some of my favorites smoke better with a punch, rather than a snip across the top. I bought a little chrome bullet-punch/keychain, also by c/c, and it is solid! Nice heavy feel, and makes a nice clean punch...also ingenious in that it has a 'rod' on the other side to clean out the punch when you're done. These items look and act like they should cost twice what they do (don't get any ideas, c/c!!) but the quality is there and you can feel it...and did i mention the great price points?? bravo! Keep up the great work!

Subject :: Love it

I love this cutter... it is amazingly sharp and precise. You can cut a cigar in the dark without any worries. It really does cut the perfect amount every time. Thanks!

Subject :: Too cool

Spend the money, and a deal it is, and the first cut you'll look at it and smile. Precision tool, excellent cut. Best cutter i've found. All my poker buddies borrow this when i'm around and they've got some nice cutters. It's impressive how good it works. Shut up and buy this thing. It fact buy two cause somebody'll probably swipe the first one.

Subject :: Great cutter great price

Bought this cutter 2 years ago when it was on sale. Have used about twice a day since then. It is still sharp! The inside ring allows me to quickly cut any shape and size cigar without threat of damage. It has a lifetime sharpness guarantee. You could pay more for a cutter but i doubt you could do better than this one. Kudos cuban crafters.

Subject :: Works perfectly

I recently got one of these and have to say that i'm very impressed and pleased with the way it performs. Unlike other cutters i've owned this one is not held together with tiny screws that ultimately fall out and render the cutter useless.

Subject :: CC-23 Cutter

The cutter works very well with round capped cigars. But it does not work well torpedo shaped cigars, the cutter does not cut enough off end of torpedo cigar.


This cutter is very solid. Feels very heavy in hand. Cuts are perfect and crisp. A must buy. Actually virtually every product from humidors to cutters to cigars from this website are must buys. Amazing. Bryan-Upstate New York

Subject :: Great cutter!

Fantastic warranty! Great clean even cut the first time and give a great second clip if/when needed for improving draw. I like this as much as my Palio which cost more than double the price of this one. nozero

Subject :: Cigar Cutter

Excellent cutter for the serious cigar smokers. Perfect cut each and every time. Over the years I had them all and none are better. The price is right too as I have lost one golfing and replaced it immediately without any meaningful sacrafice of money. I strongly recomment this cutter. You will be gratified. Rik Pankiewicz

Subject :: The Best!

The best cutter I have ever used! Solid and reliable! At work guys come up to me to use the Perfect Cutter specifically!!

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